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Moscow Mitch Syndrome is a term that describes the left-wing hysteria over Mitch McConnell and anything related to him. Many of these claims include a false portrayal of him as a "Communist"[1] and as a "Russian asset".[2] It should be noted that there is a strong distinction between conservatives that criticize McConnell's RINO establishment leanings and the radical left-wing rancor that fuel conspicuous lies over him.


While much of the "Moscow Mitch" claims began to surround the internet after McConnell had blocked two "election security" bills that Chuck Schumer tried to pass as part of the Trump-Russia hoax conspiracy theory,[3] other signs of liberal whining, protests and derangement had already been present ever since McConnell concurred with part of the Trump agenda.[4]

Establishment media

Several sites published articles on the matter that held a bias against McConnell, appeared to favor the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory, and didn't provide links to the actual bill for readers to see.[3][5]

Violence incitations

See also: Left-wing violence in the Trump era

Louisville confrontation

While leaving a restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky and about to head into his car along with his wife Elaine Chao as well as some colleagues, unhinged liberal snowflakes confronted McConnell, heckling, surrounding, and cursing at him.[4]

Restaurant confrontation

In another scenario, while McConnell was dining with his wife in another restaurant, a liberal started yelling at him out of uncontrollable rage, cursing at him.[6] In contrast, McConnell didn't have an outburst and instead kept his patience.

Protester threats

On August 6, 2019, two women right outside McConnell's house made remarks directly inciting violence against the senator, calling on [someone] to "stab the motherf***** in the heart".[7] Previously, prominent "tolerant liberals" like Barbara Boxer had responded to McConnell's fractured shoulder by insulting him on Twitter.

Other smears

Hollywood liberal Bette Midler tweeted a racist and inappropriate poem on August 13, 2019 attacking McConnell;[8] the tweet was widely rebuked for its cynicalness.


Despite months and months of smearing McConnell with false attacks in hopes of ousting him in his 2020 re-election fight, the senator handily won by a large margin over his heavily-backed Democrat opponent Amy McGrath.[9]

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