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NBC and the DNC rigged the First Debate to favor Elizabeth Warren.
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Elizabeth Warren declared her intention to run for president in January 2019. Allegedly by the luck of the draw, the DNC spotlighted Elizabeth Warren who was rising in the polls the night of the First Debate. Warren of course, was given more speaking time.[1] Beto O'Rourke was scripted in as her chief rival. Warren proclaimed, "The 71 percent of Americans who say the economy is doing well are wrong." A Drudge Report poll afterward showed Tulsi Gabbard scored 41% among viewers compared to Warren's 11% The two old white guys, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden were paired off the second night along with the upstart gay Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Viewers patiently awaited the Socialist cage match, Bernie vs. Liz.[2]

During the first debate, Warren introduced the term, "Latinx," which the thought police intend to replace "Latina" and "Latino" with.[3] A poll found 98% of Latinos do not like the term "Latinx".[4] Warren claims that too many black and brown people being born is a "problem" for Israel.[5] Fears over Biden's age and mental capacities propelled Warren to frontrunner status, yet Politico reported fundamental questions of honesty and character remained in the minds of voters.[6]

Upon moving into first place Warren began courting black voters, promising a seat on the back of the bus to the "toxic masculinity" of a black man as vice president.[7] African American scholar Kevin Jackson has dubbed her "Donald Trump roadkill 2.0"[8]

As Warren's campaign flamed out in the Iowa Caucuses, Warren operatives blamed sexism of Democrats.[9] Two days after Super Tuesday Warren bowed out, endorsing no one. President Trump aptly observed Warren cost Bernie Sanders the nomination in favor of the DNC establishment.[10]

Identity politics

Main article: Identity politics

In October 2019 Democrat rising star[11] Andrew Gillum was reported by Vanity Fair,[12] The Daily Beast[13] and other liberal mainstream media news outlets as with Warren as a possible Vice Presidential running mate. On the same day The Washington Post recommended Gillum for the VP spot,[14] Gillum was found by Miami emergency responders to a methamphetamine overdose nude in a hotel room with two other nude men.[15] Under the precedent established by Democrats in the Monica Lewinsky scandal, what a person does in their private life is nobody's business. However, Gillum is African American, so the Democrats' own precedent standard may not apply.

In 10 debate appearances, Elizabeth Warren was never asked once by the fake news media complex about her false claims of Native American heritage.[16]

Cultural appropriation

Warren claimed her parents eloped because her father's family did not want him to marry a woman who was part Native American.

Warren was a lateral hire onto the faculty of the Harvard Law School in 1995 after having listed herself as a minority of American Indian (specifically, Cherokee) descent, despite her fair-skinned appearance and a lack of persuasive documentary evidence for her claim to minority status.[17] The fair-skinned Warren obtained affirmative action preferences by falsely claiming that she was of "American Indian" descent, when in fact her heritage does not support her claim under widely accepted standards.[18] When President Donald Trump ridiculed Warren's false claims of American Indian ancestry and challenged her to prove it by taking a DNA test, she responded by falsely branding Trump as a "racist". She released the results of a DNA test obtained at Stanford University in October 2018 initially claiming her as having between 1/64th and 1/512th Indigenous ancestry, but was later revealed to be as little as 1/1024th ancestry, not even involving American Indian DNA samples, but instead samples from Mexico, Peru and Colombia.[19]

Many Democrats criticized Warren's stunt which hampered enthusiasm and fundraising two weeks before the 2018 Midterm elections.[20] Even CNN attempted to mitigate its reputation for fake news by overtly criticizing Warren.[21]

Warren is a charter member of the Hate America movement; like Obama, who passed himself off as being born in Kenya to a literary agent in 1992, Warren denied her white immigrant American heritage as early as 1987 in order gain access to affirmative action programs.

Despite her claims, Warren's grandfather fought American Indians.[22]

Cherokee Nation rejects her claims

Warren fraudulently claims American Indian heritage on her Texas Bar Registration card. Elizabeth Warren has an established pattern of stealing funds from affirmative action programs intended for oppressed minorities.

The Cherokee Nation repudiated Warren's attempts to link herself to them through DNA testing in this statement:

A DNA test is useless to determine tribal citizenship. Current DNA tests do not even distinguish whether a person's ancestors were indigenous to North or South America. Sovereign tribal nations set their own legal requirements for citizenship, and while DNA tests can be used to determine lineage, such as paternity to an individual, it is not evidence for tribal affiliation. Using a DNA test to lay claim to any connection to the Cherokee Nation or any tribal nation, even vaguely, is inappropriate and wrong. It makes a mockery out of DNA tests and its legitimate uses while also dishonoring legitimate tribal governments and their citizens, whose ancestors are well documented and whose heritage is proven. Senator Warren is undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage.[23]

