Governors of Arizona

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A list of governors from the territory, then state of Arizona.[1]

Territorial Governors of Arizona

Name Party Years
John Addison Gurley Republican none[2]
John Noble Goodman Republican 1863-1866
Richard Cunningham McCormick Republican 1866-1869
Anson Peacely Killen Safford Republican 1869-1877
John Philo Hoyt 1877-1878
John Charles Fremont Republican 1878-1881
Frederick Augustus Tritle 1882-1885
Conrad Meyer Zulick Democrat 1885-1889
Lewis Wolfley Republican 1889-1890
John Nichol Irwin 1890-1892
Nathan Oakes Murphy Republican 1892-1893, 1898-1902
Louis Cameron Hughes 1893-1896
Benjamin Joseph Franklin Democrat 1896-1897
Myron H. McCord Republican 1897-1898
Alexander Oswald Brodie Republican 1902-1905
Joseph H. Kibbey Republican 1905-1909
Richard E. Sloan Republican 1909-1911
George Wylie Paul Hunt Democrat 1911-1912

State Governors of Arizona

Name Party Years
George Wylie Paul Hunt Democrat 1912-1917, 1917-1919, 1923-1929, 1931-1933
Thomas Edward Campbell Republican 1917, 1919-1923
John Phillips Republican 1929-1931
Benjamin Baker Moeur Democrat 1933-1937
Rawghlie Clement Stanford Democrat 1937-1939
Robert Taylor Jones Democrat 1939-1941
Sidney Preston Osborne Democrat 1941-1948
Dan E. Garvey Democrat 1948-1951
John Howard Pyle Republican 1951-1955
Ernest W. McFarland Democrat 1955-1959
Paul Jones Fannin Republican 1959-1965
Samuel Pearson Goddard, Jr. Democrat 1965-1967
Jack Williams Republican 1967-1975
Raul H. Castro Democrat 1975-1977
Wesley H. Bolin Democrat 1977-1978
Bruce Edward Babbitt Democrat 1978-1987
Evan Mecham Republican 1987-1988
Rose Mofford Democrat 1988-1991
John Fife Symington III Republican 1991-1997
Jane Hull Republican 1997-2003
Janet Napolitano Democrat 2003-2009
Janice K. Brewer Republican 2009–present


  2. Appointed by Abraham Lincoln, he died before taking office.