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Progressives for Obama also known as Progressive America Rising[1] is a group of new left radicals that was announced in the ultra leftist Nation magazine[2] in 2008. The group was largely composed of members from the Committees of Correspondence and the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). The Committees of Correspondence openly advocates socialism and has defended the Communist regime of Fidel Castro. The SDS spawned the violent domestic terror group the Weather Underground (WUO), founded by William Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn, family friends[3] of Barack Hussein Obama and carried out bombings of the Pentagon, the U.S. Capitol, the State Department and several police headquarters in the 1970s.

Veteran investigator Herbert Romerstein observed about the organizations activities,

The Communist Party itself will not have influence, but those whom they influence will — the new left, the terrorists from the Weather Underground, the Committees of Correspondence — all are involved in the Obama campaign one way or another. The Communist Party itself has very few members most of them quite old. But the influence they've had in the past on the so-called progressive movement still continues.[4]



  • Sean Ahem, United Federation of Teachers
  • Jean Alonso, Dorchester-Roxbury Labor Committee
  • Fran Ansley, University of Tennessee
  • David E. Apter, Yale University
  • Rosalyn Baxandall, American Studies SUNY Old Westbury
  • Daniel Bourke, National Lawyers Guild
  • E. Richard Brown, Public Health, UCLA
  • Paul Buhle, Writer and Historian
  • Anna Burger, Secretary-Treasurer, SEIU
  • Paul Burke, Sacramento Progressive Alliance
  • Jim Campbell, CC-DS, Nat'l Co-chair
  • Jeff Chang, Author, 'Can't Stop, Won't Stop'
  • Frank Christopher, Crosskeys Media
  • Steve Cobble, Progressive Democrats of America
  • Barry Cohen, NJ Institute of Technology
  • Carl Davidson, SolidarityEconomy.Net, Students for a Democratic Society
  • Laurie Davidson, SEIU, NYC
  • John Delloro, Dolores HuertaLabor Institute
  • Ariel Dorfman, Chilean Playwright
  • Peter Dreier, Occidental College
  • Thorne Dreyer, MDS Austin, Texas
  • Terry DuBose,
  • Andrea Dupree, Lighthouse Writers Workshop
  • Carolyn Eisenberg, Hofstra University
  • Eddie Eitches, President, AFGE Local 476
  • Daniel Ellsberg, Writer, Military Analyst
  • Jane English, Plymouth UCC Board of Social Action
  • Diane Fager, Public School Administrator
  • Margaret 'Julie' Finch, Progressive Democrats of America
  • Mickey Flacks, Housing Advocate
  • Richard Flacks, Santa Barbara County Action Network
  • Jane Fonda, Writer, Actor
  • Rev. John C. Forney, Progressive Christians Uniting
  • Aviva Futorian, Long Term Prisoner Policy Project
  • Christine George, Researcher and University Teacher
  • Antonio Geraldo Dias, INDEG/ISCTE
  • The Rev. John-Mark Gilhousen, Progressive Democrats of Oregon
  • Todd Gitlin, Columbia University, Students for a Democratic Society
  • Danny Goldberg, Gold Village Entertainment
  • Jorge Gonzalez, Cuba Journal
  • Van Gosse, Franklin & Marshall College
  • Ellen Gurzinsky, Funders for Lesbian and Gay Issues
  • Paul Haggis, Producer
  • Nancy Hall, City Life/Vida Urban
  • David Hamilton, MDS, Austin Texas
  • Lionel Heredia, Freedom Media
  • Jim Hightower, Radio Commentator
  • Adam Hochschild, Author, 'Breaking the Chains'
  • Sharron Howard, Lafayette Area Peace Coalition
  • Steven Jacobs, Rabbi, Progressive Faith Foundation
  • Harold Jacobs, SUNY New Paltz
  • Michael James, Heartland Cafe, 49th Ward Democrats
  • Zenobia Johnson-Black, Nat'l Org of African-Americans in Housing
  • Ben Jones, Southern Utah University, Department of Political Science, and Philosophy.
  • Earl Katz, Public Interest Pictures
  • Marilyn Katz, Founder, Chicagoans Against War on Iraq
  • Stephen R. Keister M.D., Physicians for National Health Care
  • Georgia Kelly, Praxis Peace Institute
  • Robin D.G. Kelly, Historian
  • Anne Lowry Klonsky, Education Writer, Chicago
  • Fred Klonsky, President, Park Ridge Education Association, IEA, NEA
  • Susan Klonsky, Education Writer
  • Michael Larkin, South Kingstown Peace and Justice Action Group
  • Amy Manuel, Denton for Barack
  • Eric Mar, SF Board of Education
  • Jay Mazur, Working Families Party
  • John McAuliff, Fund for Reconciliation and Development
  • Ruth Needleman, Labor Studies, Indiana University
  • Max Palevsky, Philanthropist
  • Robert Pardun, Writer & Producer
  • Patricia Paredes, Texas Campus Compact
  • Frances Fox Piven, Author, 'Poor Peoples Movements,' CUNY, senior Democratic Socialists of America member, ACORN
  • Matilda Phillips, Progressive Democrats North Carolina
  • Brian Redondo, Asia-American Activist
  • Christine R Riddiough, Americans for Democratic Action
  • Constância Dinky Romilly, RN Civil Rights Activist
  • Mark Rudd, Writer, Organizer, Weather Underground
  • Jay Schaffner, Local 802 American Federation of Musicians
  • Stanley & Betty Sheinbaum, Publisher
  • Jennifer Amdur Spitz, Amdur Spitz & Associates
  • Don St.Clair,
  • Andy Stern, President, SEIU
  • William Strickland, UMass, Amherst
  • Dan Swinney, Center for Labor and Community Research
  • Harry Targ, CC-DS, Purdue University
  • Jonathan Tasini, National Writers Union
  • John Trinkl, San Francsico for Democracy
  • Flo A Weber, Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles
  • Immanuel Wallerstein, Yale University
  • Paula Weinstein, Producer
  • Cornel West, Author, 'Race Matters', Democratic Socialists of America
  • Mildred Williamson, CC-DS
  • Betty Willhoite, Living Wage Advocate
  • John K Wilson,
  • Tim Wise, Author, Anti-Racism Educator

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