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1 year old Davell Gardner, Jr. was murdered by so-called "peaceful protesters" while in his stroller after $1 billion was cut from the New York Police Department.[1]

Defund the Police is a liberal Democratic Socialist slogan to stir racial tensions arising out of the 2020 Leftwing insurrection. The DNC used the slogan as a fund raising scheme to imply African Americans support lawlessness in an effort to stem the tide of Blacks leaving the openly racist Democratic party.[2] Caitlin Johnstone calls it,

"textbook liberal manipulation used to steer the revolutionary zeitgeist into an impotent conceptual tar pit for another few years while the prison bars are reinforced."[3]

Days after $1 billion and 6,000 officers were cut from the New York Police Department (NYPD) a one year old baby was murdered in the Leftist violence perpetrated by the DNC's Black Lives Matter fundraising operation.[1]

Black people represented a massive share of murder victims in six major cities through the first six months of 2021 compared to 2020, which itself saw a large crime surge, according to data analyzed by the Daily Caller News Foundation.[4] Blacks as group surveyed oppose defunding police, with 81% of poll respondents wanting more policing in their communities. Democrats, career criminals, and ex-convicts make up a significant portion of the defund police movement.


The Democrat message, coupled with ballot harvesting and ballot box stuffing, won back the House in 2018. The messaging and recruitment of violent anarchists and criminals came full circle by the Spring of 2020.

The movement began with an editorial by the communist New York Times[5] and was immediately echoed by Hillary Clinton's press spokesman.[6] The Minneapolis veto-proof Democratic City Council then agreed to defund the Minneapolis police department.[7] Minneapolis is a Democrat stronghold and has not elected a Republican mayor since 1957.[8][9] The entire city government, including the police department which is considered one of the most institutionally racist in the United States,[10] has been firmly in the hands of the Democrat Party with strong support of its Democrat voter base for more than a half century.[11] A Twin Cities resident wrote to the Pioneer Press/Dispatch:

Democrat D.C. Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton and MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell were assaulted by an LGBT protester during an interview in Washington's Black House Autonomous Zone. Norton's first words were, "Where's the police?"[12] Mainstream fake news media which filmed the whole incident imposed a blackout.
The fact is George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, by a Minneapolis policeman. He was not killed by a federal agent in a community of white supremacists.

Minneapolis has been dominated by Democrat mayors for more than 40 years. If systemic racism exists in the Minneapolis police force it has been enabled by Democrat leaders for more than 40 years. Make no mistake, Gov. Walz, Mayor Frey, Attorney General Ellison, Police Chief Arradondo, Rep. Omar, Sens. Klobuchar and Smith – you own this situation. You have all run on platforms promising you would rid our community of this type of heinous behavior.

Liberal politicians show their cynicism when, while in control for decades, they express their outrage that racism is a systemic problem in the police department of our largest city. Each of these leaders has expressed support for the protesters, as if they are sympatico with their cause. Where is the self-awareness? These people are not supporting your leadership, they are protesting against your failure to deal with systemic racism while you are empowered to make real change.

Tim Walz is our governor; not George Wallace

Jacob Frey is the mayor; not Lester Maddox

Keith Ellison is attorney general; not Jeff Sessions

Amy Klobuchar is our U.S. senator; not Strom Thurmond

Medaria Arradondo is police chief; not Bull Connor

Enough of the empty accolades for the protesters. Don’t pretend you are in agreement with their cause. Your actions, while in power to make real change, demonstrate otherwise. The correct response on your part is not to insult the community with feigned emotion, your responsibility was to prevent this from happening. You have all failed miserably.[13]

President Donald Trump enjoyed the support of 40% of African Americans in the 2020 presidential election.[14] The DNC, liberal media, and white violent far-Left Marxists sowed civil discontent and riots in an attempt to unify Blacks and keep them on the Democrat plantation by stirring up anti-police hatred.[15]

In the days following the death of George Floyd, a black man taken into Minneapolis custody for passing counterfeit currency, Antifa and other like-minded socialist/Marxist groups sparked a week long nationwide insurrection of riots, looting, destruction of homes, businesses and jobs, community services, beatings, and murder across the United States. Police officers were specifically targeted.[16] Only the most bigoted racists would blame Blacks for the violence and murders that white liberal socialists brought upon America.

After the defunding a Minneapolis television anchor waiting for a train was struck so hard in the head with a brick that he went partially blind, assaulted by a man with a lengthy arrest record who was enraged because he “perceived that victim was homosexual,” as the police report put it. In neighboring St. Paul, a 21-year-old transgender resident was nearly stomped to death by a mob of a dozen men and a few women in a convenience store after a minor traffic incident.[17]

On the heels of record job growth as America re-opened from coronavirus lockdowns,[18] Democrats wanted to send signals to investors and job creators with threats of more lawlessness.

