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Seung-Hui Cho Blue Badge.png was a 23-year-old socially isolated Korean man who committed suicide after murdering 32 people at the gun free zone of Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007. The massacre was evidently motivated by the killer's intensely anti-Christian views. "Jesus was crucifying me. When the time came, I did it. I had no choice…"[1]

The killer "railed against his parents' strong Christian faith."[2] According to one report, Cho Seung-Hui had left a note in his dormitory which contains a rant against Christianity[3] and "rich kids". He stated that ""Thanks to you I died like Jesus Christ, to inspire generations of the weak and defenseless people."[4]

The spark to the killer's rage was apparently jealousy and anger towards an attractive 18-year-old student named Emily Hilscher.[5] Cho had lived in the U.S. for fifteen years, since his parents immigrated when he was eight years old.[6] He had the name Ismail Ax written in red ink on his arm before the shooting.[7] "Ismail" is the Arabic spelling for Ishmael, a patriarch for the Muslim religion and an outcast in the Old Testament.

His creative writing teacher said she notified authorities about Cho based on disturbing writings that he had submitted as classwork, but said she was told that there would be too many legal hurdles to intervene.[8]
One of the photos Seung-Hui Cho sent to NBC.

According to Cho's former roommates, Cho has been investigated by police in 2005 for stalking several female students on campus including a female student he had been communicating with via instant messenger under the pseudonym Question Mark.[9]

Mandated counseling

Cho was taken into police custody on Dec. 13, 2005, after a mental health evaluator found him to be "an imminent danger to himself or others as a result of mental illness" and "incapable of volunteering or unwilling to volunteer for treatment." According to court documents first obtained by ABC News, Cho was evaluated and detained for a hearing at Carilion St. Albans Psychiatric Hospital. What had not been reported or publicly known until this point was what happened next – specifically, that Cho was ordered to receive outpatient care at the university-run Cook Counseling Center.[10]


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