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Andrew Gillum

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Andrew Gillum was the Democratic Party nominee for governor of Florida in 2018 Midterm elections. Gillum was mentioned by Washington Post,[1] Vanity Fair,[2] The Daily Beast,[3] and other liberal mainstream media news outlets as a possible Vice Presidential candidate on the Democrat 2020 presidential election ticket.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren was reported to be in serious discussions with Gillum as a possible vice presidential running mate for her 2020 presidential campaign.

Gillum, a progressive, was the mayor of Tallahassee who won the Democratic primary election over a field of five other candidates. Gillum supports abolishing ICE. Gillum was endorsed by Bernie Sanders and received financial support from Tom Steyer and George Soros.[4][5]

Gillum supported the impeachment sham.[6] Gillum is a former National Director of the Young Elected Officials Network with People for the American Way. Gillum's name appeared on an early list of contenders as Hillary Clinton's running mate in the 2016 Presidential election.[7]

Gillum attended Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) and was recognized by the National Center for Policy Alternatives in Washington, D.C., as the country's top student leader in 2001.[8] In 2012 Gillum was named as one of "50 Young Progressive Activists Who Are Changing America," by The Huffington Post.[9]

Gillum is married with three children.

On the same day that WaPo recommended Gillum for the VP post behind Joe Biden, who has serious health issues, Gillum was found nude by Miami EMTs responding to a methamphetamine overdose in a hotel room with two other nude men. Under the precedent established by Democrats in the Monica Lewinsky scandal, what a person does in their private life is nobody's business.[10] However, Gillum is African American, so the Democrats' own precedent standard may not apply.