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Joe Biden and Tara Reade. Beginning in 1993 Reade made credible allegations about being assaulted and penetrated by Joe Biden and was hounded out of her job in his Senate office in retaliation for doing so.[1] Many alleged MeToo backers stood by Biden despite Reade's suffering and plight.

The Me Too movement (or #MeToo movement) is a hashtag movement spread virally on social media in October 2017.

The movement took off after the sexual misconduct allegations against Hollywood mogul and Democrat Party mega-donor Harvey Weinstein became public by Ronan Farrow.[2] Weinstein, a charter member of the Clinton Legal Defense Fund organized to fight claims of sexual harassment and abuse by former Democratic President Bill Clinton, has been accused by no less than 97 women of assault and rape since Clinton's acquittal. The movement attempts to draw attention to the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment by predominantly liberal media personalities, executives, public officials and celebrities.

Singer Taylor Swift gave the movement momentum when she won a sexual harassment case against radio DJ she alleged harassed her during a promotional tour. To continue her career, the once apolitical Swift suddenly became an outspoken advocate of liberal causes.

With the Kavanaugh smear, Democrats attempted to reverse the movement and weaponize it to smear conservatives.[3][4] Left-wingers eventually felt victimized by the movement as so many of their allies had been exposed of sexual assault and harassment (see Left-wing war on women).[5]

Attempted hijacking by Democrats for identity politics

Rose McGowan tweet during the DNC convention.

The cynical exploitation of real sex abuse victims by Democrats for political purposes became apparent when Democrat Senator Heidi Heitkamp, who voted against Justice Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation, in turn published the names of real abuse victims without their consent, thus victimizing them all over again, alleging real victims "supported" her re-election. Heitkamp was defeated days later in the 2018 Midterm elections and faced potential lawsuits from real victims.[6]

Sexual assault allegations by Tara Reade against Democrat 2020 presidential election candidate Joe Biden posed a serious problem for the #MeToo movement.[7]

Alyssa Milano

Actress Alyssa Milano who is considered a high-profile spokesperson for the MeToo movement, has refused to participate in any further Soros-funded Women's March[8] protests until it condemns "bigotry and anti-Semitism." Linda Sarsour, a key Women's March organizer, is an outspoken supporter of Louis Farrakhan.[9][10]

Ronan Farrow and Mia Farrow

Investigative journalist Ronan Farrow, son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, won the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service based on his #MeToo reporting.[11] With a Pulitzer in his pocket after destroying Harvey Weinstein, Farrow tried to re-ingratiate himself to the Hollywood left by piling on the Kavanaugh smear and lending his name to fake news and false allegations.[12][13] Farrow's mother, Mia Farrow told Time magazine,
"There’s a lot to be optimistic about in terms of the #MeToo movement and the way men have now been forced to regard women and treat us differently. I’ve spent my whole life, you know, confronting the issues that so many women are standing up for now and we need this to go around the world and also not just celebrities, but people in every…hotel workers and people who work in restaurants and all those people where it’s harder to come forward because you might lose your job. But I’m an optimist anyway. I feel things will get better globally.”[14]
Two months later, Farrow lent her name to the Democratic party warmonger movement:
“As Trump pulls troops out of Syria, we must acknowledge the enormity of the world’s failure to halt a humanitarian catastrophe. US exit benefits Russia, ISIS—still active—Iran & Assad. General Mattis was our last source of comfort that there was one ethical person in the Trump administration.”[15]


Former Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli was accused of sexual assault on social media by tennis star Peng Shuai in 2021. Peng was disappeared shortly thereafter.[16] YouTube de-monetized a video entitled Chinese Star VANISHES After Rape Accusation posted on the Breaking Points channel.[17]

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