In response to having her American Indian ancestry claims publicly discredited, Warren went on an erratic and unhinged Twitter rant, falsely accusing Trump of making "creepy physical threats" against her and making other false allegations against him.[19] Despite Warren being proven as a fraud by the DNA test, however, the liberal media (including CNN, CNBC, NPR and the Washington Post) continues to unquestioningly stand by her lies and false ancestral claims and to attack her critics, including Trump, by falsely accusing them of "racism", which serves only to further discredit both themselves and Warren in the process.[24] After 35 years of advancing her career by falsely claiming to have American Indian ancestry and expropriating affirmative action funds intended for real minorities, Warren eventually apologized.[25]

Racism, race baiting and anti-Semitism


Warren has struggled to name three black Americans who have been influential to her, dancing around the question in separate interviews with lengthy responses that did very little to actually answer the question.[26]

To compensate, Warren claimed Michael Brown, who spawned the Obama riots, was "murdered by a white police officer" (a claim later discredited by investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson),[27] provoking widespread criticism for Warren's attempt to politicize the incident. Even the far-Left Washington Post fact checkers awarded her four Pinocchios for lying.

Warren threatened a quid pro quo to cut off aid to Israel, which drew criticism against her on Twitter.[28]

Instead of taking responsibility for her campaign's own actions when minority staffers were quitting the campaign (stating that they were merely being used as tokens because of their race instead of having their ideas utilized), Warren chose to blame America's racist "legacy", ignoring that her own Democrat Party was, and still is, responsible for that racism and oppression.[29]

Warren dropped a truth bomb in the 2020 New Hampshire presidential debate:

"I’m glad to stand on this stage with my fellow Democrats who talk about how important the black community is, at least at election time. Year after year after year, election after election after election, Democrats go to people in the black community and say “Boy, we really care about these issues. Racism is terrible, we all want to do something,” and then somehow the problem just seems to keep getting worse."[30]

Private prisons

Warren bought $50,000 in shares of a Vanguard Group fund that heavily invested in private prison companies. The fund was the largest shareholder of America's largest private prison corporation.

Warren invested in Vanguard Target Retirement 2025—a retirement account run by the Vanguard Group, an investment management company—which in turn invested more than 30 percent of its money in Vanguard's domestic stock index fund. Vanguard was the top shareholder of Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), and one of the largest of GEO Group, both private prison companies, according to data from the Securities and Exchange Commission. Vanguard owned more than 12 million CCA shares and nearly 9 million GEO Group shares, which were worth roughly $456 million and $216 million, respectively, in March 2013.

CCA, now called CoreCivic, was already the country's largest owner of private prisons in 2013, according to an annual report. The company owned or controlled more than 50 correctional or detention facilities in the country, "with a total design capacity of approximately 86,000 beds in 20 states and the District of Columbia." GEO Group is also one of the largest private prison providers in the country with 66 prison facilities across the world as of 2013. The two companies also operate many Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facilities for illegal immigrants.[31]


Warren is an advocate for free healthcare[32] for transgender migrants.[33] Warren also backs Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's proposal for welfare for illegal immigrants.[34] AOC did not return the favor and endorsed Bernie Sanders for president.[35]

In 2013 Warren voted for S.744 providing for 700 miles of a border wall;[36] in February 2019 Warren referred to a border wall as a "monument of hate."[37]

Warren has deceptively misrepresented immigration issues on the campaign trail; illegal entry is a criminal act, not seeking asylum. People who seek asylum at a port of entry are not charged with a crime.


At a Democrat primary debate on June 26, 2019, Warren could not think of any restriction on abortion that she supported.[38]

Free stuff

Warren bamboozles childish voters with vague pledges of free stuff, free healthcare, free debt forgiveness, free dope needles, open borders, etc. The cost, of course, will be paid for by anyone who has a job or wants to raise a family.

Fellow Massachusettsan Rep. Seth Moulton says of Warren's free tuition plan, "You could literally end poverty in America for five or six years for what she's going to give to kids who are trying to pay for their own college. Half of America goes to college and it's not the bottom half."[39]

Like the extremist Bill de Blasio, Warren is one of the few Democrats openly advocating for the destruction of private health insurance.[40]

Elizabeth Warren supports the Democratic Socialists call for slave reparations as a way to maintain Black dependency on government and buy votes for Democrats.[41][42][43] Warren did not elaborate if descendants of people who did not own slaves such as Native Americans, Republicans, Italians, Poles, Jews, Hispanics and other ethnic groups that migrated to the United States after the American Civil War would be granted an exemption from paying reparations, or if Americans such as Kamala Harris and Barack Obama who have no ancestry connected to North American slaves would qualify.

