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An increase in tragic mass murders perpetrated by young individuals has prompted questions about their motivations. The vast majority were addicted to violent video games. Nearly all were atheistic or liberal, or driven by hatred of God. Most of these killers absorbed Hollywood values and communist indoctrination through public schools. Many were marijuana users. Most of these murders fit the observation by the forensic psychiatrist Dr. Michael Welner about the Connecticut massacre: "This was a crime that was more than a mass shooting. He killed these people like an arcade game."[1]

Increasingly these heinous crimes are perpetrated by sexually confused young men, while the liberal media cover that up.

Year Name(s) Education Killed Wounded Beliefs Liberal response
2024 Christian Soto[2] 4 7 The alleged 22-year-old murderer said he had been smoking marijuana and became "paranoid after the drug usage."``` Liberals legalized pot in his home state of Illinois. Marijuana is known to cause paranoia. The liberal media downplay this massacre because it was not committed with a gun, and thus contrary to the gun control narrative.
2024 Dylan Butler public school 2 (including himself) 5 featured "the gay and trans pride flags" and "appears to be a devoted leftist LGBTQ activist."[3] Not a word about his LGBTQ and transgender mindset.
2023 Connor Sturgeon public school 6 8 Trump-hater,[4] also suicidal. Not a word about how this mass murderer was a Trump-hater.
2023 Audrey Elizabeth Hale
Audrey Hale.jpg
Nashville School of the Arts for high school, "well supported by school's LGBTQ community"[5][6] 6 incl 3 children not yet known transgendered woman who self-identified as a man; wrote a manifesto and mapped out the targeted Covenant School shooting. no criticism by liberals of how transgendered people have committed multiple murders; instead, more concern was expressed by the liberal media over possible criticism of transgenders
2022 Bryan Christopher Kohberger PhD student at Washington State University, previously public high school 4 terrified millions “heavy heroin user back in [public] high school,"[7][8] his drug addiction continued into college, his drugged-out look persisted, and he was also a beer drinker who harassed others. Wore black clothing as many mass murderers have.[9] no criticism by liberals of the immense harm caused by subsidized Leftist graduate school education
2022 Anderson Lee Aldrich
Anderson Lee Aldrich.PNG
public school[10] 5 25 Self-identifies as nonbinary.[11] liberal media falsely spun this into a hate crime, merely because the shooting happened at an LGBTQ nightclub.
2022 Robert "Bobby" Crimo III
public school 7 24+ "video-game enthusiast"[12] as an unemployed 21-year-old who dressed as a woman for his crime; also a marijuana user.[13]

Weighed only 120 pounds despite a height of 5'11", which would be unusual for a masculine man. One commentator concluded that "pictures before the incident clearly show that Crimo was gender-confused and maybe even trans."[14]

liberal media ignore his video game habits and downplay his crossdressing[15]
2022 Salvador Ramos[16] public school[17] 21 17 "HAUNTING WORDS Shooter Salvador Ramos made terrifying threat after losing at violent video game Dead By Daylight, gamer tells police";[18] "the teen used to play the first-person shooter game Call of Duty";[19] he had a "love of video games, particularly Fortnite and Call of Duty";[20] and he was so much into video games that he was teased about it.[21] He also posted his large gun collection on social media. The shooter was abandoned by his parents, and his mother is a drug addict who kicked him from her house, then he lived with his grandmother which he shot before moving to school.[22] The perpetrator also was anti-school.[23] The shooter and most of the victims were Hispanic, so there is no liberal racial narrative about this tragedy. Instead, Biden blames the "gun lobby" but makes no mention of the violent video games on which many teenage shooters are addicted,[17] which is a far larger industry than gun manufacturers.[24] Obama also blames the so-called gun lobby, and additionally blames the Republican Party.[25] also no mention from liberals about the shooter's mother's drug addiction which led the shooter to leave his parents.[26]
2022 Payton Gendron
Payton Gendron.jpg
public school (high honors student)[27] 10 3 Gendron's s 180-page manifesto supports the view that his attack on a supermarket in a predominantly black area was motivated by racial hate.[28] "He was definitely into video games - shooter games,"[27] and he dressed like a warrior in the Call of Duty violent video game.[29]

Gendron was a supporter of the Biden-backed Azov Nazi regiment.[30]
He turned to "online streaming games" and then seemed "out of place in recent years" socially.[31]

