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Praxis, a calque or loanword from the Greek πράξις, from which derive the words "practice" and "practical", usually meaning formal practice, as distinguished from theory; or practical application or usage, as accepted practice or custom, "simply the way we do things", "what one does", more archaically, a person's "wont"—"as is his wont"; culture, cultural norms of healthy moral and spiritual behavior and cooperative social interaction as opposed to nonconformist dissent, and sociopathic behavior which are not the normal praxis of a workplace environment, business, community or country.

For example, "patterns of Christian praxis in church and society".


custom · practice · habit · tradition · convention · routine · rule · rite · ritual · formality · observance · ordinance · ceremony · ceremonial · liturgy · way · procedure · method · mode · form · lifestyle · morality

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Strong's number 4234 πρᾶξις praxis: a deed, function