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Article 2 Section 3 of the Constitution mandates the President to deliver to Congress a report on the State of the Union. Speaker Nancy Pelosi destroyed the report.

The 116th United States Congress is noted for its lack of accomplishments and abuse of legislative oversight powers to harass the President and his family.[1]

Speaker Nancy Pelosi made significant rule changes to the 116th Congress.[2] She greatly expanded the size of the House Counsel Office, and authorized them to challenge the U.S. Justice Department in court over the constitutionality of Obamacare.

Critics say Pelosi essentially created her own Justice Department within the Legislative Branch, and nothing is stopping her from creating her own FBI.

Pelosi lifted term limitations on committee chairpersons and buried the Gingrich reform requiring members to pay their own race discrimination and sexual harassment settlements. Additionally, staffers can be forced to sign non-disclosure agreements without the agreements first being vetted by the House Ethics Committee. This, coupled with the expansion of civil servants on staff, is a potentially frightening development.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proposed targeting dissenting Democrats, and providing violent activists a list of their names, and unleash the jackboots. Ocasio-Cortez
"suggested in a closed-door meeting of House Democrats that she would help liberal activists unseat moderate Democrats skirting the party line, a spokesperson for Ocasio-Cortez said according to the Washington Post.
“She said that when activists ask her why she had to vote for a gun safety bill that also further empowers an agency that forcibly injects kids with psychotropic drugs, they’re going to want a list of names and she’s going to give it to them,” spokesperson Corbin Trent said, referring to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement."[3]

116th Congress

White Privilege: House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff {left} with longtime Schiff megadonor Ed Buck (right). Buck was finally arrested and charged after a third gay African American man overdosed on methamphetamine in his home. The first two died and Democrat prosecutors never filed any charges.[4]
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The Democrat-controlled House was unproductive, focusing on opposing President Trump over passing legislation.[5]

In August 2018, Gallup reported that 57% of Democrats had a positive view of socialism, the first time more Democrats thought highly of it compared to capitalism, which was at 47%.[6][7][8] Although the Democrat establishment was already very left-wing, the base began electing anti-establishment Democrats who were even further to the Left,[9] and Democrat presidential candidates tried to move as far to the left as possible.[10] Nancy Pelosi, an Assad apologist who violated the Logan Act in 2007, was elected Speaker.

In Marxist–Leninist and Maoist theory, a United front is a coalition of leftist organizations that collude for the purpose of taking over a government. In the 116th Congress, the Committees of Correspondence for Democratic Socialism, Democratic Socialists of America, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, and Communist Party of the United States formally created a united front of the nation's four largest Communist organizations to take over the Democrat Party.[11] The umbrella group is known as the Left Inside/Outside Project and consists of 57,000 community organizers.[12]

The DSA, with the slogan, "No borders, no walls, no USA at all,"[13] elected The Squad to the House under the Democrat Party name brand, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tliab, Ilhan Elmi Omar and Ayanna Pressley. The DSA is an affiliate of the Socialist International, a worldwide organization with 170 political parties and organization from all continents. Democrats became so far-Left that George McGovern's official 1972 campaign agenda was moderate-to-conservative in comparison.[14]

Flushed with their midterm victory in 2018, House Democrats refused to take up the serious business of the country, such as immigration reform, trade, repair of decaying infrastructure, the opioid epidemic, or reforms that might actually reduce gun violence.[15] Chairman Eliot Engel of the Foreign Affairs Committee announced he would dissolve the terrorism subcommittee and replace it with a Trump investigation subcommittee.[16] Notorious anti-Semite Ilhan Omar was appointed to the committee. In keeping with the spirit of "change" Democrats promised if they took over the House, several members came under investigation for sleeping with paid staff members and exploiting the power inequities involved.[17] Freshman Progressive Rep. Katie Hill, a member of the LGBT+ community, was found to have a white supremacist tattoo when a paid staffer and spurned female lover leaked revenge porn.[18] During a House congressional hearing Democrats implied Housing Secretary Ben Carson was an "OREO."[19] Rep. Ted Lieu delivered a despicable racist attack on journalist Candace Owens in the midst of Judiciary Committee hearing chaired be Jerrold Nadler who, without apology, rebuked Owens for complaining about it.[20]

Healing in America. Judge Tammy Kemp presents Amber Guyger with a Bible after the off-duty policewoman was convicted of killing a Black man.[21] The Obama era War on Cops is over and America turned to racial healing under President Trump despite the hatred, strife, and division promoted by Democrat leadership.[22]

In January 2019, Antifa leader José Alcoff, who had previously advocated for murder, was arrested in connection with an attack on two U.S. Marines a few months earlier.[23] Alcoff was working with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The CFPB is a corrupt bureaucracy created out of the 2008 Financial Crisis and Stimulus bill under the doctrine of 'not letting a crisis go to waste', whose purpose is to funnel government contracts and federal money to far leftist media consulting firms to aid Democrat electoral aims. It is the brainchild of Elizabeth Warren who served as its first head.

