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People with "unacceptable views" line the streets and highways across Canada to cheer the Freedom Convoy headed to the capital in freezing temperatures.

The Freedom Convoy is a worldwide phenomena that originated in Canada during the winter of 2021-2022 in response to leftwing totalitarian fascist government vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, and mask mandates as a result of the CCP virus. The CCP virus was a bioweapon unleashed on the planet by the leftist Communist Party of China (CCP) in late 2019. The World Economic Forum (WEF), in collusion with the CCP, set about to destroy the last vestiges of freedom and democracy with its Great Reset and Build Back Better programs adopted by various tyrannical leftist regimes throughout the planet enslaving ordinary people to a global elite.

During two years of authoritarian lockdowns truckers were deemed essential workers and honored as heroes of the Pandemic.[1][2][3]

Experimental vaccines, which both the Trudeau and Biden regimes mandated for employment, require continuous booster shots to maintain a vaccine passport. The efficacy of the experimental vaccines and boosters has been called into question by scientific experts. Leaked data from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) indicates that Pfizer is requesting approval of an annual covid booster shot.[4]

In response to the public reaction, the fascist Liberal Party of Canada declared martial law and began full scale implementation of the WEF's Great Reset, driving more businesses that survived the two year lockdown mandates out of business. Banking seizures and blacklists further restricted those individuals caught up from starting new business. Canadian Liberal fascists brought in foreign troops to quell the protests.

Grassroots Freedom Convoy movements grew up in Canada, France,[5] Israel,[6] Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere.[7] In the United States a trucker convoy departed for Washington, D.C. on February 23, 2022, nine days after martial law was declared in Canada. The freedom convoys in all nations have been accused of being a false flag operation, intended to provide an excuse for governments to respond.[8]


The 2022 winter Freedom Convoy protests against fascist vaccine mandates and mask mandates was the beginning of a movement to rollback leftwing totalitarianism.
See also: CCP virus in Canada

Canada's tyrannical covid emergency powers regulated human conduct and interaction to such an extent that a citizen could not enter a liquor store or buy a drink in a bar without a vaccine passport.[9] In January 2022 Canadian truckers began protesting a leftwing fascist mandate requiring them to present a vaccine passport before crossing the U.S.-Canadian border.[10] For the previous two years, truck drivers were deemed "essential workers" and exempt from fascist lockdown orders.[11] Canadian truckers were reportedly 90% vaccinated, above the country’s 78% total, a key detail that was brazenly ignored by the liberal media in both countries determined to depict the protests as "anti-science" and “anti-vax” rather than “anti-mandate” and "pro-freedom" protests. When the Freedom Convoy descended upon Ottawa, fascist liberal dictator Justin Trudeau dismissed them in a speech reminiscent of the final days of socialist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu:

"The small fringe minority of people who are on their way to Ottawa, who are holding unacceptable views that they are expressing, do not represent the views of Canadians…who know that following the science and stepping up to protect each other is the best way to ensure our rights, our freedoms, our values as a country."

A near-exact repeat of Hillary Clinton's “basket of deplorables” speech, Trudeau’s description of “unacceptable views" instantly became a rallying cry,[12] with people across the country lining the streets cheering truckers while self-identifying as the “small fringe minority.” Everyone from high school kids to farmers and teachers and random marchers joined in as Trudeau’s own words were used to massively accelerate his decline in popular support. Members of his own party in parliament began criticizing Trudeau.

The head of a Trudeau-funded hate group posted a picture of an antisemitic flier on social media claiming it to have originated with the Freedom Convoy. Bernie Farber, who is listed as the chair of CAHN on the group’s website, which has received hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars from the Trudeau regime, posted a tweet of an antisemitic flier stating, “Taken by a friend in Ottawa at the Occupation. Apparently in plain sight." It was quickly established that the picture of the flier was not from the Ottawa trucker Freedom Convoy protests at all – the same photo was from an unrelated event in Miami, Florida, and first posted on Twitter on January 23, 2022. Records show CAHN received $268,400 Canadian dollars (USD $211,526) in 2020.[13] Political commentator Bill Maher remarked:

"Justin Trudeau— I mean, I thought he was kind of a cool guy. And I started to read what he said... he was talking about people who are not vaccinated. He said, ‘They don't believe in science. They're often misogynistic, often racist.’ No, they're not.
[Trudeau] said, ‘But they take up space. And with that, we have to make a choice in terms of a leader as a country— Do we tolerate these people?’
It's like, tolerate?? Now you do sound like Hitler. And recently, he talked about holding ‘unacceptable views.’”[14]

CNN national security analyst and former Obama administration assistant secretary of Homeland Security for Intergovernmental Affairs Juliette Kayyem incited violence against the peaceful protesters, tweeting that the truckers should have their tires slashed.[15] The leftwing fascist regime threatened to seize the children of protesters.[16]

Trudeau refused to negotiate with the truckers. Instead, Trudeau consulted with U.S. socialist premier Joe Biden who urged him to use federal force and coercion against the protesters by invoking martial law. Trudeau promised "quick action."[17]

In its article on the Freedom Convoy (which it calls the Canada convoy protest), Wikipedia resorts to its usual falsehoods (via reliance on its usual liberal media sources such as the CBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post and Al-Jazeera, as well as various Canadian and US government websites and various other non-credible liberal-biased websites which politically oppose the Convoy) to back its smears against the trucker convoy and its supporters.

Martial law

On February 14, 2022, acting at the behest of the Biden regime[18] and in cowardly response to the anti-CCP flu mandates trucker convoy in Ottawa and related protests elsewhere after he spent some time in hiding from them, Trudeau, while lying about the truckers (including falsely calling them "terrorists") as he had been doing since their arrival, invoked the Emergencies Act to use as his excuse to crack down on protests against his regime and his mandates.[19] Trudeau's move drew massive criticism and condemnation on social media from the public, while in response, the truckers in Ottawa announced that they would not back down from Trudeau (in spite of his threats to illegally freeze their assets and crowdfunding support[20] and revoke their insurance for standing up to him and his diktats[21]) or give in to his illegal power grab.[22] The leftwing fascist regime's diktats included provisions to coerce forced labor.[23] Polls showed Trudeau's approval ratings at 16%.[24] Jagmeet Singh, the leader of the far-Left New Democratic Party,[25] and Doug Ford[26] announced their full support of Trudeau's power grab. In response to Trudeau's action, the trucker convoy in Ottawa, as promised, have defied him and have shored up by parking more of their trucks in front of the Parliament Buildings than had already been there previously.[27] Protesters gathered outside of the Canadian Embassy in New York City to condemn Trudeau for his power grab.[28]

Fascist Liberal Party dictator Justin Trudeau.[29]
Trudeau also drew condemnation from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association[30] and the Canadian Constitution Foundation[31] for his actions, and several Canadian premiers also opposed Trudeau's actions and condemned him for political overreach.[32] Fox News host Tucker Carlson pointed out on his show that Trudeau's invocation of the Emergencies Act was the equivalent of declaring Canada a dictatorship, adding that the Freedom Convoy and the events connected to it do not qualify for the Act to be invoked.[33] Subsequent to the event, Ottawa police chief Peter Sloly, who had sided with Trudeau and similarly made false accusations against the trucker convoy (including accusing them, without proof, of "harmful activities" and of spreading "hatred" and "violence"), announced his resignation from his post after he was criticized for his baseless accusations.[34] Steve Bell, his psychotic replacement, announced that it was now "illegal" to peacefully protest against the government[35] and the government would be opening a J6-style investigation.[36]

Trudeau, who previously attempted, without success, to hire tow truck drivers to remove the large trucks from the main protest in Ottawa and at blockades in Coutts, Alberta and Emerson, Manitoba, attempted to coerce the drivers into doing his dirty work for him by illegally threatening them with arrest if they refuse to remove the trucks.[37] Trudeau's actions drew widespread condemnation from political leaders and other public figures in the United States, El Salvador, the United Kingdom, France, Brazil and the Netherlands,[38] with Ohio Republican congressman Warren Davidson announcing that he would introduce legislation in Congress to protect American citizens from similar such actions by the Biden regime, while Arizona United States Senate candidate and author Blake Masters outright called Trudeau a psychopath.

