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Dan Lasater was the owner of Lasater & Company.

Laster was a party animal renowned for cocaine soirees at his Arkansas mansion, who claimed to have paid off drug debts of President Bill Clinton 's brother, Roger. Even after a police investigation of Lasater in 1985 for drugs, Clinton approved a $30.2 million bond issue for him to overhaul the state police radio system. In 1986 Lasater was sentenced to 30 months in prison for the distribution of cocaine and was pardoned for it by Clinton.

He remained connected to the White House through Patsy Thomasson, manager of Lasater and Company while Lasater was in jail.

Over $109 million was laundered through an out-of-state individual's bond trading account in the name of Dennis Patrick, which was managed by Dan Lasater and his firm without Patrick's knowledge or consent. Patrick reported there were attempts on his life involving fire bombings.