Democrat riots.png

In California, Sen. Kamala Harris applauded Los Angeles racist Democrat mayor Eric Garcetti for cutting back police services due to falling tax revenue caused by covid lockdowns.[19]

In reality, defunding the police was just another round of liberal feelgoodism and virtue signalling, tossing another bone to Blacks when they were emotionally most vulnerable to make them feel as if their grievances were being heard and they were cared for when in fact, Democrats never had any intention whatsoever to follow through on their bald face, naked lies. But the violent armies of white liberal socialists, with no respect for democracy or human rights, were exposed for the entire country to see.

Although many departments were already slashing heir budgets due to an economic meltdown caused by the CCP global pandemic and China plague lockdown, communist and progressive city councils did not miss the opportunity to pander to the criminal Democrat voter base and claim victory over property owners, employers, and law abiding citizens by creating an atmosphere of fear, lawlessness, and uncertainty.


Author Linda Goudsmit described in detail the broader perspective of the Defund Police movement, the effort to defeat President Trump, and to win back Democrat control of the White House and all of Congress, including the Senate:

The movement to defund police departments across the country is the planned, paramilitary, tactical strategy to make America totally ungovernable. Overwhelming social chaos will bring calls for a nationalized police force run by “compassionate” radical leftist Democrats who will enforce the leftist narrative taught by Carter’s Department of Education and Obama’s Common Core. The goal of political predators is absolute power.

The infrastructure for a nationalized and then internationalized police force already exists. The International Council for Local Environmental Issues (ICLEI) was formed at the United Nations in New York, September 1990. There are 600 United Nations ICLEI member cities in the United States committed to UN Agenda 21/2030 and its international directives disguised as sustainable environmental policies. United Nations Agenda 21/2030 is the unapologetic globalist movement to create an internationalized New World Order ruled by a one-world government under the auspices of the United Nations. ICLEI has quietly moved into local governments to impose its comprehensive UN Sustainable Development policy dictating international rules for where people live, what they eat, what they drive, how they heat and light apartments, or houses.

We have arrived at the time in our history when political predators threaten the extinction of America, our sovereignty, and our constitutional freedoms. The enemies of America are aligned in common cause to defeat America-first President Donald Trump in November. The axis of political predators including leftists, Islamists, globalists, and the communist Chinese who launched the coronavirus, are aligned in common cause to extinguish America as we know her. They do not acknowledge America’s right to exist.

If the axis powers are successful and the Democrats take power in November, the infighting will immediately begin but will not last long. The leftists, including communist organizations Antifa and Black Lives Matter, will lose their globalist funding and dissolve into a paramilitary enforcement organization similar to Hitler’s brownshirts. The foolish sycophants who support leftism and the anarchy it created will be eliminated because there is no place in globalism’s New World Order for agitators.[20]
A Black father was murdered in a drive-by shooting while walking with his 7 year old daughter shortly after $1 billion was cut from police funding to meet the demands of Black Lives Matter.[21]

The Democrat-controlled Minneapolis City Council told citizens to be ready to give up wallets and cell phones to criminals.[22]

DNC money laundering

See also: Money laundering

Raheem Kassam and Gatewaypundit exposed Black Lives Matter as a money laundering scheme for the Democratic National Committee.[23] On the BLM homepage, which features a “Defund The Police” petition front and center, if a user chooses to donate, they’re rerouted to a site hosted by ActBlue, the DNC's official payment portal.[24] ActBlue claims to be tax exempt organization and all donations to it are tax-deductable. The terms and conditions also link to ActBlue and mention “Campaign Finance Laws”.[25] Joe Biden is a top beneficiary of the ActBlue’s fundraising efforts.[26]

ActBlue contributions comprise 99.64 percent of all funds raised for the “Biden for President” entity and the total is nearly 773 times greater than the group with the second-highest donation sum. As of May 21, 2020, the organization has donated $119,253,857 to the “Biden for President” effort.[27]

Spike in homicide rate

Violent crime - particularly shootings and homicides - spiked across major U.S. cities in what one law professor dubbed the "Minneapolis effect." Paul Cassell, a professor at S.J. Quinney College of Law at the University of Utah, explained the phenomenon in a research paper titled "Explaining the Recent Homicide Spikes in U.S. Cities: The 'Minneapolis Effect' and the Decline in Proactive Policin

"Recently, major cities across the country have suffered dramatic spikes in homicides. These spikes are remarkably large, suddenly appearing and widespread. At this rate, 2020 will easily be the deadliest year in America for gun-related homicides since at least 1999, while most other major crime categories are trending stable or slightly downward."

Cities like Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Detroit have seen spikes in homicides, aggravated assault and gun assaults this year, according to a July study by the nonpartisan National Commission on COVID-19 and Criminal Justice (NCCCJ).[28] Cassell said the end result is 710 additional homicides and 2,800 more shootings in the U.S. And the professor attributes “several hundred” of the deaths directly to the war on police.

