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The Weekly Standard was a neoconservative, Never Trumper weekly magazine published by MediaDC, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Clarity Media Group, Inc., and made its debut on September 17, 1995.[1] The magazine was edited by Stephen F. Hayes, Richard Starr and Fred Barnes, co-host of The Beltway Boys on Fox News. It was generally considered to be one of the top three right-leaning publications, along with William F. Buckley's National Review and the American Spectator. It featured writers such as P.J. O'Rourke, Irwin Stelzer, Charles Krauthammer and Michael Goldfarb. Bill Kristol was a co-founder and editor of the magazine. In 2009 it was purchased by the Anshultz Corporation, which is controlled by right-leading billionaire Philip Anschutz.

As a neocon publication, The Weekly Standard was anti-Trump and attacked social conservative, such as accusing Congressman Steve King of being a "bigot".[2] Within about a month its patron pulled out of funding of the publication.

During the Trump era, TWS performed poorly, and rumors circulated that the magazine would shut down.[3] On December 14, 2018, the magazine announced it would shut down.[4]

TWS Fact Check

TWS Fact Check is associated with The Weekly Standard and joined Facebook's network of fact-checkers in 2017. It is a signatory of the International Fact Checking Network, which Media Bias Fact Check uses to determine factual reporting for outsource reviews.[5]

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