The liberal media in the United States ignores how similar the shooting was to violent video games, while the British press is more honest in reporting about this and other incidents in America.
2021 Ethan Crumbley public school 4 7 Ethan Crumbley planned Oxford school shooting ‘to get Biden impeached’. His parents charged for allegedly ignoring son's mental health issues and buying him the gun.[32] Crumbley grew up playing violent video games including Call of Duty and even posted videos of himself playing such violent video games on YouTube,[33] and often wore all black as more than half-dozen others on this list did (it can represent demonic Goth). His "biggest hobby was video games."[34] Liberal denial tries to smear Donald Trump with this, because the boy's mother begrudgingly supported him in 2016.
2021 Brandon Hole public school 8 addicted to a television cartoon having a sick following, about which he posted on Facebook[35] Liberal denial promotes a false narrative that this was somehow a hate crime because some of the random victims were Sikh.
2021 Ahmad Aliwi Al Issa public school 10 a Syrian refugee educated at American public schools, he liked video games, was paranoid that "racist Islamophobic people" had hacked his social media account, and was contemptuous in his postings about Donald Trump[36] His father Moustafa whom he lived with at the time, posted against Christians & Jews stating: "just stray animals." Liberal denial about the crimes caused by hordes of refugees.
2021 Robert Aaron Long public school 8 1 Addicted to pornography. Liberal media falsely portray the shooting as a hate crime.
2019 Brenton Harrison Tarrant public school 50 at least 50 An ethno-nationalist and eco-fascist that live streamed his attack.[37] Tarrant received indoctrination and weapons training in Ukraine from the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, per the New York Times.[38] New Zealand Prime Minister advocated for a change in gun laws.[39]
2018 Dimitrios Pagourtzis public school 10 at least 13 An atheist, he wore a black trench coat on hot days, including the day of his killings; he was a Facebook user who "posted images of a t-shirt with 'Born to Kill' written across it," and also posted images that might be interpreted as Satanic.[40] Liberal New York governor Andrew Cuomo publishes an open letter to President Donald Trump urging him to "do something," even though schools are a local, not federal, issue.[41]
2018 Nikolas de Jesus Cruz public school 17 at least 14 Allegedly played up to 15 hours a day of violent video games, and was fond of posting vile things on social media. Widely publicized as the Parkland shooting without disclosing his alleged habit of playing violent video games. The lamestream media prominently mentioned that he was formerly in the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps prior to expulsion.
2018 15-year-old, not yet identified publicly public school 2 teenagers at least 18 Joined an atheist group.[42] Lamestream media conceal how the killer was an atheist.
2016 Ali David Sonboly not homeschooled; homeschooling is illegal in Germany 9, mostly young 27 others injured Obsessed with playing violent video games and reportedly used a fake Facebook account to lure young victims. Many liberal media reports completely omit the connection with video games.[43]
2016 Micah Xavier Johnson public school 5 police officers 7 others injured He was an active Facebook user who ranted against "whites" in a posting less than a week before his mass murders. Downplays a possible psychological effect of the murderer's devotion to Facebook, which included participating in a group there having a pro-African American race-based ideology.
2016 Omar Mateen
Omar Mateen.jpg
public school 49 at a night-club in Orlando, Florida 53 A Facebook user who had to be blocked by a woman to whom he sent many unsettling messages, Mateen was a Muslim who had reportedly celebrated the 9/11 attack in front of classmates at the time.[44] He pledged allegiance to ISIS while committing his mass murder.[45] Downplay the terrorist motive and background of the killer.[46]
2015 Christopher Harper-Mercer public school (community college) 10 9 The murderer acted "like he was playing a video game," according to a victim.[47] The murderer declared that he will be "welcomed in Hell and embraced by the devil."[48] He was a Nazi enthusiast of British origin, self-described "not religious" who disliked "organized religion." The murderer was an anti-Christian and he shot victims in the head if they were Christian and shot individuals in the leg if they were non-Christian. Liberals exploited the grief to push for gun control, and at least one family of a wounded victim declined Obama's invitation to meet: "On principle, I find that I am in disagreement with his policies on gun control, and therefore, we will not be attending the visit," said Stacy Bolan, whose daughter was shot and wounded during the rampage.[49]
2015 Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez public school 5 soldiers in Tennessee 2 A jihadist who used drugs. He was reportedly fired from a job at a nuclear plant because he failed a drug test.[50] He was also "pulled over April 20 for driving erratically. Officers said he smelled of alcohol and marijuana, had slurred or mumbled speech and had a 'white powdery substance' under his nose and around his nostrils." Liberal denial about the obvious motive, about failed immigration policy that allowed him into the United States, and about the drug use that is common to many of these horrific crimes.[51]
