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Blexit founder Candace Owens with the Blexit flag.

Blexit is a movement founded by Candace Owens of Blacks coming out of the closet, admitting they are conservative, and voting Republican while casting off the yoke of bondage imposed by the Democratic party. The core message delivered by Blexit is that just because you're black, you don't have to be Democrat or to support the Democrats, who have in fact acted against the better interests of blacks (as well as America as a whole) since the party's 1828 foundation.

According to its website, Blexit's objectives are:

  • Advocating for School Choice and alternative educational opportunities for America’s low-income and minority children
  • Promoting criminal justice reform for those impacted by the penal system and developing educational programs to help communities avoid incarceration
  • Championing entrepreneurship and free enterprise as keys to escaping government dependence and poverty
  • Developing history programs that will inspire minority children to succeed and lead productive and responsible lives
  • Presenting the message of BLEXIT through evocative visual art and compelling live experiences.


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