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Terrence K. Williams is an actor, comedian, and social commentator. Williams was sent a Hateful Conduct Warning by Twitter on the day he visited the White House.[1] In late 2021, Williams developed and commercialized his own pancake mix, Cousin T's Pancakes.[2]


According to the website, Williams claims "Growing up in foster care I always dreamed about the big family gatherings around the breakfast table, with grandma in the kitchen cooking up a big family breakfast. As a kid I could almost smell the aroma of those delicious hot and fluffy pancakes smothered in butter and warm maple syrup! I always told myself someday I would make those fabulous pancakes and as an adult I have cultivated my love for cooking and my passion for food into Cousin T's Gourmet Buttermilk Pancakes!

Williams claims he received death threats because "they don’t want my black face on a Pancake box and want me to stop selling Pancakes! They won’t do me like Aunt J!"[3]


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