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Scott Wallace is the grandson of former Vice President and Progressive Party presidential candidate Henry A. Wallace. Scott Wallace manages the Wallace Global Fund which poured millions of dollars in support of whichever Democrat/Communist nominee emerges in the 2020 presidential election in hopes of defeating incumbent President Donald Trump.[1]

Wallace was a member of a controversial private club in Apartheid South Africa that discriminated against Blacks and Jews. Wallace has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to anti-Jewish hate groups.[2][3][4]

Wallace Golbal Fund

The Wallace Global Fund (WGF) has a mammoth endowment that it distributes to other radical groups such as Greenpeace, the Tides Foundation, the Center for American Progress, and The Nation Institute. All of these groups call for fossil fuel divestment.

WGF, through its own investment in the Brandes International Equity fund, indirectly invests in oil and the oil and gas firms of Eni S.p.A. and Engie S.A. It also invests in Generation Investment Management, a gigantic firm chaired by former Vice President Al Gore that claims to have $22.1 billion of assets under management. The Rockefeller Foundation is even more opaque with massive holdings in equity long/short and event-driven hedge funds that tend to invest in oil and gas.

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