Multiple members of Parliament shouted down Trudeau in the House of Commons for his dodging of questions and making flimsy excuses about his use of the Emergencies Act to suppress his political enemies, as well as his slandering of the Conservative MPs for their support of the Freedom Convoy.[39] Canadian conservative news site True North pointed out that Trudeau's drastic measures in invoking the Act indicated that the embattled and desperate Trudeau has lost all control of Canada,[40] then added that Trudeau had merely invoked the Act to save his own floundering political career.[41] Louisiana Republican Senator John Kennedy pointed out that Trudeau's invocation of the Act is basically him claiming to be "smart" and "educated" while the truckers are not.[42] To get around Trudeau's edicts and confuse local authorities acting at his behest, Ottawa residents have begun carrying around empty gasoline cans to covertly assist the truckers at the main protest.[43] The main protest in Ottawa, which has become a family-friendly event with the inclusion of children, has come under another attack by Trudeau with his Emergencies Act, which claims to ban minors under age 18 from attending such protests[44] under threat of heavy fines and prison time against parents attending the protests (while the Trudeau regime hypocritically ignores riots during the pandemic in other parts of Canada by violent leftists, some of which may have been minors of high school age).

Quebec's Coalition Avenir Québec government of François Legault told off Trudeau and officially refused to abide by his Emergencies Act when it announced an end to all of its CCP flu mandates in stages starting on February 16, 2022, although Health Minister Christian Dube publicly denied that the Freedom Convoy had to do with the termination of the mandates,[45] while Doug Ford, who previously had stood by Trudeau in his opposition to the Freedom Convoy and had been one of the most oppressive provincial premiers in imposing CCP flu diktats, did an about-face as he announced that "...(t)he world's done with (CCP flu restrictions)" and he would also be ending the restrictions in stages, though he also publicly denied that the Freedom Convoy played a part in his decision.[46] A trucker at the main Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa, who originally came from Romania, declared that Trudeau's divisive tactics and unconstitutional imposing of CCP flu diktats, under the ruse of "health" and "public safety", had effectively thrown Canada into a civil war between the majority of its people and the ruling Trudeau regime and its supporters, as well as turning Canada into a Communist dictatorship in all but name.[47] "Squad" member and Islamic Communist Ilhan Omar surprisingly roasted a liberal reporter who took part in the illegal doxxing of donors to the Freedom Convoy.[48] British politician Nigel Farage said of Trudeau and his invocation of the Act, "I just begin to think maybe this is a sign of them losing", as he condemned Trudeau's actions.[49]

The Ottawa Police Service, speaking at Trudeau's behest, publicly claimed that anyone still protesting in Ottawa is now "breaking the law" (even though there is no law, either federally, provincially or locally, against peaceful protesting);[50] in response, members of the main protest voted to dismiss the invocation of the Act as nothing more than a scare tactic utilized by Trudeau for intimidation purposes.[51] Elon Musk tweeted a humorous meme comparison of Trudeau and his actions against the Freedom Convoy to Adolf Hitler.[52] The current session of Parliament, which was to have debated over Trudeau's use of the Emergencies Act,[53] was canceled for the day on February 18, 2022 under allegations of "safety concerns" due to the Trudeau Gestapo's criminal actions against the peaceful protesters.[54] Alberta premier Jason Kenney announced that he has filed a legal challenge against Trudeau's unjustified use of the Emergencies Act, calling the dictator's action unnecessary, disproportionate, a violation of natural justice, an intrusion into provincial jurisdiction and a creation of a dangerous precedent;[55] Trudeau-supporting liberal media hacks attacked Kenney for supporting the Freedom Convoy, but Kenney shut the hacks down with his response, calling Trudeau's actions "bad public health theater", among other criticisms. The paranoid Trudeau unilaterally insisted on keeping his "emergency" powers despite his jackboots having largely quelled the Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa through violent means, claiming that "...(t)his state of emergency is not over... There continue to be real concerns about the coming days" while continuing to justify his use of the Emergencies Act;[56] as of Trudeau's speech, 191 protesters had been illegally arrested by the Trudeau jackboots on over 400 false charges for attempting to exercise their free speech and peaceful protest rights, while Trudeau hypocritically allowed violent leftists[57] to do as they please without retribution.

