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Death threats and leftist mob violence caused 36 incumbent House Republicans not to seek re-election in 2018.[1]

The 2018 Midterm elections for the 116th Congress were held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

Democrat poll workers stored blank ballots in boxes labeled "provisional ballots" which supposedly had been cast, and filled in the blank ballots during recounts.

With 36 Republican members retiring from the House, Democrats won many open seats and took control of the chamber. Nancy Pelosi again became Speaker of the House. Democrats gained 40 seats total, their largest gain since 1974. One race in North Carolina's 9th District is still undecided. Democrats also gained 7 Governors, including a sweep of the upper midwest. Overall Democrats picked up Nevada, New Mexico, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Maine, and Kansas. The GOP picked up Alaska from an independent. No Democratic governors lost reelection. Democrats won the congressional vote by 8.6%, the largest midterm margin since 1986.

The Republicans retained control of the Senate. They picked up Missouri, North Dakota, Indiana, and Florida, while losing seats in Nevada and Arizona. The alleged "Blue wave" did not materialize; however, rampant voter fraud in heavy Democrat districts did occur.[2]

In the 115th Congress the Republican Party held 235 seats House of Representatives to Democrats' 193 seats, with seven seats vacant. In the Senate the Republican Party held 51 seats. The Democrats held 47 seats after gaining a seat in Alabama, and the remaining two were held by Independents too ashamed to call themselves Democrats publicly, though they caucus with the Democrat party. Of the 33 seats up for reelection, the Democrats had to defend 25 (two of which are held by Independents), while Republicans had only eight seats to defend. The Democrat Party tried to defend 10 seats in states that Donald Trump won over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Despite liberal media fake news, the Democrats had to win 48 House seats and seven Senate seats to qualify historically as a "wave election."[3] Increasing leftist violence and resistance to accepting the results of the 2016 presidential election was an important issue.[4][5] Democrats relied on corrupt local election officials and their corrupt media allies' failure to report and expose it, and social media censorship of conservative voices for their limited success.

Democrat Beto O'Rourke, having squandered a record $70 million of other people's money in a losing bid against Ted Cruz for the Texas Senate seat, is now considered a qualified leading contender for President by Democrats and the liberal media.


Democrats took their message of chaos and disruption to the street.
An election eve poll of registered voters one week before the election found 30% view Trump as the most important issue, while 22% rated the economy, followed by 15% who rank illegal immigration and 14% who say the same of Obamacare. 51% gave the President good or excellent marks for his handling of the economy, while 33% rated his performance in this area as poor. Overall, Trump's approval rating was higher than Barack Obama’s at this stage of his Presidency.[6]

Despite a $50 million fundraising advantage from Hollywood, Wall Street, and global elites, the Democratic party leadership's advocacy of mob violence to advance socialism became a key issue.[7] The Kavanaugh smear, Democrat disruptions of the orderly working of Congress, and the Democrats' denial of due process rights energized the Republican base.[8]

Democrat Beto O'Rourke of Texas is now considered a qualified leading contender by Democrats and the liberal media for 2020 Presidential nomination.

Supreme Court

See also: Kavanaugh smear and MeToo movement
Linda Sarsour removed from the hearing room. Sarsour is a notorious anti-Semite and spokesperson for leftist causes.[9]

The New Yorker publicized in March 2012 that Brett Kavanaugh was the most likely next nominee if a Republican were to win the election.[10] Within a few months, Christine Blasey Ford for the first time allegedly told her therapist that she had been fondled at a drinking party and felt threatened. The therapist's notes, however, do not name Kavanaugh.

In the Spring of 2018, President Donald Trump nominated Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Ricki Seidman, who orchestrated the 1991 Clarence Thomas smear, mapped out the plan to defame Kavanaugh in July 2018:

"Over the coming days and weeks there will be a strategy that will emerge, and I think it’s possible that that strategy might ultimately defeat the nominee."[11]
Like the attack on Justice Thomas, outrageous last minute personal smears were intended to erroneously waste the time of Congress.

