Governors of South Dakota

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A list of governors from the state of South Dakota.[1]

Dakota Territory Governors

Note: Dakota Territory included both present-day North and South Dakota.

Name Years
William Jayne 1861-1863
Newton Edmunds 1863-1866
Andrew Jackson Faulk 1866-1869
John A. Burbank 1869-1873
John L. Pennington 1874-1878
William A. Howard 1878-1880
Nehemiah G. Ordway 1880-1884
Gilbert A. Pierce 1884-1886
Louis K. Church 1887-1889
Arthur C. Mellette 1889

Governors of the State of South Dakota

Name Party Years
Arthur Calvin Mellette Republican 1889-1893
Charles Henry Sheldon Republican 1893-1897
Andrew Ericson Lee Populist Democrat 1897-1901
Charles Nelson Herreid Republican 1901-1905
Samuel Harrison Elrod Republican 1905-1907
Coe Isaac Crawford Republican 1907-1909
Robert Scadden Vessey Republican 1909-1913
Frank Michael Byrne Republican 1913-1917
Peter Norbeck Republican 1917-1921
William Henry McMaster Republican 1921-1925
Carl Gunderson Republican 1925-1927
William John Bulow Democrat 1927-1931
Warren Everett Green Republican 1931-1933
Thomas Matthew Berry Democrat 1933-1937
Leslie Jensen Republican 1937-1939
Harlan John Bushfield Republican 1939-1943
Merrill Quentin Sharpe Republican 1943-1947
George Theodore Mickelson Republican 1947-1951
Sigurd Anderson Republican 1951-1955
Joseph Jacob Foss Republican 1955-1959
Ralph E. Herseth Democrat 1959-1961
Archie M. Gubbrud Republican 1961-1965
Nils Andreas Boe Republican 1965-1969
Frank Leroy Farrar Republican 1969-1971
Richard Francis Kneip Democrat 1971-1978
Harvey L. Wollman Democrat 1978-1979
William John Janklow Republican 1979-1987, 1995-2003
George Speaker Mickelson Republican 1987-1993
Walter Dale Miller Republican 1993-1995
M. Michael Rounds[2] Republican 2003-2011
Dennis Daugaard Republican 2011–present

Further reading

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