Governors of Kansas

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A list of governors from the state of Kansas.[1]

Name Party Years
Charles Lawrence Robinson Republican 1861-1863
Thomas Carney Republican 1863-1865
Samuel Johnson Crawford Republican 1865-1868
Nehemiah Green Republican 1868-1869
James Madison Harvey Republican 1869-1873
Thomas Andrew Osborn Republican 1873-1877
George Tobey Anthony Republican 1877-1879
John Pierce St. John Republican 1879-1883
George Washington Glick Democrat 1883-1885
John Alexander Martin Republican 1885-1889
Lyman Underwood Humphrey Republican 1889-1893
Lorenzo Dow Lewelling Democrat 1893-1895
Edmund Needham Morrill Republican 1895-1897
John Whitnah Leedy Populist 1897-1899
William Eugene Stanley Republican 1899-1903
Willis Joshua Bailey Republican 1903-1905
Edward Wallis Hoch Republican 1905-1909
Walter Roscoe Stubbs Republican 1909-1913
George Hartshorn Hodges Democrat 1913-1915
Arthur Capper Republican 1915-1919
Henry Justin Allen Republican 1919-1923
Jonathan McMillan Davis Democrat 1923-1925
Ben Sanford Paulen Republican 1925-1929
Clyde Martin Reed Republican 1929-1931
Harry Hines Woodring Democrat 1931-1933
Alfred Mossman Landon Republican 1933-1937
Walter Augustus Huxman Democrat 1937-1939
Payne Harry Ratner Republican 1939-1943
Andrew Frank Schoeppel Republican 1943-1947
Frank Carlson Republican 1947-1950
Frank Lester Hagaman Republican 1950-1951
Edward Ferdinand Arn Republican 1951-1955
Frederick Lee Hall Republican 1955-1957
John Berridge McCuish Republican 1957
George Docking Democrat 1957-1961
John Anderson, Jr. Republican 1961-1965
William Henry Avery Republican 1965-1967
Robert Blackwell Docking Democrat 1967-1975
Robert F. Bennett Republican 1975-1979
John Carlin Democrat 1979-1987
John Michael Hayden Republican 1987-1991
Joan Finney Democrat 1991-1995
Bill Graves Republican 1995-2003
Kathleen Sebelius Democrat 2003-2011
Sam Brownback Republican 2011–present

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  • Socolofsky, Homer E. Kansas Governors. Lawrence: U. Pr. of Kansas, 1990. 255 pp., by a leading scholar