The Washington Post first published Blasey Ford's allegations in a letter under an anonymous op-ed byline. The op-ed named Kavanaugh as one of the boys at the drinking party in high school. Sen. Dianne Feinstein did not ask the FBI to investigate when she received the letter in July 2018, held it for two months during hearings, then passed the anonymous slanders along to WaPo when the regular hearings ended.[12][13] In the interim, Blasey Ford was directed by unknown operatives to take a polygraph test in August 2018. The allegations were withheld by Feinstein and the Democrats from the FBI during the FBI's pre-hearing investigation and vetting process.[14]

Then, during the period in which the Senate Judiciary Committee delayed the vote 10 days to accommodate Blasey Ford's testimony, the New Yorker published an allegation that Kavanaugh exposed himself at a drinking party at Yale to a female classmate.[15] The New Yorker wrote:
"The magazine contacted several dozen classmates of Ramirez and Kavanaugh regarding the incident...The New Yorker has not confirmed with other eyewitnesses that Kavanaugh was present at the party."
The accuser did give the New Yorker six names to support her claim- six witnesses Deborah Ramirez stated could substantiate her accusation. And when the New Yorker interviewed them, all six said it never happened, and although 100% of the evidence discovered by the New Yorker refuted the claim, the New Yorker still published the article.

In the end, Judge Kavanaugh was confirmed, and the Democrats were roundly condemned for their sickening conduct.

Abolishing ICE

The caravan as it moves through Mexico

Many Leftists ran on a platform of abolishing the nation's imigration enforcement authority and moving toward a policy of unrestricted immigration and open borders.

ICE was created on a recommendation of the 9/11 Commission after 19 Islamic jihadis entered the United States under the Clinton administration and murdered 3,000 Americans.

In 2018, Democrat representatives entered bills in Congress to abolish ICE.

Migrant caravan

Migrant caravan clashes with Mexican border police.
Main article: 2018 Migrant caravan

Weeks before the election, George Soros front groups and human traffickers organized a migrant mob in Honduras to storm U.S. border control.[16] Soros employed similar tactics in the European migrant crisis which has destabilized European society.

The heavily financed horde overwhelmed the token resistance from the Mexican police and advanced north toward the Southern U.S. border. The Associated Press described a “growing army of migrants resumes march toward US.”[17] The group has been enjoined by ideological comrades from within Mexico. The group claims to be fleeing violence in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, yet the group deployed violence against the Mexican police who were vastly outnumbered.[18]

MS-13 and others

By October 21, reports estimated the number of economic migrants at between 7,200 and 10,000. The numbers seemingly doubled and tripled upon entering Mexico. No further resistance was met once passed the border. Migrants from Haiti, Congo, Sri Lanka, Angola, Cameroon, and Bangladesh have swelled the ranks.[19] The crowd is mostly men, ages 16–40. There are MS-13 gang members among them.[20] The caravan was now over two miles long.

Mexican authorities issued a warning about migrants in Guatemala who were preparing Molotov cocktails and acquiring firearms to use against police officers. Two migrants were arrested, one a minor, after shooting at police. They were arrested carrying a loaded firearm.[21]

Child traffickers

Guatemalan authorities rescued seven unaccompanied minors from human smugglers working inside the caravan. The smugglers were arrested and a broader investigation into criminal activity in the caravan continued.[22]


Main article: Obamacare

Healthcare continued to be a major issue, with 56% of voters in pre-election surveys saying free market competition between insurance companies would do more to reduce health care costs, whereas only 29% of registered voters thought government intervention would be better at reducing costs. Survey results on this question have changed little since April 2013.[23]

One of President Trump's first actions was repealing the requirement of Democrats on everyone to purchase health insurance policies for coverage they may never need (for example, men were required to buy abortion coverage and women to buy prostate cancer coverage) and monetary penalties for failure to comply with government dictates.[24]

