Theresa Greenfield

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Theresa Greenfield

Born October 20, 1963
Bricelyn, Minnesota
Political party Democrat
Spouse(s) Rodney Wirtjes (died 1988)
Steve Miller
Children Four

Theresa Greenfield (born October 20, 1963 (age 57)) (pronounced "Teresa", not "Theresa")[1] is a liberal Democrat "small business owner" (see below) who unsuccessfully ran for United States Senate from Iowa in the 2020 elections to unseat conservative Republican incumbent Joni Ernst.

A video released in mid-October 2020 showed that Greenfield secretly supports BLM,[2] an extremist group that is increasingly unpopular in Iowa following riots in cities such as Des Moines.

Early life/education

Greenfield was born in Bricelyn, Minnesota to parents who operated a family farm with four other siblings. She attended Iowa Lakes Community College in addition to Iowa State University, then attended and graduated with a bachelor's degree from Minnesota State University.

2020 Senate bid

For more information, see: 2020 United States Senate election in Iowa

Greenfield announced in early June 2019 her run for Senate after dropping out of a congressional race.[3] She won her party's primary with a plurality of 48% of the votes cast to face Sen. Ernst in the general election.[4]

She has refused to provide a direct answer on whether illegal border crossings to the United States should be decriminalized or not.[5]

Greenfield was backed by ActBlue,[6] a left-wing dark money group.

Greenfield announced in mid-October 2020 that she would oppose court packing.[7]

She has faced a campaign finance violation complaint filed to the FEC.[8]

Flip-flopping/liberal hypocrisy

See main article: Liberal hypocrisy

A liberal, Greenfield unsurprisingly has flip-flopped and displayed hypocrisy; she claimed to reject taking donations from corporate PACs,[9] yet did exactly that via taking them indirectly and called criticism from a primary opponent "Republican talking points".[10] An ethics complaint was also filed against her.[11] However, PolitiFact, commonly referred to as "PolitiFake" for its liberal bias, stepped in to cover for Greenfield by ignoring obvious facts.[12]

Greenfield, despite having campaigned as a champion for workers and business owners, once evicted local small businesses to make room for Aldi.[13] Small business owners expressed concerns over her tenure as a real estate executive,[14] and Greenfield soon suspiciously erased mentions of her business record from her campaign record,[15] justifying such with a poor excuse.[16] In addition, a "small business owner" Greenfield used to tout her campaign turned out to be a liberal Democrat activist previously elected as a politician.[17]


At a Senate debate between Ernst and Greenfield, the incumbent senator strongly called out the latter over poor business practices.[18][19]

General election results

Despite polling that suggested a tossup, Greenfield ultimately lost to Sen. Ernst by 6.6 percentage points.[20]


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