Governors of Wisconsin

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A list of governors from the state of Wisconsin.[1]

Governors of Wisconsin Territory

Name Years
Henry Dodge 1836-1841, 1845-1848
James Duane Doty 1841-1844
Nathaniel P. Tallmadge 1844-1845
John Catlin 1848-1849

State Governors of Wisconsin

Name Party Years
Nelson Dewey Democrat 1848-1852
Leonard James Farwell Whig 1852-1854
William Augustus Farwell Democrat 1854-1856
MacArthur Arthur Democrat 1856
Coles Bashford Republican 1856-1858
Alexander Williams Randall Republican 1858-1862
Louis Powell Harvey Republican 1862
Edward Salomon Republican 1862-1864
James Taylor Lewis Republican 1864-1866
Lucius Fairchild Republican 1866-1872
Cadwallader Colden Washburn Republican 1872-1874
William R. Taylor Democrat 1874-1876
Harrison Ludington Republican 1876-1878
William E. Smith Republican 1878-1882
Jeremiah M. Rusk Republican 1882-1889
William Dempster Hoard Republican 1889-1891
George W. Peck Democrat 1891-1895
William H. Upham Republican 1895-1897
Edward Scofield Republican 1897-1901
Robert M. LaFollette, Sr. Republican 1901-1906
James O. Davidson Republican 1906-1911
Francis E. McGovern Republican 1911-1915
Emanuel L. Philipp Republican 1915-1921
John J. Blaine Republican 1921-1927
Fred R. Zimmerman Republican 1927-1929
Walter J. Kohler 1929-1931
Phillip F. LaFollette Republican/Progressive[2] 1931-1933, 1935-1939
Albert G. Schmedeman Democrat 1933-1935
Julius Peter Heil Republican 1939-1943
Walter S. Goodland Republican 1943-1947
Oscar Rennebohm Republican 1947-1951
Walter J. Kohler, Jr Republican 1951-1957
Vernon W. Thomson Republican 1957-1959
Gaylord Anton Nelson Democrat 1959-1963
John W. Reynolds Democrat 1963-1965
Warren P. Knowles Republican 1965-1971
Patrick Joseph Lucey Democrat/Independent 1971-1977
Martin James Schreiber Democrat 1977-1979
Lee Sherman Dreyfus, Jr. Republican 1979-1983
Anthony S. Earl Democrat 1983-1987
Tommy G. Thompson Republican 1987-2001
Scott McCallum Republican 2001-2003
Jim Doyle Democrat 2003-2011
Scott Walker Republican 2011–present


  2. Republican first term, progressive for 2nd and 3rd