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Communist megamurders, 1900–1987. Source: Prof. R.J. Rummel. Two-thirds were killed by governments, quasi-governments, and guerrillas.[1] Democrat insiders began openly worrying about the damage to down-ballot Democrats with an open Marxist at the top of the ticket.

Democide is a term created by political scientist R. J. Rummel[2] in order to create a broader concept than the legal definition of genocide. Genocide, for example, does not take into account government murder for political or ideological reasons. It is defined as large-scale murder by a government, similar to a genocide or ethnic cleansing. The twentieth century has seen massive democides, including the Armenian genocide, Holodomor, Holocaust, Great Leap Forward and Camodian genocide.

Most all 20th century democides were motivated by far left and anti-Christian ideology.


The are examples of unjustified murders by governments which do not qualify as democide. For example, the dissappearados of Chile under Augusto Pinochet constituted thousands of people murdered, often for their non-criminal association with communist terrorists. This is an excellent example of the abuse of powers that occurs under oligarchies.


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