Falling premiums

As of 2018, health insurance rates fell for the first in history.[25] The average premiums of $124 per month dramatically contrasted with Obamacare plans, whose monthly premiums averaged $393.[26] Even the liberal think tank the Urban Institute proclaimed that what Trump did allowed 1.7 million previously uninsured Americans to receive insurance coverage, while enabling 2.5 million more to benefit from much lower premiums.[27]

Medicare and Medicaid

As of 2018, Medicare and Medicaid's increase in cost is $1.50.[28] Progressive socialists and Democrats proposed a doubling of taxes for a collectivist single-payer system they called "Medicate for All."[29]

Leftist mobs and violence

Democratic fundraisers openly called for the murder of elected Republican officials.
See also: Left-wing violence in the Trump era

When one uses Google to investigate "leftist violence" and other associated terms, the majority of search results (thanks to selective liberal-biased censorship and manipulating of those results by Google) return "right-wing violence," as if the phenomena of leftist motivated attacks do not exist or is unmonitored; yet daily, for two years, leftists have openly practiced criminal behavior in the forms of violence, intimidation and threats - often worn as a badge of "honor" by liberal elites in media, Hollywood, academia, and the Democrat Party,[30] although common sense dictates that such behavior is, in fact, a badge of shame against them as seen by the majority of the public.


  • Georgetown Prof. Carol Christine Fair tweeted during the Kavanaugh smear hearings that Republican Senators
"deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps. Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes."[31]
Far leftists who now are the mainstream of the Democrat Party attempted to pry open the 13 ton bronze doors of the Supreme Court with their fingertips while chanting "Shut it down!" on a weekend when the building is usually closed.[32]
  • A leftist mob attempted to take over the Capital during Brett Kavanaugh's SCOTUS hearings. At least 500 were arrested.
  • An Antifa and Black Lives Matter mob were allowed by Portland officials to take over a street in that city, blocking traffic and inciting anarchy.[34]
  • Ole Miss Sociology professor James Thomas advocated acts of aggression against Republican senators.[35]
  • Minnesota special education teacher Sam Ness tweeted,
"So whose gonna take one for the team and kill Kavanaugh."[36]
  • Long Island native arrested for death threats against two senators who supported Brett Kavanaugh.[37]
  • Antifa attacked the GOP headquarters in NYC and warned this is ‘merely the beginning’.[42]
  • Pro-life protester assaulted by pro-abortionist.[47]
  • Minnesota Republican State Rep. Sarah Anderson assaulted by leftwing anarchist.[48]
  • Soros goon arrested for violent assault on female Republican gubernatorial campaign manager in Nevada. The paid thug also is employed by David Brock.[49][50]
  • Racist Democrat mob targeted an interracial couple.[52][53]
  • Heeding the call to incivility, a large rock was thrown through the window of Republican Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy's district office.[58]
  • Minnesota state house Republican candidate Shane Mekeland suffered a concussion in 'politically motivated' attack by violent leftist.[59]
  • Vermont state house Republican candidate Deserae Morin received rape and death threats in an anonymous letter.[61] The letter reads,
"My comrades will kill you and the Constitution. … Socialism is here. Open season for Republican death in Vermont.”"
"if there's collateral damage, so be it."[63][64]
  • Miami Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo received a death threat.[65]
Bill Clinton brought anti-Semitism into the mainstream of the Democratic party. Clinton appears on stage with notorious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan,[66] September 2018. A month later America suffered its worse mass killing of Jews in its history.[67]
  • Violent protesters disrupt Marsha Blackburn rally in Nashville.[71]
  • South Daytona, Florida Republicans' office shot up by gunfire.[72]

Blexit and WalkAway

Many young blacks, sick of Democrat party racism, embraced the call to Make America Great Again.
Main article: WalkAway

Because of racism and intolerance on the Left, and within the Democratic party, many traditional liberals and Blacks began leaving the party. The far-Left and those advocating for resistance, censorship and ostracizing opposing political views - the progressives and socialists - have become the mainstream base of the Democrat Party.

African-Americans in particular, who have achieved the lowest unemployment rate in history are not willing to open the flood gates of illegal immigration which has kept them depressed, suppressed, and dependent on White Democrats for handouts since unemployment records have been kept beginning in 1949. Many joined the Blexit movement.