Former Kentucky Democrat Party chair and congressman Jerry Lundergan faced allegations that he made illegal donations totaling $45,000 to his daughter, Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes' 2014 U.S. Senate race.[24] Lundergen hired Marc Elias of the Perkins Coie law firm, the firm that handled payments to FusionGPS on behalf of the 2016 Clinton campaign and DNC to frame candidate Donald Trump on bogus accusations of Russian collusion.[25]

When Democrat megadonor and two-time convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on child sex trafficking charges of dozens of young girls between 2002–2005, Speaker Pelosi's daughter braced the party faithful for more bad news to come in a tweet: "It is quite likely that some of our faves are implicated."[26] This came just days before Robert Mueller was to testify about why he allowed a pedophile to walk free who gave supposed "evidence" in his Mueller Report on Russia collusion.[27] Mueller had allowed Epstein to roam free as well ten years earlier because Epstein was supposedly a reliable FBI informant, as well.[28]

A top United Auto Workers (UAW) official retained his position as a Democrat Superdelegate despite his conviction on bribery and corruption charges.[29] The home of UAW president was raided by the FBI and IRS as part of a nationwide corruption probe. Top union officials reportedly used millions of dollars intended for worker training to perks for officials. Nine people were charged in the alleged scheme. The UAW gave more than $4 million to Democracts in the 2018 election cycle alone.[30]

The Democrats' 2020 presidential candidates increasingly advocated for "some of the most radical socialist ideas in U.S. history."[31][32] Joe Biden's treatment of the founding fathers, particularly Thomas Jefferson, illustrated the leftward shift in the party.[33] Several 2020 Democrat presidential candidates called for "free" healthcare for illegals,[34] and they sought to abolish the meaningfulness of the concept of citizenship.[35] The Democrat Party became so far-Left on immigration that even Obama's DHS secretary, Jeh Johnson, denounced them for open borders advocacy.[36] The Democratic Party continued lurching leftward on immigration.[37]

As a sign of the times of a society in breakdown,[38] a Democrat office holder was sworn in using a Dr. Seuss book.[39] Fake news engineer and Intelligence Committee leaker, chairman Adam Schiff faces a primary challenge from an oxymoronic "drag queen transgender."[40] Despite all the Democrats' bluster of looking out for the little guy, their priority in the 116th Congress was a payraise for themselves.[41]

In August 2019, the DNC unanimously passed a resolution effectively endorsing non-religious voters while demeaning religious people.[42]

The Democratic majority refused to applaud a 100 year old African American Tuskegee Airman during the 20202 State of the Union address.

Mueller report

Robert Mueller colluding with Putin stooge Victor Yanukovich, president of the Ukraine.

The Mueller report found no wrongdoing by President Trump and left unanswered questions about the DNC, Obama administration, the Clinton campaign and the conduct of the Mueller investigation itself. Of the eight cases or incidents of alleged Trump Campaign interaction with the Russians investigated by the Mueller team, the proposals to interact with the Russian Government or with Vladimir Putin originated with Obama FBI informants, MI-6 assets or people paid by the Democrat opposition research firm Fusion GPS, and not Trump or his people.[43]

Democrats dusted off the threat of inherent contempt - arrest of Executive Branch officials - to try to force the release of the classified sections of the Mueller report and President Trump's business and personal tax returns. The Supreme Court has ruled congress's arrest powers are only legal if they serve a legitimate legislative function. Democrats insisted on using the 116th Congress to continue harassment and witchhunts into President Trump rather than accept the verdict of the American people in the 2016 election and clearing President Trump of any wrongdoing by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Disgraced FBI director James Comey was fired for publicly discussing the details of an investigation into Hillary Clinton; Attorney General William Barr notified congress of the findings of Mueller - that no basis was found for prosecution of President Trump, as required by law. Although making the Mueller report public could be done at the Attorney General's discretion, Barr stated in confirmation hearings that he would be inclined to make most portions available. Certain portions were redacted, as required by law. Congressional Democrats then demanded Attorney General Barr violate statute law and make the full unredacted record of the Mueller investigation public, and threatened contempt citations if Barr failed to do so, at which point the Justice Department withdrew the redacted version of the Mueller report from Congress.