Liberal MP Ya’ara Saks, one of the Liberal/NDP bloc of MPs who voted to ratify Trudeau's invocation of the Emergencies Act, put her liberal derangement on full display when she ludicrously claimed, without proof, during a House of Commons meeting that the Internet meme "honk-honk" (used in support of the Freedom Convoy truckers and their protest) was an "acronym" for "Heil Hitler"; Saks has also claimed that the protesters were "pathologized" by "racism" and "white supremacy" despite the protesters being racially and ethnically diverse (and while ignoring that she is white herself).[58]

On February 23, 2022, Trudeau did a stunning about-face as he revoked the Emergencies Act, just one week after invoking it; conservative news outlets Rebel News and the Gateway Pundit speculated that Trudeau ended his use of the Act because it would have lost a vote in the Senate, resulting in the Act being terminated anyway.[59]

Like lockdowns, masks, and social distancing requirements, the "emergency" measures are claimed by the Trudeau regime to only "temporary".

Great Reset

Fascist Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland made clear that bank seizures and blacklisting would become permanent.[60][61] These blacklists would be implemented through what Klaus Schwab refers to as "digital antibodies."[62]

Seizure of bank accounts and property

Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, who is a supporter of George Soros and whose family has ties to Nazism,[63] announced an expansion of “terrorist financing” rules that would allow banks to freeze assets with no oversight. The new measures also apply to crowdfunding outlets and payment processing providers. “We are broadening the scope of Canada’s anti-money laundering and terrorist financing rules so that they cover crowdfunding platforms and the payment service providers they use,” Freeland said. The expanded rules also apply to digital assets, such as cryptocurrency. In enacting the changes, Freeland said that what she claimed were "illegal" blockades "...have highlighted the fact that crowdfunding platforms and some of the payment service providers they use are not fully captured under the proceeds of crime and terrorist financing act." All crowdfunding platforms and service providers were required to register with the Canadian government’s financial intelligence unit, FINTRAC, and report “large and suspicious transactions.”[64] The seizures were retroactive, meaning accounts could be frozen for actions taken prior to martial law being imposed.

GPS tracking of cell phone data is able to identify anyone within the vicinity of where protests take place.

Freeland went on to illegally threaten truckers with extreme measures if they do not go home. “If your truck is being used in these illegal blockades, your corporate accounts will be frozen, the insurance on your vehicle will be suspended,” Freeland added. Banks and financial services providers will also be allowed by Freeland to freeze or suspend accounts without a court order, intended by her to specifically target the Freedom Convoy and its supporters while hypocritically ignoring crowdfunding campaigns by violent leftist groups such as Antifa. “In doing so, they will be protected against civil liability for actions taken in good faith,” the Deputy PM continued - while she ignored that by acting at Freeland's behest in illegally targeting the Freedom Convoy and other peaceful and legal protests, the banks would be acting in bad faith and thus would not be protected against civil liability.

As part of his continued overreach of power, the Trudeau regime and the RCMP began sending the names of those taking part in the Freedom Convoy protests to Canadian banks with orders to freeze the accounts of the participants for standing up to Trudeau's illegal actions.[65] The opposition Conservatives condemned Trudeau and Freeland's heavy-handed move of freezing bank accounts without evidence of what the regime claimed was "extremist activity", with acting Conservative leader Candice Bergen stating that Trudeau "...has jumped straight to the most extreme measure."

Run on banks as a result of the liberal fascist regime's expropriation orders.

