Governors of Michigan

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A list of governors from the state of Michigan.[1][2]

Territorial Governors of Michigan

Name Years
William Hull 1805-1813
Lewis Cass 1813-1831
George Bryan Porter 1831-1834
Stevens T. Mason 1834-1835
John S. Horner 1835-1836

State Governors of Michigan

Name Party Years
Stephens Thompson Mason Democrat 1837-1840
William Woodbridge Whig 1840-1841
James Wright Gordon Whig 1841-1842
John Stewart Barry Democrat 1842-1846, 1850-1852
Alpheus Felch Democrat 1846-1847
William L. Greenly Democrat 1847-1848
Epaphroditus Ransom Democrat 1848-1850
Robert McClelland Democrat 1852-1853
Andrew Parsons Democrat 1853-1855
Kinsley Scot Bingham Republican 1855-1859
Moses Wisner Republican 1859-1861
Austin Blair Republican 1861-1865
Henry Howland Crapo Republican 1865-1869
Henry Porter Baldwin Republican 1869-1873
John Judson Bagley Republican 1873-1877
Charles Miller Croswell Republican 1877-1881
David Howell Jerome Republican 1881-1883
Josiah Williams Begole Democrat 1883-1885
Russell Alexander Alger Republican 1885-1887
Cyrus Gray Luce Republican 1887-1891
Edwin Baruch Winans Democrat 1891-1893
John Tyler Rich Republican 1893-1897
Hazen Stuart Pingree Republican 1897-1901
Aaron Thomas Bliss Republican 1901-1905
Fred Maltby Warner Republican 1905-1911
Chase Salmon Osborn Republican 1911-1913
Woodbridge Nathan Ferris Democrat 1913-1917
Albert Edson Sleeper Republican 1917-1921
Alexander Joseph Groesbeck Republican 1921-1927
Fred Warren Green Republican 1927-1931
Wilbur Marion Brucker Republican 1931-1933
William Alfred Comstock Democrat 1933-1935
Frank Dwight Fitzgerald Republican 1935-1937, 1939
Frank Murphy Democrat 1937-1939
Luren Dudley Dickinson Republican 1939-1941
Murray Delos Von Wagoner Democrat 1941-1943
Harris Francis Kelly Republican 1943-1947
Kimber Cornellus Sigler Republican 1947-1949
Gerhard Mennen Williams Democrat 1949-1961
John Burley Swainson Democrat 1961-1963
George Wilcken Romney Republican 1963-1969
William Grawn Milliken Republican 1969-1983
James Johnston Blanchard Democrat 1983-1991
John Engler Republican 1991-2003
Jennifer M. Granholm Democrat 2003-2011
Rick Snyder Republican 2011–present

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