The Democrats feared the ongoing investigation into high-level Obama administration spying, corruption, and interference in the 2016 president election and American democracy, and with their discredited liberal fake news media allies, channeled their hatred of President Trump into demonizing Attorney General Barr for Mueller's failure to produce the desired outcome of ridding Trump.

In January 2020 the FISA Court and Department of Justice ruled that the basis of the Mueller investigation - the Steele dossier, the Carter Page FISA warrant, and the Obama FBI's Crossfire Hurricane investigation - were invalid.[44]

Impeachment sham

See also: Fascism, Totalitarianism, and Single party control
“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

Joseph Goebbels.[45]

Democrat operative Alexandra Chalupa (left) Deep State informant Eric Ciaramella (right).[46]

Ukrainian prosecutors were attempting to get evidence into the hands of U.S. officials, but were being thwarted by the DOJ officials in the Southern District of New York. The State Department requested Rudy Giuliani to act as an emissary,[47] and U.S. Special Representative to Ukraine Kurt Volker thanked Giuliani for his assistance.[48]

Democrats were willing to use their presidential frontrunner Joe Biden, who supposedly was beating the President by 10 points in national polls, as a sacrificial lamb in order to impeach President Trump. For the first time in history, a trial of a sitting president would be in the Senate controlled by the president's own party. The trial would be transformed into a trial not of President Trump, but of former Vice President Joe Biden and the malignant corruption of Democrats in Washington.[49]

Jerry Nadler and Speaker Pelosi.[50]

82% of voters said they were closely following news reports about Trump's and Biden's dealings with Ukrainian officials, with 55% who have been following Very Closely.[51] The Trump Campaign and RNC was flooded with $13 Million in the days immediately following Speaker Pelosi's announcement of the 2019 impeachment inquiry.[52] Sen. Doug Jones criticized his party for pursuing impeachment based on hearsay.[53] Sens. Joe Manchin and Jon Tester specifically expressed concerns that the impeachment inquiry witchhunt would have devastating blowback in the Democrats hope to re-take the Senate. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, noted for his comment, "America was never that great to begin with," blasted the impeachment push.[54] CNN contributor Van Jones called impeachment "a lose-lose situation" for Democrats.[55] Prof. Jonathan Turley blasted the fake news media demonization of Attorney General William Barr.[56] Bill Mahar was critical of the way Democrats and the news media handled the Ukrainian collusion scandal.[57]

The first open display by the party as a whole of utter contempt for constitutional and due process rights came on October 21, 2019 when it defeated a censure resolution of Rep. Adam Schiff, who was conducting a closed door witchhunt, dubbed an "impeachment inquiry" by Speaker Pelosi to draft Articles of Impeachment, that barred Republicans, the media, the public, the president's attorney's, the right of cross examination, or the right to confront one's accusers. The entire process was begun by anonymous accusers who admittedly based their accusations on hearsay evidence.

The failure of the impeachment sham was the worst defeat for Democrats since Appomattox.

No due process

NYPost impeach.jpg
See also: Deep State coup 2.0

The Democrats 2019 impeachment probe was an attack on the fundamental due process rights of the constitution guaranteed to all Americans. House Democrats rewrote House Rules to illegally exclude Republicans from the process.[58] A poll of registered voters on the eve of Nancy Pelosi's unilateral declared "impeachment inquiry" without a vote from Congress found 46% think it's more likely that Trump will be reelected in 2020 than defeated by the Democratic nominee or impeached. 28% see a win by the Democrats’ candidate as more likely, down from 33% two months earlier. 17% believe Trump is likely to be impeached before serving his full term in office, down from a high of 29% when Rasmussen Reports first asked this question in late December 2017. Despite Democrats and fake news media's best efforts at another manufactured scandal Trump poll ratings remained strong.

