Governors of Arkansas

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A list of governors from the state of Arkansas.[1][2]

All of the serving governors have been males. Only one set of siblings (brothers James and Elias Conway) have served, and no father/son combination has served.

Governors of Arkansas Territory

Name Years
James Miller 1819-1825
George Izard 1825-1828
Robert Crittenden 1828-1829
John Pope 1829-1835
William Savin Fulton 1835-1836

Governors of the State of Arkansas

Name Party Years
James Sevier Conway Democrat 1836-1840
Archibald Yell Democrat 1840-1844
Samuel Adams Democrat 1844
Thomas Stevenson Drew Democrat 1844-1849
Richard C. Byrd Democrat 1849
John Seldon Roane Democrat 1849-1852
Elias Nelson Conway Democrat 1852-1860
Henry Massey Rector Democrat 1860-1862
Harris Flanagin Democrat 1862-1864
Isaac Murphy Democrat 1864-1868
Powell Clayton Republican 1868-1871
Ozra A. Hadley Republican 1871-1873
Elisha Baxter Republican 1873-1874
Augustus Hill Garland Democrat 1874-1877
William Read Miller Democrat 1877-1881
Thomas James Churchill Democrat 1881-1883
James Henderson Berry Democrat 1883-1885
Simon P. Hughes Democrat 1885-1889
James Phillip Eagle Democrat 1889-1893
William Meade Fishback Democrat 1893-1895
James Paul Clarke Democrat 1895-1897
Daniel Webster Jones Democrat 1897-1901
Jefferson Davis Democrat 1901-1907
John Sebastien Little Democrat 1907
Xenophon Overton Pindall Democrat 1907-1909
George W. Donaghey Democrat 1909-1913
Joseph Taylor Robinson Democrat 1913
William Kavanaugh Oldham Democrat 1913
Junius Marion Futrell Democrat 1913, 1933-1937
George Washington Hays Democrat 1913-1917
Charles Hillman Brough Democrat 1917-1921
Thomas Chipman McRae Democrat 1921-1925
Thomas Jefferson Terral Democrat 1925-1927
John Ellis Martineau Democrat 1927-1928
Harvey Parnell Democrat 1928-1933
Carl Edward Bailey Democrat 1937-1941
Homer Martin Adkins Democrat 1941-1945
Benjamin Travis Laney, Jr Democrat 1945-1949
Sidney Sanders McMath Democrat 1949-1953
Francis Adams Cherry Democrat 1953-1955
Orval Eugene Faubus Democrat 1955-1967
Winthrop Rockefeller Republican 1967-1971
Dale Bumpers Democrat 1971-1975
David Hampton Pryor Democrat 1975-1979
William Jefferson Clinton Democrat 1979–1981, 1983-1992
Frank D. White Republican 1981-1983
Jim Guy Tucker Democrat 1992-1996
Mike Huckabee Republican 1996-2007
Mike Beebe Democrat 2007–2015
Asa Hutchinson Republican 2015–present

Further reading

  • Timothy Paul Donovan and Willard B. Gatewood, eds. The Governors of Arkansas: Essays in Political Biography (1995), essays by scholars (ISBN 1557283311 / 1-55728-331-1)