Governors of Iowa

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This is a list of governors from the state of Iowa.[1]

Territorial Governors of Iowa

Name Years
Robert Lucas 1838-1841
John Chambers 1841-1845
James Clarke 1845-1846

State Governors of Iowa

Name Party Years
Ansel Briggs Democrat 1846-1850
Stephen P. Hempstead Democrat 1850-1854
James W. Grimes Whig 1854-1858
Ralph P. Lowe Republican 1858-1860
Samuel J. Kirkwood Republican 1860-1864, 1876-1877
William M. Stone Republican 1864-1868
Samuel Merrill Republican 1868-1872
Cyrus C. Carpenter Republican 1872-1876
Joshua G. Neubold Republican 1877-1878
John H. Gear Republican 1878-1882
Buren R. Sherman Republican 1882-1886
William Larrabee Republican 1886-1890
Horace Boies Democrat 1890-1894
Frank D. Jackson Republican 1894-1896
Francis M. Drake Republican 1896-1898
Leslie M. Shaw Republican 1898-1902
Albert B. Cummins Republican 1902-1908
Warren Garst Republican 1908-1909
Beryl F. Carroll Republican 1909-1913
George W. Clarke Republican 1913-1917
William L. Harding Republican 1917-1921
N. E. Kendall Republican 1921-1925
John Hammill Republican 1925-1931
Daniel Webster Turner Republican 1931-1933
Clyde L. Herring Democrat 1933-1937
Nelson G. Kraschel Democrat 1937-1939
George A. Wilson Republican 1939-1943
Bourke B. Hickenlooper Republican 1943-1945
Robert D. Blue Republican 1945-1949
William D. Beardsley Republican 1949-1954
Leo Elthon Republican 1954-1955
Leo A. Heogh Republican 1955-1957
Herschel C. Loveless Democrat 1957-1961
Norman A. Erbe Republican 1961-1963
Harold E. Hughes Democrat 1963-1969
Robert D. Fulton Democrat 1969
Robert D. Ray Republican 1969-1983
Terry E. Branstad Republican 1983-1999
Tom Vilsack Democrat 1999-2007
Chet Culver Democrat 2007-2011
Terry Branstad Republican 2011–present