Traditional liberals, ideological do-gooders, once had a healthy respect for democracy, opposition, and the two party system. As a traditional ideological minority, they understood the importance of allowing dissent and opposing voices. Since the Marxist takeover of the Democrat party and the eradication of all opposing views, many traditional liberals abandoned the party and either converted to conservatism, centrism, or retained the label of liberal while rejecting the Democratic party's shift to the extreme Left. Many just WalkAway from the Democrats.[73]


Despite Resistance, real GDP growth returned.
See also: MAGAnomics

The Republicans ran on a platform of economic recovery, jobs, equality and fairness; Democrats ran on socialism, resistance and mob violence.

President Obama tried to claim credit for the recovery, however it was the Obama individual mandate attached to Obamacare that retarded economic growth throughout the Obama years,[74] and Obama had nothing to do with the Tax Reform Act of 2017. The peeling back of Obama anti-growth, anti-job, socialist regulations and Executive Orders in service of the globalist agenda equally was a key factor in restoring America's new found prosperity.


Real Personal income rose in mid-2018, for the first time since Obama took office.
ADP reported a gain of 227,000 payroll in October, well over the estimated 189,000 forecasted, reflective of a sound, healthy, robust economy.[75] Overall, more than 4 million jobs have been created under MAGAnomics, with the biggest increases seen in manufacturing jobs.[76] This is important because manufacturing - jobs were value is added to the workproduct greater than the cost of labor in producing the product - spawn service sector jobs. Marxists object to this concept, yet have never produced a workable alternative theory to feed and clothe whole nations and societies. Each new manufacturing job spawns 1.5 to 2.5 new services sector jobs - jobs were the workproduct vanishes in the instant it is performed and leaves nothing behind to be traded for equal value.

Globalists have made the United States a service economy with 70% of all employment in service industries. American services are traded for foreign manufactured goods, leaving huge trade deficits, and bankrupting the nation. Reversing these trends, and President Trump's insistence that NATO partners carry their fair share of the cost burden, are the primary reasons why globalists have such intense hatred and opposition to Donald Trump.

Trade deficit

The trade deficit is a jobs issue. It represents an outflow of American capital to purchase foreign goods that just as easily could be manufactured by American workers.

America has been running a trade deficit since 1967 (when the U.S. became dependent on foreign oil and the American auto industry was booming).[77] This outflow of capital earned America the reputation as the "engine of the global economy." However this reputation was gained out of largess, not of necessity.[78]

Trade relations and defense

NATO spending in 2018.

The only reason European liberal social democratic welfare states have free healthcare, and the United States does not, is because the American taxpayer has been paying European defense costs for nearly 70 years - a fact often omitted by liberals in debates over the U.S. healthcare system.

NATO was created as a defense alliance to contain Soviet expansionism after 1945, and not to wage a War of Aggression in Africa against Libya,[79] as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, and John McCain authorized in 2011. After the reckless misuse of such a powerful military alliance resulting in a massive humanitarian and refugee crisis - including the resurgence of black African slave markets[80] - the future of a military establishment created to defend against the Soviet Union (which hasn't existed since 1991) is front and center before American voters. Indeed, the Trump-Russia collusion hoax was an effort by power entrenched global interests of the military industrial complex to keep up the myth of the aggressive Russian bogeyman, to maintain the status quo and justify keeping the cost burden on U.S. taxpayers for European defense and Europe's bloated social welfare state.

Heated rhetoric

After President Trump's first 100 days a Harvard study found CNN and NBC's coverage 93 percent negative, more than three times that of Obama, and only 5 percent positive.[81] By December 2017 a Pew Research study found 63 percent negative coverage of Trump by all mainstream media.[82]

As 2018 progressed and President Trump's approval ratings gained, the incendiary rhetoric was ramped up again, with a Media Research Center study finding 92 percent of all mainstream media coverage was negative,[83] as domestic, economic and foreign policy successes and words were simply ignored or bent and twisted out of shape so as to make them unrecognizable. The Washington Post urged increased unfounded and inflammatory attacks on President Trump in mid Summer.[84]

Pittsburgh shooting

A crazed 46 year old white male and Trump hater killed 11 worshippers in a Conservative Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh.[85] At least 6 were wounded. Trump, whose daughter and 4 grandchildren are Jewish, consoled the nation and condemned anti-Semitism as "pure evil,"[86] after which the liberal media attacked him for doing so.

