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The Left

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The Left is a term referring to those falling to the "left" on the political spectrum. The term originated in the seating arrangement of the French National Assembly during the French Revolution.

The Left tend to young, rather naive, and often the oppressed victims of teachers unions and the public school system. Not being known for much brains, when they enter the labor force they often cannot find jobs because of minimum wage laws passed by leftwing politicians.

During the global Leftwing insurrection of 2020 of young white people in the name of Black Lives Matter, the Left tore down statues to Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves, Ulysses Grant who defeated the Confederacy, Winston Churchill who defeated fascism, the Memorial to 16 million American soldiers who defeated fascism in World War II, and vandalized the monument to the first All-volunteer African American soldiers in the Civil War.

The Left tends to be juvenile in their attitude and outlook, and tend to act upon emotion rather than rational thinking and reasoned analysis in their approach public policy. Most people mature and grow up at some point in life and tend to moderate their views, however a hardened few remain dedicated leftists after the age of 30. These people tend to remain in academia, or enter politics or journalism. Pederasty is one motivation, however most are cases of arrested development. Sociopaths are quite common on both the right and left, and in the field of politics, however sociopaths and manipulators to get people to do things they ordinarily wouldn't do by instinct, are quite common in the Left among people of all ages.

The Left are particularly prone to marijuana and Marxist brainwashing.

See also liberal and Leftist.