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Tim Walz
Governor of Minnesota
From: January 7, 2019 – present
Lieutenant Peggy Flanagan
Predecessor Mark Dayton
Successor Incumbent (no successor)
Former U.S. Representative from Minnesota's 1st Congressional District
From: January 3, 2007 – January 3, 2019
Predecessor Gil Gutknecht
Successor Jim Hagedorn
Party Democrat (DFL)
Spouse(s) Gwen Whipple
Religion Lutheran

Timothy James “Tim” Walz (born April 6, 1964, age 59) is the communist dominated Democrat Farm Labor party governor of the state of Minnesota.

During the the 2020 Leftwing riots in advance of the 2020 presidential election, Walz peddled a conspiracy theory that drug cartels and white supremacists were behind the violence.[1]

2020 Leftist riots

See also: 2020 Antifa riots

Walz allowed the city of Minneapolis to be burnt down by his voter base before calling in the National Guard to defend lives and property. A Twin Cities resident wrote to the Pioneer Press/Dispatch:

The fact is George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, by a Minneapolis policeman. He was not killed by a federal agent in a community of white supremacists.

Minneapolis has been dominated by Democrat mayors for more than 40 years. If systemic racism exists in the Minneapolis police force it has been enabled by Democrat leaders for more than 40 years. Make no mistake, Gov. Walz, Mayor Frey, Attorney General Ellison, Police Chief Arradondo, Rep. Omar, Sens. Klobuchar and Smith – you own this situation. You have all run on platforms promising you would rid our community of this type of heinous behavior.

Liberal politicians’ show their cynicism when, while in control for decades, they express their outrage that racism is a systemic problem in the police department of our largest city. Each of these leaders has expressed support for the protesters, as if they are sympatico with their cause. Where is the self-awareness? These people are not supporting your leadership, they are protesting against your failure to deal with systemic racism while you are empowered to make real change.

Tim Walz is our governor; not George Wallace

Jacob Frey is the mayor; not Lester Maddox

Keith Ellison is attorney general; not Jeff Sessions

Amy Klobuchar is our U.S. senator; not Strom Thurmond

Medaria Arradondo is police chief; not Bull Connor

Enough of the empty accolades for the protesters. Don’t pretend you are in agreement with their cause. Your actions, while in power to make real change, demonstrate otherwise. The correct response on your part is not to insult the community with feigned emotion, your responsibility was to prevent this from happening. You have all failed miserably.[2]

Gov. Walz estimated the cost of the damage to more than 1,500 businesses in Minneapolis and St. Paul at over $500 million. Walz stood idly by while looters and rioters burned businesses and neighborhoods to the ground. Walz did nothing and continued to do nothing as public property and monuments were defaced and destroyed. As his own citizens begged for protection, Walz turned a blind eye to liberal Democrat socialist terrorism while forcing taxpayers to shut down their places of business and churches because of “COVID concerns.”[3]

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