Governors of Minnesota

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A list of governors from the state of Minnesota.[1][2]

Territorial Governors of Minnesota

Name Party Years
Alexander Ramsey Whig 1849-1853
Willis Arnold Gorman Democrat 1853-1857
Samuel Medary Democrat 1857-1858

State Governors of Minnesota

Name Party Years
Henry H. Sibley Democrat 1858-1860
Alexander Ramsey Republican 1860-1863
Henry A. Swift Republican 1863-1864
Stephen Miller Republican 1864-1866
William R. Marshall Republican 1866-1870
Horace Austin Republican 1870-1874
Cushman K. Davis Republican 1874-1876
John S. Pillsbury Republican 1876-1882
Lucius F. Hubbard Republican 1882-1887
Andrew R. McGill Republican 1887-1889
William R. Merriam Republican 1889-1893
Knute Nelson Republican 1893-1895
David M. Clough Republican 1895-1899
John Lind Populist Democrat/Silver Republican 1899-1901
Samuel R. Van Sant Republican 1901-1905
John A. Johnson Democrat 1905-1909
Adolph O. Eberhart Republican 1909-1915
Winfield S. Hammond Democrat 1915
J. A. A. Burnquist Republican 1915-1921
J. A. O. Preus Republican 1921-1925
Theodore Christienson Republican 1925-1931
Floyd B. Olson Farmer-Labor 1931-1936
Hjalmar Petersen Farmer-Labor 1936-1937
Elmer A. Benson Farmer-Labor 1937-1939
Harold Stassen Republican 1939-1943
Edward J. Thye Republican 1943-1947
Luther W. Youngdahl Republican 1947-1951
C. Elmer Anderson Republican 1951-1955
Orville L. Freeman Democrat/Farmer-Labor 1955-1961
Elmer L. Andersen Republican 1961-1963
Karl F. Rolvaag Democrat/Farmer-Labor 1963-1967
Harold LeVander Republican 1967-1971
Wendell R. Anderson Democrat/Farmer-Labor 1971-1976
Rudy Perpich Democrat/Farmer-Labor 1976-1979, 1983-1991
Al Quie Republican 1979-1983
Arne H. Carlson Republican 1991-1999
Jesse Ventura Independent 1999-2003
Tim Pawlenty Republican 2003-2011
Mark Dayton Democrat 2011–present