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Ralph Northam (b. 1959) is the extreme pro-abort who is the Democrat Governor of Virginia elected in 2017. He has defended infanticide.[1][2] Northam previously served as Lt. Governor to Clinton fundraiser Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

Allegations of racism

Democrat shill Don Lemon (left); Democrat Governor Ralph Northam in blackface (right).

In early February 2019, it was discovered that Northam included a photo on his medical yearbook page of two people posing together, one wearing blackface and another dressed as a KKK member, although Northam implausibly denied that he was one of the two after he admitted to being one of them.[3] Northam tried to excuse his conduct by claiming he dressed up for a Michael Jackson contest, although the clothing in the photograph was well out of style in the 1980s.

When the news broke, CNN ran a fake news chyron claiming Northam was a "Republican".[4] 50% of Democrats continued to support Northam.[5]

In response, racist Democrats then tried to prevent Northam's resignation by exploiting sexual assault allegations against the African American Lt. Governor.[6] Then, the Attorney General who would be third in line of succession revealed that he, too, had also appeared in blackface at a college party in the 1980s.[7]

2017 election

Northam held campaign rallies with Barack Obama[8] and Joe Biden during the general election campaign.[9]

In October 2017, the Northam campaign issued flyers omitting Northam's running-mate for Lieutenant Governor, Justin Fairfax, an African American, while the Democrat nominee for Attorney General and white man, Mark Herring, was included on the flyer.[10][11]

A Northam campaign ad was released which slandered his Republican opponent, Ed Gillespie, and his supporters, in which a pickup truck with a bumper sticker for Gillespie and a Confederate flag appeared chasing down minority children and cornering them in an alley – one of the children in the ad then wakes up, revealing the scene to have been a nightmare.[12][13] Northam defended the ad via projection, claiming Gillespie's own ads "have promoted fearmongering, hatred, bigotry, racial divisiveness."[14][15]

The ad was pulled the following day after the terrorist attack in New York City, in which a winner of the Diversity Immigrant Visa lottery killed eight people and seriously injured eleven by running them over with a pickup truck.[16] An ISIS flag and a document indicating allegiance to the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) were found in the truck.[17]


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