Democrats changed the House Rules to exclude Republicans from the process, including forbidding Republicans to question witnesses while the Articles of Impeachment were drawn up.[59]

One day after the House voted along party lines to pass a supposed 'impeachment inquiry resolution', President Trump held a rally in Tupelo, Mississippi. At the rally, of the 16,432 voters who provided data, 27% were Democrats. 20% of those reporting were black in a state where the black population is approximately 37%. At an earlier Dallas rally where 53,985 voters had attended, 21.4% were Democrats. 11% were Hispanic. In the United States, Hispanics are 18% the population.[60] Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy claimed stated,

"I had a Democrat come to me today to tell me — he even questioned if he should stay a Democrat or re-register. He said, 'This is not the party I know.'"[61]
Democrat hero Mitt Romney depicted as Adolf Romney.[62]

The partisan impeachment articles were based on a temporary delay in foreign aid to Ukraine due to corruption. The Biden family had received a $3 million quid pro quo kickback of the $1 billion that Vice President Joe Biden was entrusted with doling out to Ukraine. The impeachment managers who drafted the articles, Jerrold Nadler, Hakeem Jeffries, and Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) all previously voted against aid to Ukraine yet argued withholding aid was a threat to U.S. national security.[63] In fulfilling his oath of office President Trump delayed allotted aid while officials vetted the new Ukrainian administration. Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler alleged that Joe Biden was a "political rival" of President Trump for the 2020 presidential election. Biden was defeated soundly by Democrat voters in primary caucuses while the impeachment scam was tried in the U.S. Senate.

The partisan Articles of Impeachment alleged that rooting out corruption and what is good for America is an abuse of power, and secondly, that Congress has a right to deny due process rights, the right to counsel, the right of cross examination, and the right to confront one's accuser - an alleged hearsay whistleblower named Eric Ciaramella who worked for a political rival of the President and colluded with impeachment managers' staff before filing a whistleblower complaint beginning the House's abuse of the Constitutional process of impeachment. No crime was alleged by Democrats, yet the President defending himself against baseless smears was considered a high crime or misdemeanor. In an open trial, testimony from 17 witnesses were presented. The U.S. Senate resoundingly rejected the House Democrats tainted evidence.

In the course of the trial, presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren impugned the integrity of the presiding officer, Chief Justice John Roberts, House Manager Jerry Nadler insulted the Senators sitting as jurors accusing them of treachery and a cover up, among several other improprieties committed by the House presenters.

Upon President Trump's acquittal in the partisan witchhunt, Democrat leaders and their MSM allies become sarcastic and insulting toward the U.S. Senate. the Constitution and its processes, and the American people.

Background checks on illegal immigrants who attempt to purchase a gun

On February 27, 2019 House Republicans offered a ‘motion to recommit‘ to legislation that would increase federal background checks on gun purchases, adding an amendment requiring Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to be notified if an illegal alien attempted to purchase a firearm. 26 moderate Democrats voted in favor of the amendment.

In response Pelosi announced she would change the House Rules removing the ‘motion to recommit’ process that allows the voice of the minority to be heard.

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy commented, “Rather than reconcile the differences within their party that are driving this division, Democrats want to rig the rules and suppress the minority party’s speech on the House floor."[64]

2020 State of the Union address

Following the 2020 State of the Union address delivered by President Trump on February 4, 2020, in a moment captured on live television, Pelosi tore up her copy of the address right behind Trump's back in a gesture widely condemned as childish and utterly classless, as the address contained the names of deceased American citizens who had been memorialized by Trump during the address, along with honoring a 100 year old Black Tuskegee Airman and other positive accomplishments made during the Trump administration.[65] In addition to being condemned, Pelosi's gesture, along with those of other Democrats present at the address, was also taken as a gesture of how much contempt and hatred the Democrat Party and its supporters[66] truly have for the American public.[67] Ironically, several Democrat voters also condemned Pelosi for this action, with many of them even calling C-SPAN immediately afterwards and citing how they will never vote for the Democrat Party ever again thanks largely to her actions as well as the other Democrat Representatives during and after the speech.[68]

Pelosi, who later found out that destruction of federal documents (including the State of the Union address) is a federal crime that can lead to prosecution of those caught doing so, subsequently demanded that Twitter and Facebook take down the video showing her ripping up the address, while her spokesman Drew Hamill delusionally claimed that the video was a "fake", even though the video clearly shows Pelosi tearing up the speech.[69] Many called for Pelosi's resignation and ethics complaints were filed against her. The Constitution requires the President to deliver an annual State of the Union report to Congress. It does not require giving a speech. America witnessed the President hand deliver the annual report and Pelosi destroying the Constitutionally mandated report. The document is not Pelosi's personal property to destroy.

