Governors of Pennsylvania

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A list of governors from the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.[1][2][3]

Proprietors of Pennsylvania

Note: The proprietors of Pennsylvania also managed the colony of Delaware.

Name Years
William Penn 1682-1718
John, Thomas, and Richard Penn 1718-1746
Thomas and Richard Penn 1746-1775
John Penn 1775-1776

Presidents of the Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania

Name Years
Thomas Wharton 1777-1778
George Bryan 1778
Joseph Reed 1778-1781
William Moore 1781-1782
John Dickinson 1782-1785
Benjamin Franklin 1785-1790

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Governors

Name Party Years
Thomas Mifflin None 1790-1799
Thomas McKean Democratic Republican 1799-1808
Simon Snyder Democratic Republican 1808-1817
William Findlay Democratic Republican 1817-1820
Joseph Hiester Democratic Republican 1820-1823
John Andrew Shulze Democratic Republican 1823-1829
George Wolf Democratic Republican 1829-1835
Joseph Ritner Anti-Mason 1835-1839
David Rittenhouse Porter Democratic Republican 1839-1845
Francis Rawn Shunk Democrat 1845-1848
William Freame Johnston Whig 1848-1852
William Bigler Democrat 1852-1855
James Pollock Whig 1855-1858
William Fisher Packer Democrat 1858-1861
Andrew Gregg Curtin Republican 1861-1867
John White Geary Republican 1867-1873
John Frederick Hartranft Republican 1873-1879
Henry Martin Hoyt Republican 1879-1883
Robert Emory Pattison Democrat 1883-1887, 1891-1895
James Addams Beaver Republican 1887-1891
Daniel Hartman Hastings Republican 1895-1899
William Alexis Stone Republican 1899-1903
Samuel Whitaker Pennypacker Republican 1903-1907
Edwin Sydney Stuart Republican 1907-1911
John Kinley Tener Republican 1911-1915
Martin Grove Brumbaugh Republican 1915-1919
William Cameron Sproul Republican 1919-1923
Gifford Pinchot Republican 1923-1927, 1931-1935
John Stuchell Fisher Republican 1927-1931
George Howard Earle Democrat 1935-1939
Arthur Horace James Republican 1939-1943
Edward Martin Republican 1943-1947
John C. Bell Republican 1947
James H. Duff Republican 1947-1951
John S. Fine Republican 1951-1955
George Michael Leader Democrat 1955-1959
David Leo Lawrence Democrat 1959-1963
William Warren Scranton Republican 1963-1967
Raymond P. Shafer Republican 1967-1971
Milton J. Shapp Democrat 1971-1979
Dick Thornburgh Republican 1979-1987
Robert P. Casey Democrat 1987-1995
Tom Ridge Republican 1995-2001
Mark S. Schweiker Republican 2001-2003
Edward G. Rendell Democrat 2003-2011
Tom Corbett Republican 2011–present

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