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Michael Savage

Michael Savage

Dr. Michael Savage (born Michael Alan Weiner, March 31, 1942) is a conservative talk show host.[1][2] Savage opposes statism, unlimited immigration and Islamic fundamentalism, and defends America’s national sovereignty and distinct cultural identity.


Savage is the author of 19 books, including four New York Times Best Sellers: The Political Zoo, Liberalism is a Mental Disorder, The Savage Nation and The Enemy Within. His most recent book is Stop Mass Hysteria, which exposes hatred as the root of mass hysteria. Many of his books have been on botany and Nutritional Ethnomedicine.[2] He holds doctorates in both economics and botany which he received from the University of California, Berkeley.[3]

Savage is generally known to be more outspoken, or more direct, than other conservative commentators. Some view this as his way of driving home points to liberals, who he seems to view as cynical. Other conservatives are strongly against such methods. However, many do find them to be effective and count themselves as fans of his show, which was named by Talkers Magazine as the third most influential talk show in America.[4]

In March 2004, he began a televised version of The Savage Nation on MSNBC, but was let go[5] after telling a prank caller who identified himself as a, "sodomite," in Savage's words, to, "get AIDS and die."[6] Savage explained that he was making a personal insult to a prank caller, who he considered to be harassing him, not to all gays. This is consistent with his treatment of other prank callers.

In 2007, he won the Freedom of Speech award from Talkers Magazine, a talk radio trade industry publication.

His nationally syndicated radio show is called, Savage Nation. In the early weeks of June 2007, Savage spent almost every minute of his show lambasting George W. Bush's proposed immigration reform bill. Savage takes credit[7] for the defeat of the bill. He has also been credited with coining the terms, "compassionate conservative," and, "Islamo-fascist," which have gained wider usage in other circles.[8]

During the introduction and for the bumper music on his radio program, Savage often uses music by the heavy metal bands Metallica and Rammstein.[9]

Unlike most national conservatives, Savage strongly opposes Donald Trump's tariff policy. He considers tariffs to be little different than punitive sanctions, and claims that Trump's tariffs are part of a neoconservative conspiracy to incite not a trade war, but a shooting war with the target countries.[10] This is a reversal of a previous position where he endorsed a 20% tariff on Chinese products as part of a manifesto to save America.[11]


Savage believes in God, and as written and commented on the value of Christianity.[12][13][14] However, he has also been known to sometimes mock Christians for their faith, and cite questionable theology.[15][16]

Criticism of mass hate movements

After years of criticizing hatemongers (for their hateful hatred of scapegoats and/or opponents), Savage published a book called Stop Mass Hysteria, [1] which exposes hatred as the root of mass hysteria. The book spans American history, giving dozens of examples of "hysterical" hate movements.

Banned in Britain

Despite his clear and outspoken objections to hate attacks (and the hatred which inspires them), on May 5, 2009, Savage was placed on a list of persons who have either called for attacks against the British government, or have attacked and murdered individuals based on political or religious hatred. Others on the list included Jewish nationalist Mike Guzovsky; imprisoned Russian skinhead leaders Artur Ryno and Pavel Skachevsky; and Islamic leaders Wadgy Abd El Hamied Mohamed Ghoneim, Abdullah Qadri Al Ahdal, Safwat Hijazi, Amir Siddique, Abdul Ali Musa, Samir Al Quntar and Nasr Javed. Citing the hypocrisy of Britain in general, and British liberalism in particular when they stand by and listen to the calls for murder and destruction by Islamic fanatics within Britain, Savage said,

"How can a nation put me on a list and leave hate preachers in England who say that we're going to kill all of you? We're going to convert all of you to Islam. How is it possible that those hate preachers can't be deported from Britain, but I can be banned from Britain? People who advocate actual murder cannot be deported from Britain. How is it that liberalism has gotten so distorted and cowardly?"[17]

Knowing that his written and recorded record has never included such urgings, Savage responded by suing several Britons, including Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, the individual who "redefined" terrorism in Britain, and was responsible for putting Savage's name on the list.[18] She resigned her ministerial position soon thereafter and went on to lose her Parliamentary seat a year later, although this was largely due to her involvement in the Common Expenses Scandal rather than Savage's actions.[19]

Savage wrote an account of the ordeal, Banned in Britain,[20][21] and as of May 2011 he is still on the list.[22][23]

Michael Savage lexicon

Michael Savage like Mark Levin is also known for his use of humorous and derogatory ways of describing names and organizations.

Name Epithet
Mainstream Media Government-Media Complex
Newspapers Local Rags
New York Times Old York Times
CNN Crescent News Network
Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr. Pinchy
The Weekly Standard The Meekly Standard
Nancy Pelosi Nancy Lugosi
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad The Hitler of our time
Barack Obama Obummer, The Marxist-in-chief, Barry From Honolulu,The Thin Smoking Man
San Francisco San Fransicko
Al Gore Al Gorlioni of the Gorlioni Crime Syndicate
Prince Charles Prince "Schmuck" Charles
Mark Levin The guy who sounds like Groucho Marx's grandmother on laughing gas
Sean Hannity The Wallbanger
Bill O'Reilly Leprechaun
Rush Limbaugh The Golfer
Glenn Beck The hemorrhoid with eyes
Neil Cavuto The sock puppet
Shepard Smith Schlep Smith
Nancy Grace Nancy Graceless
Whoopi Goldberg Whoopi cushion
Anderson Cooper Anderson Blooper
Lou Dobbs Duffy the Bartender
Ann Coulter Schoolyard hag
Rick Sanchez King of the worms
Keith Olbermann The guy who urinates on himself
Michael Moore Fatso, Fat Slob
Pat Buchanan Pat "Buchenwald" Buchanan
Chris Matthews Democrat Hack
Jake Tapper Jake Tapwater
Rachel Maddow Rachel Madcow
John McCain John McShame, The Pill
Meghan McCain The Whiny Chick, Pill Jr.
Marco Rubio The Ice-Cream Man
Jerry Brown Moonbeam
Timothy Geithner The Tax Cheat
Richard Durbin Turban Durbin
Anita Dunn Anita Dung
Janet Napolitano Big Sis'
Newt Gingrich The Go-PAC tick
Mike Huckabee Mike Hucksterbee
John Boehner "Cry Baby" Boehner, Pink Tie
Al Sharpton Freddy's Fashion Mart
Kenneth Lewis The Mad Hatter
Jamie Dimon Jamie Demon, Jamie Diamond
Democrats Demoncans
Republicans Republicrats
Islamic terrorists Throwbacks, Islamo-Fascists
Liberal Jews Bagel and Lox Jews
Democratic Party Democrat-Socialist Party of America
Liberal Republicans Rockefeller Republicans
DMV Department of Mexican Voting
Pseudo-Conservatives Check-pants Conservatives, Country club Conservatives


Literature as Michael A. Weiner

Literature as Michael Savage


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