Green New Deal

84 House Democrats and 11 Democrat Senators sponsored the New Green Deal; the proposal killed 25,000 jobs the first week.[70]
See also: Marxism and Global warming

The junk science behind the Green New Deal was embraced by virtually all 2020 Democratic presidential candidates. For example, that Medicare for All, a guaranteed income and minimum wage increase, unionization, killing all cows and destroying the airline and automotive industries would save the planet from final destruction before the year 2030.

Ocasio-Cortez was not named by Speaker Pelosi to her brain child, the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis which was negotiated in exchange for Ocasio-Cortez not voting against Pelosi for Speaker. The new committee is responsible for creating a plan with draft legislation by January 1, 2020. Its scope and mandate makes clear its vision:
"The select committee shall have authority to develop a detailed national, industrial, economic mobilization plan for the transition of the United States economy to become greenhouse gas emissions neutral and to significantly draw down greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and oceans and to promote economic and environmental justice and equality."
The Green New Deal advances non-environmental projects, such as,
"social, economic, racial, regional and gender-based justice."[71]
Ocasio-Cortez's claims it will eliminate poverty:
"The Plan for a Green New Deal (and the draft legislation) shall recognize that a national, industrial, economic mobilization of this scope and scale is a historic opportunity to virtually eliminate poverty in the United States and to make prosperity, wealth and economic security available to everyone participating in the transformation."

The Green New Deal was introduced as H.Res.109 on February 7, 2019, by Ocasio-Cortez,[72] leading many to believe she is really a Republican plant seeking to discredit the progressive movement. The bill says nothing about wildfire management and National Parks maintenance.

Separately, Ocasio-Cortez has claimed that an effective climate plan would have to cost at least $10 trillion.[73]

Democratic socialism

Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.

Winston Churchill, the man who defeated Adolph Hitler.[74]

Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez's proposals for free healthcare, tuition, and housing is estimated to cost more than half of World GDP.[75] This is fundamentally a racist argument - that Americans by birth have the right to the fruits of other people's labor.

Economist Thomas Sowell, in response to Ocasio-Cortez, said:
"The only way anyone can have a right to something that has to be produced, is to force someone else to produce it for him. The more things are provided as rights, the less the recipients have to work and the more others have to carry their [the recipients] load."[76]
The results of leftist "shared responsibility payments" in the Ukraine in the 1930s.[77] Shared responsibility payments were required of Ukrainians in grain.[78]
All GDP is produced by labor.[79] To fulfill any of Ocasio-Cortez's ideas, America would have to enslave the rest of the planet and force them to pay for Americans' free healthcare, tuition, and housing with the labor of non-Americans outside the United States. Given all existing facts and circumstances, that is the only way the "richest country in the world" could afford to provide free healthcare, tuition, and housing for all Americans.

Medicare for All

The chart brings into perspective the comparative cost of Medicare for All.

Medicare for All (H.R. 676, 116th Congress) is a communist proposal introduced by the Democratic party into Congress in February 2019 with 100 sponsors after the calamitous failure of Obamacare.

To meet the estimated costs of Medicare for All, U.S. carbon emissions would have to be increased five-fold over the next ten years to avoid rationing.

Many union workers pay little or no premiums for their health insurance. Medicare for all will take away their private coverage and jack up their taxes.

Medicare for All originated as item 6 in the far left Occupy Wall Street[80] list of demands. It reads:
"Medicare for all American citizens or another single-payer healthcare system, adjusted by a means test (i.e. citizens who can afford it may opt-out and pay their own health insurance or opt-in and pay a means tested premium). The Medicaid program, fraught with corruption and fraud, will be eliminated except for the purpose of providing emergency room care to indigent non-citizens who will not be covered by the single-payer program."

Gross Domestic Product is the aggregate sum total of every individual and business's Gross income, which in 2019 amounted to $19 Trillion; Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's proposal for Medicare for All is estimated to cost $32 Trillion.

Medicare for All is a prime objective to save the planet from greenhouse gases and get to net-zero carbon emissions by banning cars before the year 2030 under the Democrats Green New Deal.

Obamacare was designed to fail with the hope that after it crashed and burned, Americans would willingly accept Socialism.

