Monica Lewinsky

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Monica Lewinsky on the cover of Time magazine.

Monica Lewinsky was an intern in the White House during the Presidency of Bill Clinton. She had an affair with President Bill Clinton, which Clinton subsequently lied about while under oath in a deposition during a civil lawsuit brought by Paula Jones. Jones sued Clinton over allegations of sexual harassment while she was employed by the State of Arkansas. Having been found in contempt of court for lying under oath, a federal crime, Clinton was impeachmented by the House of Representatives.

Clinton sought to keep Lewinsky from publicizing their affair by finding her a job, and on October 31, 1997, Ambassador Bill Richardson, along with two assistants, traveled to Washington to interview Lewinsky at the Watergate hotel for a job at the United Nations.[1] Democratic Presidential Adviser Vernon Jordan found her employment with Revlon—a company at which Jordan was a board member -- [2] starting at $80,000 per year.[3]


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