Warren criticizes Obama's Bailout of Wall Street and says it paved way for Trump's election.[44]

Warren wants free taxpayer-funded surgeries for the gender-confused, despite the fact many such people have come out of the closet to express regret over their choice of permanent life-altering surgical mutilation to fit what they once thought was the gender they preferred.[45]

Unrealized capital gains tax

After much prodding and being attacked by Joe Biden for "vagueness," Warren finally released a cost estimate for her collectivized healthcare proposal; the cost estimate came in at $52 Trillion[46] - two and one half times GDP - with no specifics as to whom will bare the cost. Her estimate is based on a cluster of assumptions and veiled tax hikes on the working class.

The idea that payroll tax hikes, repealing the Trump tax cuts, unregulated immigration, and slamming businesses with new taxes wouldn't hugely damage the middle class was received as pure fantasy.[47] Additionally, Warren promises free healthcare for illegal immigrants. No less than leftist loon Grand Puba Nancy Pelosi trashed Warren's insane Medicare for All proposal.[48] Even Hillary Clinton trashed her insane healthcare ideas.[49]

Warren's wealth tax is basically an unrealized capital gains tax.[50] John Hinderaker writing in Powerline blog analyzed the proposal:

Part of the plan is a “wealth tax,” which means taxing unrealized capital gains at ordinary income rates. Combined with other elements of her plan, this implies that unrealized capital gains will be taxed at more than 50%. Taxing unrealized gains as ordinary income (from the new M4A plan, applies to top 1% of households), plus the 14.6% payroll tax she wants to levy on investment income, plus the financial transactions tax when you have to sell something to get the cash to pay the taxes....

Warren’s whole idea is so obviously stupid and incapable of implementation that one is tempted to laugh....lawyers are a core constituency of the Democratic Party, and nearly every lawyer in the U.S. (along with many others, of course) tolerates paying 50% marginal tax rates on his or her income only because a chunk of that income is sheltered in 401(k)s. The 401(k) and the house are where the vast majority of high income earners accumulate wealth. Warren’s proposal essentially destroys the ability to build wealth via retirement savings. This may be OK with those who are already rich, like Elizabeth Warren, but it will be anathema to younger people who are trying to become wealthy....

Assessing a “wealth tax” that invades previously tax-free 401(k)s at a 50%+ rate will destroy Warren’s support in what has been, in recent years, a core Democratic Party constituency. “Wall Street,” i.e. the financial industry, has already warned that if Warren is the Democrats’ nominee, it will not support her. That in itself is seismic; no industry has ever supported a politician to the extent that Wall Street supported Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. But the loss of support from America’s lawyers might be even more deadly to the Democratic Party....One unfortunate thing about targeting lawyers (and their often-liberal wives) is that many of them actually understand the implications of policy proposals. Here as usual, understanding is fatal to Liz Warren.[51]


A father confronted Warren on her proposals for free tuition, asking if he could get his money back for working double shifts and sacrificed buying new cars and vacations to pay off student loans. Warren refused.[52]

Father : My daughter is in school, I saved all my money just to pay student loans Can I have my money back?

Warren: of course not

Father: so you want to help those who don't save any money and the ones that do the right thing get screwed?

Warren has pledged to have a 9 year old transgender person vet her choice for Secretary of Education.

Doomsday cult

3074 Days Until Final Destruction of the Planet

Warren is a leader in the Green New Deal doomsday cult.[53]

Green New Deal

As part of a fundraising scheme,[54] Warren has offered to burn thousands of gallons of fossil fuels emitting thousands of pounds of carbon fuel emissions into the atmosphere, destroying the planet, to fly the winner of a drawing to have a beer with Elizabeth Warren.[55]

Fossil fuels

Warren promises to ban fracking on her first day in office, which would rebuild the Russian economy. Russia, China, Iran and Venezuela would be the biggest winners, American consumers the biggest losers. Warren's promise in her first 24 hours would immediately:

Warren sent a fake news tweet claiming Mark Zuckerberg endorsed Donald Trump.
  • Hand Vladimir Putin hundreds of billions worth of enhanced Russian energy exports. A windfall of economic growth that will mean Russian policy expansion globally.
  • Support the regime of Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro who relies on oil production and pricing to keep his socialist government in place.
  • Expand the influence of China; and increase the value of Beijing’s investments in Russian energy and 49% state in PDVSA (Venezuela).
  • Immediately help the Iranian economy; enhance the stranglehold of power by the Mullah’s over the Iranian people; help fund terrorist actions globally, and specifically create terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya and Israel.
  • Return U.S. policy and strategy back to a position of dependence on OPEC nations; so we can expect more U.S. military involvement in the middle-east.
  • Destroy growth in American wages , and set up energy policy that will drive further industrial manufacturing out of the U.S. and into Mexico and Asia.
  • Simultaneously drive up the price of electricity in the U.S, further exacerbating the financial costs and losses to the U.S. middle-class.
  • Raise gas prices back to Obama-era rates $5/gal.
  • In turn this will drive up the cost of transported products, and U.S. food prices will jump approximately 20% as massive inflation hits highly-consumable categories first.
  • The collective impact of the four domestic points above will drive down the ability of consumers to spend on other goods. The U.S. economy is two-thirds dependent on consumer spending. The collective impact means economic contraction (i.e Recession).


