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The Daily Kos is a left-wing blog that features advertisements like "DraftGore.Com ... Sign Our Petition" with a picture of a smiling Al Gore in front of what appears to be an image of the Earth from outer space.[1] It also features a picture of President George W. Bush with a large cartoon cowboy hat.

Daily Kos is often-ranked as one of the Top 15 most visited blogs on the Internet by Technorati.

Entries on this blog on February 25, 2007 range from gossip (such as teaser about eviscerating coverage of Mitt Romney's polygamist ancestors) to vulgarity and use of swear words.

CBS News has recently suggested that liberal blogs (not necessarily the Daily Kos) may be their favored candidates own worst enemies, as they provide some political fodder for the other side:[2]

[A] former aide to Joe Lieberman advised the party to refuse bloggers access and "deny them jobs that confer party approval." ... [P]lenty of Democrats were upset with the netroots.

This statement on behalf of Lieberman was, of course, ironic, considering he no longer identifies with the Democratic party himself, and ran in the general election on a separate party line named "Connecticut for Lieberman," having been denied the Democratic party's nomination.

Despite CBS News' claim, Daily Kos helped contribute to Ned Lamont's victory over Joe Lieberman in the Democratic primary, forcing Lieberman to drop out of the party in order to run in the general election. Also, Senator Jim Webb has credited Daily Kos for helping in his victorious run agains Sen. George Allen.

Bill O'Reilly has recently begun leading a campaign against the Daily Kos, and has claimed that despite the fact that a significant percentage of Americans may disagree with its liberal views, most of the Democratic candidates for president were at its yearly convention the YearlyKos, including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards.

Wikipedia has ridiculously described Daily Kos as somehow merely being focused on “center-left” politics,[3] a notion refuted by even the left-wing Media Bias Fact Check.[4]

Daily Kos supported the Occupy Wall Street movement.

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