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Meghan McCain (born October 23, 1984[1]) is an American writer known primarily for being the daughter of U.S. Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain. Meghan identifies as a Republican, but this is in name only as the majority of her views are liberal.

Political views

When she reached the age of 18, McCain registered as independent and continued to be listed as such until 12 June 2008, when she changed her party registration to Republican shortly after her father became the Republican Party's presidential nominee.[2] In the 2004 presidential elections she voted for the Democratic Party's nominee, John Kerry.[3]

McCain is fully supportive of the homosexual agenda and endorses all of its goals including same-sex "marriage"[4] and the repeal of DADT.[5] She also supports teaching high school students about contraceptives rather than having abstinence education,[6] and believes in man-made global warming.[7] Not much is known about her views regarding fiscal issues, but her support for Occupy Wall Street[8] suggests that on those matters she tilts to the left as well.

McCain, like many other RINOs, chose to distance herself from the principled statements made by pro-life leader Todd Akin, stating that in her opinion he is "an embarrassment to the party"[9] and that Akin's comments were "delusional".[10]

After Sen. Martha McSally rebuked a CNN goon for being a "liberal hack", McCain criticized the former, saying that McSally "didn't earn" the seat she was appointed to fill following the death of her father;[11] note that unlike Meghan's father John McCain (an anti-Trump globalist RINO), McSally has no record of betraying fellow POWs.

McCain hinted in April 2020 that she would vote for the senile, racist, and corrupt Joseph Robinette Biden over Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.[12]

In January 2021, McCain stated that she supported the 2nd impeachment of President Donald Trump. She claimed falsely that "He incited a riot, people got violent, people died, full stop." She provided no evidence to support her false claim because Trump's speech specifically called for his supporters to protest peacefully and patriotically.[13]

Writing career

In addition to her tweeter account and column at the liberal newspaper The Daily Beast, Meghan has also written two books, the children book My Dad, John McCain[14] and Dirty Sexy Politics.[15]


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