Governors of Utah

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A list of governors from the territory, then state of Utah.[1]

Name Party Years
Brigham Young 1850-1857
Alfred Cumming 1857-1861
John W. Dawson Democratic Republican 1861
Stephen Selwyn Harding Liberal 1862-1863
James Duane Doty Democrat 1863-1865
Charles Durkee Free Soil/Republican 1865-1869
Stephen A. Mann 1869-1870
John Wilson Shaffer 1870
Vernon H. Vaughan 1870-1871
George Lemuel Woods Republican 1871-1875
Samuel Beach Axtell Democrat 1875
George W. Emery 1875-1880
Eli Houston Murray 1880-1886
Caleb Walton West 1886-1888, 1893-1896
Arthur Lloyd Thomas 1889-1893
Heber Manning Wells Republican 1896-1905
John Christoper Cutler Republican 1905-1909
William Spry Republican 1909-1917
Simon Bamberger Democrat 1917-1921
Charles Rendell Mabey Republican 1921-1925
George Henry Dern Democrat 1925-1933
Henry Hooper Blood Democrat 1933-1941
Herbert Brown Maw Democrat 1941-1949
J. Bracken Lee Republican 1949-1957
George Dewey Clyde Republican 1957-1965
Calvin L. Rampton Democrat 1965-1977
Scott M. Matheson Democrat 1977-1985
Norman H. Bangerter Republican 1985-1993
Michael Okerlund Leavitt Republican 1993-2003
Olene S. Walker Republican 2003-2005
Jon Huntsman, Jr. Republican 2005-2009
Gary Herbert Republican 2009–present