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Liberal wordiness refers to a characteristic of liberal writing and speaking, a tendency to use needless verbosity and length. The goal of this is to confound the reader in the hopes they will give benefit of doubt to the speaker or writer, or hold them to be intellectually superior.

See, for example, the work of liberal academics, especially literary theorists, who use confusing language to make themselves look smart. Compare the speeches conservative statesmen, who do their utmost to make their ideas understood by any and all, and liberal statesmen, who emphasize above all the complexity of issues, treating complexity as something impenetrable to the common man.


Due to the prevalence of endless liberal disputation, Conservapedia has adopted the 90/10 rule which undermines pointless wordiness by demanding content. Liberal wordiness is an important metric employed in Essay:Quantifying Liberal Style, where an attempt is made to quantify this characteristic wordiness.

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