2015 Dylann Storm Roof public school dropout 9 as they participated in Bible study in a Charleston church Racism; Spent much of his time playing video games.[52] Also involved in drug use[53] and Facebook. Liberals ignore his drug use and video game playing habits, while concentrating on how South Carolina maintained a Confederate flag on its capitol grounds.
2014 Elliot Rodger a public college 7 young men and women killed, including himself 13 Racism;[54] got hooked on violent video games at a young age, and by his own admission hid himself "away in the online World of Warcraft, a place where [he] felt comfortable and secure." He did not realize "the severity of how far [he] had fallen" due to the violent video games.[55] Not a word by liberals or Wikipedia® admitting the mass murderer was influenced by violent video games, even though the murderer himself admitted it.
2013 Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev public school education (19-year-old Dzhokhar) 4 plus Tamerlan himself, who was apparently killed when Dzhokhar drove a car over him more than 170 injured, many horrifically with limbs blown off Dzhohkar was allegedly a frequent abuser of Marijuana.[56] Tamerlan was reportedly a "very religious" Muslim, who had even given up smoking and drinking based on his religious views,[57] but was reportedly estranged from his family owing to his extremist views. Liberal denial that Dzhohkar was almost certainly on drugs immediately before, during and/or after the bombing.
2013 Nehemiah Griego Reportedly not registered with the local school district.[58] 5, including mom, dad, and little children in his family None Loved to play violent video games, and even enjoyed talking about them to the crime investigators.[59] He initially planned to kill more people in a public place, but instead visited a church then turned himself in.[60] The liberal media initially and falsely implied he did not play video games.[61]
2012 Adam Lanza[62] His educational history was complex and troubled.[63] He attended public school until about 8th grade, when his behavior became so alarming that his mother, after a brief period in Catholic school, began a mixture of home-schooling and some work in the public school.[64] 27—the murderer, his mother, 6 adult school staff, and 20 children 2 He was fascinated with guns, though his mother gave him instruction in their proper use, hoping this would teach him responsibility.[65] In later years his "existence ... largely involved playing violent computer video games in a bedroom," and he "spent hours playing violent video games such as Call Of Duty in a windowless bunker";[66] he was "goth" and wore a mask; after the massacre, officers found evidence that he had been playing "graphically violent" video games recently;[67] "Dynasty Warriors" had been one of his favorites in the past The usual call for stricter gun control, but not a lot of calls for control of violent video games. Some commentators suggested that homeschooling was to blame, and that there should be testing for antisocial/dangerous behavior for homeschooled students as well as for public school students. But he was obviously a very troubled person. Society simply does not have the resources to identify dangerous people, homeschooled or otherwise, and it isn't known whether such a program would be effective.[68][69] Such a policy would also likely violate the Fourth Amendment.
2012 Jacob Tyler Roberts public school and a Facebook user[70] 2, including the murderer 1 Played video games (his rampage enacted a scene in Grand Theft Auto); he dressed in black for the murders as other young mass murderers have, and donned a hockey mask perhaps inspired by Hollywood horror films A day later, authorities and the liberal media still have disclosed almost nothing about the murderer; instead, liberals almost immediately demanded more gun control
2012 James Holmes
James Eagan Holmes.jpg
PhD student at University of Colorado[71] 12 58 Like other young mass murderers, dressed in all-black for the killings[72] and was obsessed with playing video games like "World of Warcraft" (see Breivik below);[73] for the murderous rampage, he dyed his hair bright red presumably to imitate the Joker (Batman's nemesis).[74][75] ABC News falsely suggests tie to Tea Party.[76] Liberals call for gun control.[77]
2012 "T.J. Lane" of the Cleveland area[78] public school 3 2 Posted a chilling rant on Facebook about two months before his murderous rampage. Insists he was a victim of bullying, which several students who knew him denied.[79]
2011 Anders Behring BreivikSketch of Breivik.png[80] public school[81] 68 shot dead at a youth camp of the Norwegian Labor party, another 8 in a bombing of government buildings[82] Many continued to be missing after the killing rampage. According to the judgment rendered against him, he liked playing violent video games and saw himself as "ultra-nationalist" who fought against Muslim immigration and Marxist subversion.[83] He spent considerable time editing Wikipedia. A typical headline in the liberal media blames fundamentalist Christianity.