Canadian Justice Minister David Lametti told CTV News that citizens identified as supporting President Donald Trump are subject to “de-banking” as part of the Canadian government’s official target identification process. During the segment, Lametti hedged and dodged questioning about what terms and conditions the Canadian government is using to instruct the RCMP and financial institutions. However, after equating the Trudeau order to the same principles around terrorism, the ‘Justice Minister’ finally said:

”If you are a member of a pro Trump movement who is donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to this kind of thing, then you ought to be worried.”[66]

Trudeau's expropriation order caused a panic and a run on the banks.[67] People rushed to ATM's to withdraw their cash before the government could seize it. Five major Canadian banks went offline, preventing a number of customers from using e-Transfers, online banking, and mobile banking services. The financial institutions affected by the outage included the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), BMO (Bank of Montreal), Scotiabank, TD Canada Trust, and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC).[68]

Travel restrictions

Justin Trudeau’s Covid Compliance Minister, Marco Mendicino, said that any Canadians joining convoy protests in Ottawa or traveling to the area for support of the ongoing protests, risk being defined as domestic extremists connected to “dangerous criminal activity.” Any Canadian citizen who travels into a restricted zone, as defined by the Canadian government, will face a fine of up to $500 on summary conviction, or imprisonment for six months for their noncompliance. An indictment against a dissident subversive comes with a $5,000 fine and up to five years in jail. Additionally, the Canadian federal government has announced they will seize the children of any citizen who travels with a minor child for the purposes of entering one of the federally defined no-go zones. Reunification will be dependent on re-education at one of the jails, compounds or institutions of incarceration.[69]

According to Canadian State Media: “To those who may be thinking to come to Ottawa this weekend — don’t,” said Mendicino. “At best, the residents of the city have made it clear that this is not the time. And at worst, you may be tying yourself to dangerous criminal activity.”

The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa put out a statement urging parents at the demonstration to make alternate care arrangements “should they become unable to care for their children following potential police action.”

The Toronto Sun reported, Cold War-era East Berlin had armed checkpoints -- now Ottawa does too.[70] Canada’s capital constructed ‘no go zones” as in a police state. To get through the Berlin Wall under communism, people had to go through entry points known as Checkpoint Alpha, Checkpoint Bravo, and the infamous Checkpoint Charlie. To get passed Ottawa’s armed police checkpoints, people must produce papers to prove they live in the area or have a reason to be there.


Christian crowdfunding site GiveSendGo came under an illegal hacking attack and doxxing attempt by immature and hateful leftists who attacked the site in response to its support of crowdfunding for the Freedom Convoy protests in Canada in an attempt by the hackers to deny funding to the protesters; as part of their attack, the hackers displayed their immaturity with a mocking image on the site's main page containing foul language and lies about the Freedom Convoy and its supporters and about the aims of GiveSendGo in general (including false claims that it promotes funding for "hate groups", promotes "disinformation" and "insurrection" and constitutes a "threat to democracy" while hypocritically talking about foreign political interference), followed by the hackers illegally doxxing Freedom Convoy donors by claiming they would post the donors' information online.[71] The site temporarily shut down to deal with the attack and later came back online, with the site reporting that it is tracking down the hackers to pursue legal action against them for cybercrime.[72] Twitter user Joseph Camp later reported that the hackers, who called themselves the "Demon Hackers", had actually managed to get the GiveSendGo main page redirected to a parody site called "GiveSendGone" (which is registered with a domain provider called Namecheap), which Camp noted was a huge mistake by the hackers as Namecheap provides information about illegal/mischief activities to law enforcement; Camp also discredited the hackers as being nothing more than attention-seeking trolls and added that the hackers' claim to have thousands of pieces of donor information has been debunked as they have no link to download anything, and he noted that the Freedom Convoy fundraising campaign is hosted on a separate server and had to be temporarily taken offline due to an attempted DDoS attack by the hackers.[71]

Many suspect the hacking and doxxing could not have occurred without the aid of a state sponsored intelligence agency.[73] GiveSendGo founder Jacob Wells told Fox News the cyberattack and rapid dissemination of the donor files shows a deliberate, “well-orchestrated,” and politically motivated doxing effort, where the hacker closely coordinated his efforts with the Canadian government and state media.[74]

