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Carl Davidson is a Maoist who organized Progressives for Obama. He organized Peace Voters for Harold Washington and Peace Voters for Jesse Jackson, as well as a number of third party campaigns. He is also currently a national committee member of the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy & Socialism.[1]

Davidson was a key player in the Maoist October League (OL) and the Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) (CP-ML),[2] and wrote for the radical extremist[3] publication Guardian (NY).[4]

SDS and 1968 Chicago riots

The first known trip of significance to Cuba occurred in January 1968 when Davidson along with Todd Gitlin, Gerry Long, Susan Sutheim and Tom Hayden traveled to Cuba to attend the International Cultural Congress. Long and Sutheim later became Weathermen, Davidson, Gitlin and Hayden later joined Progressives for Obama. David Dellinger of the NMC also attended this conference, as did many communists and revolutionaries from around the world.

The announced purpose of this conference was to obtain unity of action in Cuban anti-imperialism fights and to spread revolution and hatred of the U.S. The theme was the "Struggle Against U.S. Imperialism."

Davidson was a prime mover in the Maoist October League. Class Struggle was the organizations theoretical publication. Davidson is now webmaster for Progressives for Obama.

At this conference delegates condemned the U.S. for what the communists alleged was U.S. aggression, and support was pledged to North Vietnam. The delegates also pledged to promote violence against the United States whenever it was deemed necessary. The attendees also met with representatives of Maoist China, North Korea and North Vietnam and visited the National Liberation Front (NLF) Mission in Havana. During this three and one half week trip, Davidson finalized arrangements for a visit of twenty SDS members to travel to Cuba. Thereafter, in February, 1968, a group of approximately twenty-two people including future Weatherman Mark Rudd and approximately nineteen other SDS/Weatherman members, and two Cuban Government officials with diplomatic status traveled to Cuba via Mexico City at the request of the Cuban Government, which paid all of the expenses.

Davidson again visited Cuba in March 1968. He and others had a three-hour discussion with Fidel Castro, and reportedly met with representatives of North Korea, North Vietnam and Communist China. During the militant Labor Forum, held in April, Davidson reported on his meeting with Castro, stating that Castro now believed that a socialist revolution was possible in the United States.[5]

Progressives for Obama

As noted by Trevor Loudon, "Around 1992 Davidson joined hundreds of former Maoists, Trotskyists and about a third of the Communist Party USA in a new Marxist coalition-the Committees of Correspondence [for Democracy and Socialism]."[6] He adds, "Davidson was an ardent supporter of Obama for several years and helped organize the famous peace rally in Chicago in where Obama pinned his colors to the anti-Iraq war cause."

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