The next day on Meet the Press, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman Rep. Benny Ray Lujan refused to condemn liberal anti-Semitic hate speech.[87] The Democrats continue to fund the campaigns of Leslie Cockburn in Virginia and Scott Wallace in Pennsylvania.[88] According to the New York Times review of Cockburn's book, “Its first message is that, win or lose, smart or dumb, right or wrong, suave or boorish, Israelis are a menace. The second is that the Israeli-American connection is somewhere behind just about everything that ails us.”[89] Commentary magazine says Cockburn claim's that Saddam Hussein started the Gulf War over his belief in ‘a conspiracy between Israel and the U.S. to attack him’—a belief that her book says is ‘correct.’ And then there is Israel's culpability for Idi Amin, Mobutu, Noriega, the plight of the Kurds, the suffering of Guatemalans, and much, much more." Scott Wallace, a liberal millionaire, was a member of a controversial private club in Apartheid South Africa that discriminated against Blacks and Jews and has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to anti-Jewish hate groups.[90][91][92]

Despite CNN's Alisyn Camerota's incessant baiting, Rabbi Jeffrey Myers of the Tree of Life synagogue refused to blame anyone other than the shooter, Robert Bowers.[93][94] Andrea Mitchell of NBC News of coarse, attacked the President for consoling the nation.[95] Joe Biden blamed Trump. America's Rabbi Shmuley Boteach responded:[96]

"Hatred of the Jews, it springs up almost anywhere and everywhere. It’s the world’s oldest most insidious, most malicious hatred. But what we dare not do is politicize it. When I look at someone like Joe Biden, I just saw on your airwaves he was speaking about Charlottesville, etc. With all due respect, the Obama administration also legitimized Iran, who spoke openly about annihilating the Jewish people. And did not once condemn that kind of genocidal rhetoric we’ve seen from Hamas as well."[97]

Alleged bomb scare

CNN opened up John Brennan's mail, did an on-air studio evacuation, then went on a rant for days trying to flip the narrative and blame Trump for mob violence.

Just when things looked desperate for Democrats with unhinged mobs responding to the party's leadership, CNN reported it had received a mail bomb addressed to John Brennan, who actually works for NBC. Nonetheless, CNN opened John Brennan's mail anyway, paused to take pictures of the alleged bomb, before evacuting the building in a panic. Despite postage, there were no postal cancellations. CNN alleged it was "hand delivered." Others received packages as well.

Republicans were quick to condemn political violence,[98] unlike Democrat leaders, who encouraged it.[99] President Trump vowed to use all the resources of the federal government to find who was responsible.

As soon as NYPD feed into the news cycle that the bombs were active giving breaking reports a life of their own, within hours the Associated Press reported,
"tests have determined that a powder found inside an envelope delivered to CNN along with a pipe bomb was harmless."[100]
None of this stopped CNN and other mainstream sources from failing to report the facts or whipping up anti-Trump hysteria.

None of the bombs were active, and the alleged bomber didn't know how to build a bomb anyway. The alleged bombs lacked a detonator device, were made with PVC tubing instead of lead, and packed with a harmless powder.[101] No one was killed.

After President Trump ordered a nationwide man-hunt, a 56 year old homeless former male stripper person of color, Cesar Sayoc, was arrested. Being that the alleged "bombs" we're all duds, Sayoc's lawyer said the case against him was weak. As fate would have it, Sayoc worked st the same strip club as Stormy Daniels.[102]

Fake news: Russia collusion hoax

Democrats colluded with Russia to try to affect the outcome of the 2016 election. Obama, Hillary, and John Brennan were all involved. Fake news was routinely broadcast by CNN.
See also: Russiagate timeline 2018 reckoning, Mueller office, and Deep State coup

The 2016 elections and aftermath were married by Democrats and the mainstream media's fake news Russia collusion hoax to cover up wrongdoing within the Obama Department of Justice and FBI to interfere in American elections.

