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Lauren Witzke

Political party Republican
Religion Orthodox Christian

Lauren Witzke is an outspoken conservative who ran for United States Senate from Delaware in the 2020 election to challenge incumbent Democrat Chris Coons. While expected by increasingly unreliable election ratings to lose the general election,[1] Witzke gained a record number of votes.

Witzke has been subject to harsh attacks by anti-American leftists.[2][3]

According to Witzke, pictures of Chris Coons' daughter Maggie were featured on Hunter Biden's laptop;[4] the latter's father Joe Biden once made a disturbing advancement towards the senator's daughter, whispering something in her ear at which point she appeared uncomfortable.

Early life and career

According to her campaign website,[5] Witzke grew up in Sussex County, Delaware, and graduated with a business management degree from Goldey Beacom Business College.

After dealing with a bout of depression while working at a pharmaceutical company and taking painkillers, Witzke became increasingly addicted to drugs, eventually heroin, and wound up working for drug cartels;[6] she eventually successfully fought her addiction.

2020 Senate campaign

See: 2020 United States Senate election in Delaware

Witzke announced in January 2020 her run to challenge Sen. Coons.[7]

Republican primary

Witzke faced Republican opponent James DeMartino in her party's primary. Despite the state GOP backing DeMartino,[8] she won the primary election with 57% of the votes cast.[9]

General election

Coinciding with the 2020 presidential race, the general election was held on November 3, 2020. Witzke lost to Sen. Coons, only garnering 38% of the votes cast.[10]


According to her campaign website, Witzke supports a ten-year moratorium on all immigration to the United States.[11] She has noted that globalist-favored policies, including chain migration, has worsened the opioid epidemic and hurt many Americans.[6] NumbersUSA has given her a very favorable rating.[12]

At an interview with Breitbart, Witzke noted Sen. Coons and Joe Biden to be "brought and paid for by China.".[13]

In May 2020, Witzke joined Christians in peacefully gathering at the Glory City Fellowship Church in Delmar, Delaware, defying Gov. John Carney's totalitarian orders.[14]

Witzke noted in late May 2020:

My opponent Chris Coons is silent as our rights are being trampled.[15]

Witzke has defended the Proud Boys amidst massive liberal, hysteric-based smears against the group.[16]

Witzke has spoken strongly in favor of increasing funding for police following far-left calls to defund the police.[17]

For tweeting about the consequences of mass migration in using Europe as an example, Witzke was censored by the platform for "hateful conduct".[18] This repeated a week later,[19] and she responded by calling for jailing Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.[20]

Following reports of Hunter Biden's "laptop from hell", Witzke confronted Sen. Coons to ask him to take a copy of the laptop;[21] an aide to the senator blocked off Witzke, who called Coons a coward for refusing to accept factual data.

Far-left attacks

See: Left-wing violence in the Trump era

At a campaign rally for Witzke in mid-September 2020, left-wing domestic terrorists threw eggs at young children there.[22]


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