2011 Jared Lee Loughner[84]Loughner173005--300x300.jpg public high school 6 at least 17, including a Congresswoman a nihilist; "Left wing, quite liberal ... a political radical" and he declared that The Communist Manifesto, Animal Farm and Mein Kampf are among his favorite books[85][86] It's Sarah Palin's fault because nearly one year earlier she had posted targets on 20 congressional districts for Republican wins, and this massacre (by a liberal) occurred in one of those districts.[87]
2010 Amy Bishop professor, and daughter of a professor 3, + many reporters believe brother in 1986 3, was also a suspect in attempted murder in 1993 "was a far-left political extremist who was 'obsessed' with President Obama to the point of being off-putting."[88] liberals liked her: she "was admired by her peers and loved by her students" and "was a super intelligent person."[89]
2009 Tim Kretschmer Germany public school 15 + himself[90] several others Europe calls for more gun control; liberal media promotes falsehood: "We'll never know why they kill."[8]
2008 Stephen Kazmierczak Northern Illinois University 5 + himself 16 Fan of Nietzsche's "The Antichrist," obsessed with self-injury, was a "cutter" in public high school, wore all black to carry out his massacre, and was still a public school student at age 27 Feigned shock at the fact that the gunman didn't "fit" the typical mold of a killer.
2007 Robert Hawkins Papillion-La Vista public high school 8 + himself 5 Targeted Christmas shoppers; wore black; "I can't take this meaningless existence anymore"[91] Told a therapist that "he is not sure if there is a God or life after death and that when he dies, he'll probably go to hell." Told social workers he was Satanic and acknowledged that he often acted before thinking of the consequences.[92] Avoided suggesting gun control lest Democrats lose West Virginia and Wisconsin in 2008 presidential election
2007 Pekka-Eric Auvinen Jokela High School public high school (Finland) 8 + himself About 12 Atheist, Supremacist("I, as a natural selector, will eliminate all who I see unfit.") Finland already had gun control
2007 Seung-Hui Cho
Westfield public high school (VA), then Virginia Tech public university 32 + himself 25 "Ismail Ax" suggested Muslim beliefs, felt "Jesus was crucifying me." Poem comparing it to environmental harm[93][94]
2007 Asa Coon SuccessTech public school Academy (Cleveland) Himself 4 Said he didn't believe in God and didn't respect God, killed after classmate disagreed; wore black[95] Under-publicized because of his anti-God statements
2006 Kimveer Gill Rosemere High School (Québec) 1 + himself 20 "I hate God" and "I hate religious zealots" Canada already has gun control
2002 Robert Steinhäuser Erfurt public school (Germany) 16 + himself Wore black entirely, literally from head to toe; stopped only when a teacher pulled off his black mask German gun control already strict, demands for limitations on computer games
1999 Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold Columbine public high school (CO) 13 + themselves 23 Atheistic, singled out a girl to kill her for believing in God. Demand gun control, causing Al Gore to lose West Virginia, Tennessee and Arkansas in 2000 presidential election
1998 Mitchell Johnson and Andrew Golden Westside Middle School 5 10 Mitchell Johnson, the older of the two, was obsessed with rap lyrics like "coming to school and killing all the kids."[96] Liberals blame the guns rather than the killer's obsession with rap music. Johnson is released at age 21 but is later arrested for new crimes.
1997 Michael Carneal Heath public high school (KY) 3 5 Murdered girls as they prayed in a prayer group; shooting had tell-tale signs it was incited/trained by video games: Carneal never moved his feet during his shootings, and never fired far to the left or right, but instead fired only once at each target that appeared, just as a player of video games maximizes his game score by shooting only once at each victim, in order to hit as many targets as possible.[97] Under-publicized due to anti-Christian nature
1989 Marc Lépine, at the École Polytechnique de Montréal Collège d'enseignement général et professionnel, (College of General and Vocational Education) 14 + himself 14[98] His religious views were unpublicized but he was raised in a home with an immigrant Muslim father who was allegedly highly critical of the feminist view of women's role in society; Marc's mother was an ex-nun; and his sister had allegedly committed suicide[99][100] Ignore the personal background of the killer and instead use the massacre to push for stricter gun control and more laws concerning violence against women, and establish in Canada a National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.
1966 Charles J. Whitman[101] public university (University of Texas at Austin 16 about 30 a gambler who had gotten in trouble during military service for it, Whitman told a school psychiatrist a few months prior to his shooting rampage about his thought to go do just as he later did Liberals searched for an explanation based entirely on materialism: specifically, a theory that a brain tumor caused this.
1966 Richard Speck[102] public school (dropped out) 8 nurses 0 an alcoholic by age 15, he had previously been arrested 41 times, often for violent crimes. He said he was drunk and high on drugs at the time of his murders, which Speck committed with a knife and by strangulation. Liberals wasted time and money on psychiatrists, and downplayed these murders because they did not fit the gun control narrative. Liberal court rulings prevented Speck from receiving the death penalty.

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