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Audrey Hale

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Audrey Hale was a gender-confused anti-Christian leftist who committed mass murder in the Covenant School shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, killing six people, three children and three staff members, at the private Christian school before being shot dead by Nashville police.

Hale, a former student at that school, made known her hatred of Christianity and she reportedly called for the killing of Christians in a manifesto quote: "You Mess With Our Kids, We Kill Your Kids".[1] Despite Hale being an ideologically-motivated mass murderer brainwashed by LGBTQ+ propaganda, many liberals mindlessly defend her motive and frame her as a "victim" instead of the children that she killed. Many of her sympathizers called for a "Trans Day of Vengeance", which led Twitter to delete thousand of tweets for violations of the site's terms of service.[2]

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