“My estimates are that several hundred additional victims were murdered because of a reduction in policing. There are very significant trade-offs that need to be considered here that have truly life-threatening implications if they’re not handled carefully.”

With cities like New York City, moving to defund police by cutting their budgets, or otherwise redirecting funding to social services, this is having an impact as well.

“In the wake of the antipolice protests surrounding George Floyd’s death, less policing has occurred,” he wrote, saying “law enforcement capabilities have been diminished by reduced funding and other setbacks (such as increased retirements due to demoralization).”[29]


Four weeks into the nationwide riots, not a single Democrat at the federal, state, or local level condemned the violence and attacks on innocent people.[30] observed:

Black Lives Matter protesters murdered 8 year old Secoriea Turner on July 5, 2020 in Atlanta.[31]
"If blacks really believe that police are racist, black victims would presumably be less likely than white victims to report crimes committed against them. After all, they would doubt the commitment of the officers to solve the crimes. They would think that officers will engage in profiling and arrest an innocent black suspect.

In fact, blacks don’t shy away from reporting crimes to the police. U.S. Department of Justice survey data on crimes reported to police shows that blacks are actually more likely than whites to report violent crimes committed against them to the police by 9 percentage points (54 percent to 45 percent).

If you want to get rid of the police, that will mean no arrests, no convictions, and eventually no prisons. This change would be so far outside anything that the U.S. has ever experienced. But if research by economists gives us anything to go on, it may very well cause an 80 percent or more increase in murder rates.

Research also finds that the benefits of policing are greatest in those areas where crime rates are highest — namely poor, black, urban areas. These neighborhoods would stand to lose the most by defunding the police.

The cities where police are supposedly out of control and harming minorities have one thing in common – they are run by liberal Democrats. Indeed, almost all of them have been run exclusively by Democrats for many decades. For example, Los Angeles has only had one Republican mayor since 1961. Minneapolis and St. Paul haven’t had Republican mayors for over 45 years. As these politicians failed to protect their citizens, it may be the Democratic politicians and not the police who are to blame.

One searches in vain for Democratic politicians who have reprimanded the rioters. After several nights of riots, Minnesota Sen. Tina Smith, a Democrat, egged on demonstrators by calling for a continuation of the “righteous protests” and necessary routing out of “racism” that she said is endemic in Minnesota. On Thursday, not a single Democrat in the House voted for a resolution condemning acts of violence and rioting — including the “deliberate targeting of law enforcement officers,” as well as opposing the defunding of police.

Yet, the very politicians who want to disband the police and who ordered the police to stand down during the riots after George Floyd’s death are the same people who want to ban civilians owning guns for protection."[32]

White House response under Trump

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany listed off a few examples of police service to the public in 2019:

Albuquerque police officer Ryan Holets and his wife adopted the newborn baby of a homeless heroin and methamphetamine addict.[33]
I just want to note some of the great things our police have done last year alone:

In Alaska, retired cop Kim Castro jumped in freezing water to help victims to safety after a plane crash.

In Idaho, a woman said, “He saved my son’s life,” commenting on a cop who saved her disabled son.

In Maine, a detective, was killed while helping a motorist.

In Rhode Island, a baby who was choking was saved by an officer.

In Maryland, an officer was hailed for intervening in an active shooting incident.

In North Carolina, police thwarted a mass shooting.

In Ohio, police took down a mass shooter at a bar.

In Wisconsin, a terminally — terminally ill girl was visited by 40 officers and canines.

In New York, Officers Baez and Officer Roman of the NYPD responded to an incident involving a homeless man. They bought him new glasses, a haircut, and a new suit, and they helped him to find a job.

In Detroit, Michigan, an officer helped a homeless man struggling to shave in the streets.

In Virginia, officers could be seen playing with little girls — playing dolls with them on the street.

And in Arizona, Charlie called 911 asking for a Happy Meal, mistakingly — mistakenly, and police delivered.

This is who our great law enforcement officers are, and we should remember that.[34]

Vilifying police

In 2022, a progressive Democratic Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou was slammed for her anti-cop tweet, liking post comparing NYPD to Nazis.[35]

Then came Susan Sarandon, the actress in an eyebrow-raising tweet has called into question the need for police in New York City — and she did it by reposting a message likening cops at the funeral for fallen Officer Jason Rivera to fascists. [36]

Seattle example

Per 2022 report, Seattle does not have enough cops to investigate adult sex assaults after ‘defund the police’ cuts.[37]

Insecurity under Biden

A Sep 2022 polling revealed that nearly half of the nation's Democrats feel less safe since Joe Biden, their own party's candidate for president, was elected and moved into the White house.

Overall, nearly 7 in 10 Americans have that concern.[38]

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