Governors of Kentucky

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A list of governors from the state of Kentucky.[1]

Name Party Years
Isaac Shelby Jeffersonian Republican 1792-1796
James Garrard Jeffersonian Republican 1796-1804
Christopher Greenup Jeffersonian Republican 1804-1808
Charles Scott Jeffersonian Republican 1808-1812
George Madison Jeffersonian Republican 1816
Gabriel Slaughter Jeffersonian Republican 1816-1820
John Adair Democratic Republican 1820-1824
Joseph Desha Jeffersonian Republican 1824-1828
Thomas Metcalfe Whig 1828-1832
John Breathitt Jacksonian Democrat 1832-1834
James Turner Morehead Whig 1834-1836
James Clark Whig 1836-1839
Charles Anderson Wickliffe Whig 1839-1840
Robert Perkins Letcher Whig 1840-1844
William Owsley Whig 1844-1848
John Jordan Crittenden Whig 1848-1850
John Larue Helm Whig 1850-1851, 1867
Lazarus Whitehead Powell Democrat 1851-1855
Charles Slaughter Morehead American 1855-1859
Beriah Magoffin Democrat 1859-1862
James Fisher Robinson Democrat 1862-1863
Thomas Elliott Bramlette Democrat 1863-1867
John White Stevenson Democrat 1867-1871
Preston Hopkins Leslie Democrat 1871-1875
James Bennett McCreary Democrat 1875-1879, 1911-1915
Luke Pryor Blackburn Democrat 1879-1883
James Proctor Knott Democrat 1883-1887
Simon Bolivar Buckner Democrat 1887-1891
John Young Brown Democrat 1891-1895
William O. Bradley Republican 1895-1899
William Sylvester Taylor Republican 1899-1900
William Goebel Democrat 1900
John Crepps Wickliffe Beckham Democrat 1900-1907
Augustus Everett Willson Republican 1907-1911
Augustus Owsley Stanley Democrat 1915-1919
James Dixon Black Democrat 1919
Edwin Porch Morrow Republican 1919-1923
William Jason Fields Democrat 1923-1927
Flemon Davis "Flem" Sampson Republican 1927-1931
Ruby Laffoon Democrat 1931-1935
A. B. "Happy" Chandler Democrat 1935-1939, 1955-1959
Keen Johnson Democrat 1939-1943
Simeon Slavens Willis Republican 1943-1947
Earle Chester Clements Democrat 1947-1950
Lawrence Winchester Wetherby Democrat 1950-1955
Bertram Thomas "Bert" Combs Democrat 1959-1963
Edward Thompson Breathitt Democrat 1963-1967
Louie B. Nunn Republican 1967-1971
Wendell Hampton Ford Democrat 1971-1974
Julian Morton Carroll Democrat 1974-1979
John Young Brown, Jr. Democrat 1979-1983
Martha Layne Collins Democrat 1983-1987
Wallace Glenn Wilkinson Democrat 1987-1991
Brereton Chandler Jones Democrat 1991-1995
Paul E. Patton Democrat 1995-2003
Ernie Fletcher Republican 2003-2007
Steven L. Beshear Democrat 2007–2015
Matt Bevin Republican 2015–2019
Andy Beshear Democrat 2019-present

Further reading

  • Harrison, Lowell H., ed. Kentucky's Governors, 1792-1985. Lexington: U. Press of Kentucky, 1985. 217 pp.