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The Huffington Post is a leftist website created by gadfly and former Republican Arianna Huffington. The site is an extremist liberal mouthpiece. The Huffington Post calls itself an internet newspaper of blogs, news and video but often is referred to as a hate site where its one-sided news cannot be trusted. They cover politics, media, business and entertainment news. They smear conservatives daily, while whitewashing and defending liberals. Despite this, however, they do sometimes manage to condemn leftist icons, such as mentioning that both Che Guevara and Fidel Castro came close to launching a nuke during the Cuban Missile Crisis and has openly stated that Che was a mass-murdering totalitarian with a messiah complex.[1]

The site also dominates social networking sites like Digg, making them liberal by proxy for promoting biased and insulting treatments of conservative politicians.

Exercising censorship, as liberals are prone to do, the Post removed a March 9, 2010 commentary by former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura accusing the Bush administration of involvement in the events of 9/11 shortly after publication.[2]

In 2011, the Huffington Post was purchased by AOL for just over $315 million in a deal that left Huffington in charge of the website.

The Huffington Post, like most liberal sites, is known for being anti-science, and were labelled one of the internet's top 10 anti-science websites.


Since the announcement of the merger, vocal liberals have expressed their displeasure by boycotting the website. Huffington laughed the threats off and introduced the weekly column by anti-liberal journalist Andrew Breitbart however that only lasted two weeks before they made up a silly excuse to rid him from their main page.

Controversies and liberal bias

The site's audience is largely composed of liberals, mirroring the values of most of the editors and contributors. Like virtually all internet sites, its comment section is often filled with offensive or vitriolic remarks; for example, numerous commenters insulted the marines who gave their lives in Iraq, comparing their heroic actions to those of terrorists. The site also frequently covers lewd or pornographic topics without regards to what children who visit might see.

In April 2017, a South African man, pretending to be a female feminist, persuaded Huffington Post to publish a hoax article calling for the voting rights of all white males to be removed.[3] After the article prompted criticism, HuffPo defended the blatantly racist article and only retracted it after they found out that it was intended as a hoax.[3]

Also in April 2017, HuffPo published and, after receiving criticism, deleted an article calling for the "Podunk towns" of Trump supporters to be destroyed by nuclear weapons.[4]

In June 2017, HuffPo published and, after receiving criticism, deleted an article that called for prosecuting and executing President Trump, saying that impeaching the president was not enough to appease the liberal author. The article was published three days before a left-winger shot and injured several Republican congressmen, aides, and police officers.[5]


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