Governors of Oklahoma

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A list of governors from the state of Oklahoma.[1]

Governors of Oklahoma Territory

Name Years
George Washington Steele 1890-1891
Robert Martin 1891-1892
Abraham Jefferson Seay 1892-1893
William Cary Renfrow 1893-1897
Cassius McDonald Barnes 1897-1901
William Miller Jenkins 1901
William C. Grimes 1901
Thompson Benton Ferguson 1901-1906
Frank Frantz 1906-1907

State Governors of Oklahoma

Name Party Years
Charles Nathaniel Haskell Democrat 1907-1911
Lee Cruce Democrat 1911-1915
Robert Lee Williams Democrat 1915-1919
James Brooks Ayers Robinson Democrat 1919-1923
Jack Callaway Walton Democrat 1923
Martin Edwin Trapp Democrat 1923-1927
Henry Simpson Johnston Democrat 1927-1929
William Judson Holloway Democrat 1929-1931
William Henry Murray Democrat 1931-1935
Ernest Whitworth Marland Democrat 1935-1939
Leon Chase Phillips Democrat 1939-1943
Robert Samuel Kerr Democrat 1943-1947
Roy Joseph Turner Democrat 1947-1951
Johnston Murray Democrat 1951-1955
Raymond Dancel Gary Democrat 1955-1959
James Howard Edmondson Democrat 1959-1963
Henry Louis Bellmon Republican 1963-1967, 1987-1991
Dewey Follett Bartlett Republican 1967-1971
David Hall Democrat 1971-1975
David Lyle Boren Democrat 1975-1979
George Patterson Nigh Democrat 1979-1987
David Lee Walters Democrat 1991-1995
Francis Anthony Keating Republican 1995-2003
Brad Henry Democrat 2003-2011
Mary Fallin Republican 2011–present

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