The Congressional Budget Office was widely off in its projections that 22 million Americans would lose their health insurance if the individual mandate were repealed. Only 2.5 million more people are expected to go without insurance in 2019 due to its repeal, according to the latest report, and that number is expected to decline in the years ahead.[81][82]

Equality Act

White supremacist Katie Hill is the poster child of the Equality Act.[83]

The so-called Equality Act is a liberal fascist proposal that would amend The Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include sexual orientation and gender identity as federally "protected" classes.

The bill essentially illegally nullifies federal and state religious freedom protections by handing authority to the U.S. Department of Justice to interpret and investigate claims of discrimination. For example, the bill cites “conversion therapy” as a form of “discrimination”. The bill prohibits the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 from providing a claim, defense, or basis for challenging such protections.[84]

The bill would create a "protected" class for those who identify as homosexual based on their belief in their sexual identity alone, while providing the federal government the power to punish legitimate criticism and disbelief among skeptics and religious dissenters.[85]

The bill codifies progressive beliefs into absolute legal standards. The language is already obsolete, as it limits “sexual orientation” identity to heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual. The LGBT designation currently includes dozens of sexual identities and orientations.

Thomas F. Farr of "Real Clear Religion warns,

Supporters of the Equality Act claim it will increase equality in America, but it will actually harm one of the most fundamental rights we all share as Americans – religious freedom. It purports to ban discrimination, but it actually bans disagreement...The Act..would add sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) to classes protected under the Civil Rights Act, such as race and sex...Race is an immutable characteristic unconnected to distinctive behaviors or expressions. By contrast, behaviors and expressions are part of SOGI identities...Can the rejection of SOGI behaviors and expressions be tolerated in America? The law would devastate institutions built on those convictions, such as schools, charities, small businesses, hospitals, and houses of worship. The Act will expose persons or groups holding these beliefs to lawsuits and financial ruin. The law will mark them – like racists – as “hateful” and “bigoted.”..A sampling of likely harms foreshadows an America of increasing government coercion, some of which is already happening. Schools with traditional policies on sex and marriage will lose their tax exemptions and be forced to change or close. Adoption agencies seeking to place children with married mothers and fathers will be forced to shut down. Females will have to compete in sports and share locker rooms with biological males. Small businesses that cannot in good conscience participate in same-sex weddings will be driven out of business."[86]

Justification for the The Act is significantly based upon a number of non-referenced specious claims, including allegations of discrimination in they are actually favored over a conservative and to fulfill PC quotas, or in which the cause may only be not established but is simply alleged (how many housing applicants are told the real reason for denial), or that of alleged effects of discrimination which can be explained as having a different cause (such the disorder that is behind their gender confusion and suicidal tendencies), or in which there is sound medical or moral reasons for discrimination and in which the solution itself would foster discrimination.[87]

Leftwing riots

Black Lives Matter beat a gay Democrat state senator. Party leadership still refused to condemn the Marxist violence.
See also: 2020 Leftwing riots

Speaker Nancy Pelosi ordered portraits of four Democrat Speakers removed to whitewash more of the party's racist history.[88]

Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters beat, kicked in the head, neck, and ribs, and left with a possible concussion Wisconsin state senator Tom Carpenter, a progressive Democrat who is gay. Carpenter was video recording BLM's protesters destruction of a statue of Col. Chrisitan Heg, an abolitionist and Union officer who was killed in the Battle of Chickamauga.[89] Carpenter tried to tell the rioters, "I'm on your side.".[90] Not a single prominent Democrat at the federal, state, or local level, four weeks into the nationwide riots, condemned the leftist violence and attacks on innocent people, including their own.[91]

Defund the Police

Raheem Kassam and Gatewaypundit exposed Black Lives Matter as a money laundering scheme for the Democratic National Committee.[92] On the BLM homepage, which features a “Defund The Police” petition front and center, if a user chooses to donate, they’re rerouted to a site hosted by ActBlue, the DNC's official payment portal.[93] ActBlue claims to be tax exempt organization and all donations to it are tax-deductable. The terms and conditions also link to ActBlue and mention “Campaign Finance Laws”.[94] Joe Biden is a top beneficiary of the ActBlue’s fundraising efforts.[95]

ActBlue contributions comprise 99.64 percent of all funds raised for the “Biden for President” entity and the total is nearly 773 times greater than the group with the second-highest donation sum. As of May 21, 2020, the organization has donated $119,253,857 to the “Biden for President” effort.[96]

See also


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