Governors of Illinois

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A list of governors from the state of Illinois.[1]

Name Party Years
Shadrack Bond Democratic Republican 1818-1822
Edward Coles Democratic Republican 1822-1826
Ninian Edwards Democratic Republican 1826-1830
John Reynolds Democrat 1830-1834
William Lee Davidson Ewing Democrat 1834
Joseph Duncan Democrat 1834-1838
Thomas Carlin Democrat 1838-1842
Thomas Ford Democrat 1842-1846
Augustus C. French Democrat 1846-1853
Joel Aldrich Matteson Democrat 1853-1857
William Henry Bissell Democrat/Republican 1857-1860
John Wood Republican 1860-1861
Richard Yates Republican 1861-1865
Richard James Oglesby Republican 1865-1869, 1873, 1885-1889
John McAuley Palmer Republican/Democrat 1869-1873
John Lourie Beveridge Republican 1873-1877
Shelby Moore Cullom Republican 1877-1883
John Marshall Hamilton Republican 1883-1885
Joseph Wilson Fifer Republican 1889-1893
John Peter Altgeld Democrat 1893-1897
John Riley Tanner Republican 1897-1901
Richard Yates, Jr. Republican 1901-1905
Charles Samuel Deneen Republican 1905-1913
Edward Fitzsimmons Dunne Democrat 1913-1917
Frank Orren Lowden Republican 1917-1921
Lennington Small Republican 1921-1929
Louis Lincoln Emmerson Republican 1929-1933
Henry Horner Democrat 1933-1940
John Henry Stelle Democrat 1940-1941
Dwight Herbert Green Republican 1941-1949
Adlai E. Stevenson II Democrat 1949-1953
William Grant Stratton Republican 1953-1961
Otto Kerner Democrat 1961-1968
Samuel H. Shapiro Democrat 1968-1969
Richard Buell Ogilvie Republican 1969-1973
Daniel Walker Democrat 1973-1977
James Robert Thompson Republican 1977-1991
Jim Edgar Republican 1991-1999
George H. Ryan Republican 1999-2003
Rod Blagojevich Democrat 2003-2009
Patrick Quinn Democrat 2009–present

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