Warren has taken credit for the Occupy Wall Street movement[56] which has employed violence[57] in the name of "change" and socialism. Connor Betts, an Elizabeth Warren supporter, Antifa member and registered Democrat,[58] murdered 9 people in the Dayton nightclub shooting[59] including 6 African Americans. Warren supports the Abolish ICE movement. Betts posted to Twitter, “I do not consider ICE agents to be human beings,”[60] echoed Ocasio-Cortez' statement that ICE detention facilities were "concentration camps" and praised the Seattle ICE bomber as a "martyr."

Black Lives Matter Louisville leader Chanelle Helm is a political activist who has met with numerous high-profile politicians,[61] including Elizabeth Warren.[62] Chanelle Helm posted video to her Facebook page showing a protest at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s house. Helm was shouting: “just stab the motherf—er in the heart.” “F*ck yo neck, b*tch. Murder Turtle! Murder Turtle! … F*ck yo thoughts and prayers … F*ck you, f*ck yo wife, f*ck everything you stand for.”[63]

Facebook and censorship

Warren should expect a huge legal battle if she becomes the next US president and tries to lead a breakup of Facebook. In an internal employee meeting in July 2019, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg threatened “to go to the mat” and “fight” attempts to breakup Facebook.[64]

Gun rights

Like rich leftwing pedophiles,[65] Warren wants only the rich to have legal protection to own a gun.[66]

Impeachment scam

Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski,[67] whom Democrats pinned their impeachment hopes on, explained her decision to vote against calling more witnesses when Warren attacked Chief Justice John Roberts during the Senate trial.[68]

Deceptive employment practices

Warren has built much of her career as a champion of workers and consumers against the deceptive and exploitative practices of employers. Several volunteers describe the process for entry into her campaign as deceptive and exploitative. They were pushed toward unpaid positions over paid ones, misled over the availability of financial assistance, and asked to sign highly irregular restrictive nondisclosure agreements. The positions were advertised as a paid intern, while actually only that of an unpaid volunteer for academic credit. Victims called it a "great scam."[69]

Mental fitness

Like Rachel Dolezal, a white NAACP official who insisted that she was "African American",[70] many have questioned Elizabeth Warren's mental fitness to hold office as a bitter clinger to her appropriated cultural identity despite science proving her delusional.

According to Wikipedia:
"Particularly in the 21st century, cultural appropriation is often considered harmful, and to be a violation of the collective intellectual property rights of the originating, minority cultures, notably indigenous cultures and those living under colonial rule....Such practices may be seen as particularly harmful in schools and universities which have a stated purpose of promoting ethnic diversity and inclusion...
Bustle noted when
"privileged individuals cherry-picks part of a culture belonging to a group of marginalized people, then uses it for fashion or performance purposes, leaving behind the true meaning of the characteristic and thus disrespecting the culture from which it was born. When we hear retorts about the offensiveness of cultural appropriation, people will often say they're simply "appreciating the culture". While cultural appreciation is possible, the line often gets crossed into appropriation because these representations lead to overgeneralized racial stereotypes.[71]
An article in Psychology Today compares cultural identity theft to credit card fraud and theft:
"The thief was clever enough to hack your account, so the company lets them use it. This is what happens in cultural appropriation—the adoption and misuse of another culture’s practices. Someone takes something from your culture and uses it for their own benefit. And there are no consequences."[72]
Like Dolezal, Warren and supporters claim "transracial identity" to justify cultural appropriation.

Warren is in the habit of drinking alone, which is symptomatic of an advanced degree of alcoholism. Some speculate her claim to Native American heritage was a crude effort to hide her use of alcohol.

Warren once eulogized a former colleague by accusing him of sexual harassment in front of his ex-wife and children, according to a profile of the presidential candidate in the Washington Post. Warren, who got her first full-time teaching job at the University of Houston, returned to campus 15 years later to deliver a eulogy for UH law professor Eugene Smith. Smith was a “champion” of Warren, according to WaPo, and specifically requested she speak at his funeral after he passed away from polio complications. During her eulogy Warren reportedly “stunned” funeral attendees when she told what was meant to be a lighthearted story about Smith chasing her around his office. From WaPo:

“With a smile on her face and humor in her voice, Warren described how Smith had invited her to his office one day just a few months after she had been hired. He shut the door and lunged for her, she said, and as she protested, he chased her around his desk before she was able to escape out the door.”[73]


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