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Rebel News (formerly The Rebel Media until September 2019) is a Canadian conservative media company founded by Ezra Levant shortly after the closure of Sun News Network, the biggest conservative advocate in the Canadian media. Rather than being on television, Rebel News hosts several online shows, which require a paid subscription to view, as well as a YouTube channel with regular conservative news updates.[1]

In December 2016, Levant announced his "Big Plan" to make Rebel News more influential than CTV, Global News, or even the CBC. He asked for $63 000 in donations to pay for a new studio and equipment. The funds were quickly raised.

Rebel News has also been responsible for many petitions, and for putting up many billboards across Canada, advertising conservative values and convicting liberal politicians, among them Denis Coderre and former Ontario Liberal premiere Kathleen Wynne.

Canadian left-wing political parties and their members, including the Liberal Party of Canada under Justin Trudeau and the Alberta New Democratic Party under former Alberta premiere Rachel Notley, and even CINO (Conservative in Name Only) Conservative Party of Canada leader Andrew Scheer,[2] refuse to acknowledge Rebel News as a legitimate media outlet[3] and have attempted to block the company from official press conferences[4] and coverage of political happenings in Canadian and provincial parliaments controlled by those parties, even going so far as to falsely label Rebel News as "hate-inciting" without proof,[5] physical attacks against its reporters by those politicians' aides and hired goon squads[6] and harassment[7] and illegal and unjustified arrests of its reporters by corrupt police officers at those politicians' behest,[2] because unlike state-owned broadcaster the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and other liberal media outlets, Rebel News reporters have reported on stories which the liberal media choose to ignore and which leftist politicians, and other leftists in the public eye,[8] do not like and want to keep under wraps, and have asked tough questions which leftist politicians typically refuse to answer, especially when such politicians are involved in political or personal scandal (particularly involving illegal activity or activity which goes contrary to positions they hold), out of concern that answering such questions would affect them negatively (including the probability of legal trouble as well as damage to their political careers - up to and including resignation or forced removal from their offices - and their public images). In the case of the Alberta NDP, that party, under Notley's direction, even used lawfare to illegally target Rebel News for censorship and persecution when it exposed corruption and scandal involving Notley and a number of her cabinet members.[9][10] Conversely, the White House under President Donald Trump has welcomed Rebel News reporters and given the company media accreditation.[11][12]

Rebel News has been referred to as Canada's Breitbart; however, unlike Breitbart, Rebel News has never caved to Islam, being consistent in their counter-jihad advocacy and principles.

Rebel News' David Menzies was physically accosted in Toronto by Canadian left-wingers imitating Seattle's CHAZ. The incompetent police and security guards sided with the leftists, and eventually had Menzies removed from the area. Toronto is governed by Liberal Mayor John Tory.[13]

Rebel News journalists have been arrested, handcuffed, and jailed twice. The first time was David Menzies in October 2019 by the RCMP security detail of the pseudo-conservative Leader of the Opposition Andrew Scheer for asking Scheer uncomfortable questions.[2] The second time was Anna Slatz in the U.S. in June 2020 by overly heavy-handed police officers for violating the imposed curfew for the George Floyd protests, even though Slatz had a press exemption (according to Slatz, many of her cellmates likewise did not deserve to be there).[14]

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