Governors of Wyoming

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A list of governors from the state of Wyoming.[1]

Wyoming Territory Governors

Name Years
John Allen Campbell 1869-1875
John Milton Thayer 1875-1878
John Wesley Hoyt 1878-1882
William Hale 1882-1885
Elliot S. N. Morgan 1885, 1886-1887
Francis Emory Warren 1885-1886, 1889-1890
George White Baxter 1886
Thomas Moonlight 1887-1889

Wyoming State Governors

Name Party Years
Francis E. Warren Republican 1890
Amos W. Barber Republican 1890-1893
John E. Osborne Democrat 1893-1895
William A. Richards Republican 1895-1899
DeForest Richards Republican 1899-1903
Fenimore Chatterton Republican 1903-1905
Bryant B. Brooks Republican 1905-1911
Joseph M. Carey Democrat 1911-1915
John B. Kendrick Democrat 1915-1917
Frank Houx Democrat 1917-1919
Robert D. Carey Republican 1919-1923
William B. Ross Democrat 1923-1924
Frank Lucas Republican 1924-1925
Nellie Tayloe Ross Democrat 1925-1927
Frank C. Emerson Republican 1927-1931
Alonzo M. Clark Republican 1931-1933
Leslie A. Miller Democrat 1933-1939
Nels H. Smith Republican 1939-1943
Lester C. Hunt Democrat 1943-1949
Arthur Griswold Crane Republican 1949-1951
Frank A. Barrett Republican 1949-1953
C. J. Rogers Republican 1953-1955
Milward L. Simpson Republican 1955-1959
J. J. Hickey Democrat 1959-1961
Jack R. Gage Democrat 1961-1963
Clifford P. Hansen Republican 1963-1967
Stanley K. Hathaway Republican 1967-1975
Edgar J. Herschler Democrat 1975-1987
Mike Sullivan Democrat 1987-1995
James Geringer Republican 1995-2003
David D. Freudenthal Democrat 2003-2011
Matt Mead Republican 2011–present

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