After two years of fake news about Russian collusion, scarcely a word was breathed by Democrats or mainstream news sources when the Obama administration, Democrats, and Hillary Clinton's collusion with Putin's minions became exposed.[103] By contrast, Donald Trump has never been connected to Russian election interference after investigations by five Congressional committees and a Special Counsel.

Commingling of two narratives

Russian hackers did attempt to hack into state election boards in 2016. All investigations agree the attempt failed, no voter rolls were accessed, and no final tallies changed.

There is no evidence however, that Russians' hacked the DNC in Washington, D.C.. The suggestion that Russians were responsible for a hack, rather than a whistleblower who conveyed the information to WikiLeaks, came from a third party contractor of both the FBI and DNC - CrowdStrike. The alleged DNC "hack" was never investigated. The DNC refused the FBI's offer to investigate what was essentially a civil matter.

A forensic investigation by retired NSA analysts determined DNC emails published by WikiLeaks were copied and downloaded on a flash drive, and not "hacked" from outside.

A DNC press release, coupled with mainstream media journalists working with Hillary Clinton operatives in FusionGPS and the FBI, spread the fake news narrative that state election board hacking attempts were related to DNC materials appearing on WikiLeaks. The false narrative was melded into the catch-all phrase, "Russian meddling." FusionGPS, like CrowdStrike, was a contractor for both the DNC and the FBI.

State elections

The underlying issue is federalization of elections, taking the electoral process out of the hands of the states and placing it in the hands of the Department of Homeland Security in Washington, where it would be easier for Democrat civil servants to manipulate outcomes. This could only be done through bi-partisan legislation declaring voting machines as national security "critical infrastructure."

FISA abuse

See also: FISA abuse

CrowdStrike is an outside contractor for NATO, the FBI, and the DNC. FusionGPS is a contractor for the FBI and DNC. Both CrowdStrike and FusionGPS had access to the NSA's FISA database. The conclusions of an NSA audit and the FISA court agreed, that the FBI deliberately allowed its contractors to access the FISA database in order to illegally surveil and violate the Fourth Amendment rights of American citizens. 85% of all FISA database search queries after Donald Trump declared his candidacy in 2015 were illegal.[104]

The inherent conflict of interest of partisans in U.S law enforcement, with partisans holding contractor access to national security secrets, then colluding with partisans in fake news media goes unreported by fake news media.

Trump and Russia

See also: Trump-Russia collusion hoax

Since Donald Trump was elected President, Trump has:

  • Killed hundreds of Russian special forces in Syria in direct confrontation with U.S. forces.[105]
  • Tore up the Iranian nuke deal in which Obama allowed Putin to build a nuclear facility in Iran, Putin's ally, enhancing Iran's nuclear weapons program.
  • Trump approved sale of lethal weapon to Ukraine. Obama denied lethal assistance, and limited U.S. aid to humanitarian assistance.[106]
  • Encouraged NATO allies to increase defense spending to guard against Russia.[107]
  • Trump chastized Germany for paying billions to Russia for energy which aids Russia's military budget.[108]
  • Trump imposed harsher sanctions on Russian businesses and individuals.[109]



Sen. Marco Rubio called out Broward County two days after the election after the corrupt Democrat elections officials manufactured over 80,000 new ballots after Election Day.

Democrat leaders in Florida directed staffers and volunteers to shear altered election forms to fix improper absentee ballots after the deadline.

The plan was to have Florida voters fix and submit as many absentee votes as possible in hopes of including them in the vote totals.

An email was sent out to Democrat activists before defeated incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson and his party allies filed a series of lawsuits challenging some voting rules that applied during the election, claiming they disenfranchised voters.[110]

See also


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