Mass arrests, seizures and Gestapo tactics

Trudeau began employing the Ottawa Police Service as his personal Gestapo to begin illegal arrests and seizures of the truckers' private property in violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. He started by ordering the arrests of Freedom Convoy organizers Chris Barber and Tamara Lich on false charges of "counseling to commit mischief" (a charge that would actually apply to the organizers of the violent riots perpetrated by Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other far-Left hate groups favored by Trudeau[75] and other corrupt leftist politicians), with Barber also being falsely charged with "counseling to disobey a court order" and "counseling to obstruct police".[76] The OPS, to cover up their crimes (including vandalism, assaults and the use of disproportionate force against the peaceful protesters),[77] also began making illegal threats of arrest (in violation of freedom of speech and freedom of the press) against members of the media who cover the Freedom Convoy,[78] while protesters prevented the OPS from illegally arresting another trucker;[79] in response to the OPS' threat against journalists, several constitutional rights groups condemned the force.[80] Ottawa bylaw officers, also acting at Trudeau's behest, made threats to illegally seize and euthanize the pets of Freedom Convoy protesters.[81]

Canadian Liberals and leaders of the Ottawa Police Service unprecedently ordered mounted police to charge peaceful group of Freedom Convoy protestors in Ottawa, leading to the near-murder of an elderly, disabled, First Nations woman riding a mobility scooter. Other protestors were similarly trampled.[82][83]

Hundreds more OPS officers, along with officers brought in from outside of Ottawa and from out of province (and reportedly even including disguised United Nations foreign stormtroopers being flown in from outside of Canada at Trudeau's invitation[84]), began flooding into Ottawa under orders from Trudeau to deal Gestapo-style with the Freedom Convoy and began violently clashing with protesters,[85] with there even being reports of police snipers on the rooftops of buildings near the site of the main protest.[86] Police were instructed to remove their name tags and badge numbers to avoid identification by protesters and journalists and provide cover for their criminal activity.[87] True North journalist Andrew Lawton was pepper sprayed by OPS jackboots as part of their Trudeau-ordered Gestapo-style illegal crackdown against the Freedom Convoy; in response, Candice Malcolm, another journalist for True North, has hired a lawyer to take the OPS to court for assault and targeting of a journalist.[88] Several OPS jackboots gang-attacked and viciously assaulted one protester and falsely accused other protesters of "assaulting" officers and tying to "grab their guns", while Trudeau ignored the carnage he had unleashed as he tweeted about the 2022 Winter Olympics in Peking.[89] Mounted RCMP officers in Ottawa later escalated the violence when they charged their horses into a group of protesters and brutally trampled several of them, including an elderly woman with a walker, and even callously laughing about their vicious and illegal actions, while Ottawa Public Health, in covering for the criminal actions of the jackboots, told Twitter users to "turn off Twitter" to keep said actions from being seen.[90]

In a demonstration of Trudeau's hypocrisy in his use of the Emergencies Act, he did nothing when violent masked Antifa-style leftists armed with axes and flare guns attacked a natural gas drill site near Houston, British Columbia, vandalized fuel lines, vehicles and equipment and viciously attacked the site workers in what the company drilling the site called a "highly organized and dangerous unprovoked attack";[91] the punks fled the scene before the arrival of the RCMP, who have asked the public's help for information that will lead to identification and arrest of the punks involved (who a Twitter user reported may have received foreign funding to organize the attack via the same type of crowdfunding used by the Freedom Convoy protesters). Rebel News reported that the punks may have been motivated to execute their attack by the violent rhetoric of Canadian scientist, environmental conspiracy theorist and former CBC propagandist David Suzuki.[92] Unsurprisingly, Trudeau's controversial environment minister Steven Guilbeault, himself a former eco-terrorist, defended Suzuki's rhetoric as the Liberals refused to cut ties with him. RCMP Musical Ride officers in Ottawa to assist the OPS were discovered to be bragging to their comrades about using brutal force against the protesters, mocking them and laughing about the officers' Gestapo behavior in a leaked online group chat, conducted while the Musical Ride members were staying at a fancy Ottawa hotel at taxpayer expense;[93] upon news of the controversy becoming public, the RCMP went into damage control mode as it announced that it would be investigating the officers involved.[94]


Canadian Liberal fascists ordered police to quell the protests. Ottawa mounted police used horses to charge into a crowd of peaceful protesters. The regime attacked crowds with rubber bullets and tear gas,[95] smashing truckers' windows amid frigid winter temperatures. An elderly, disabled, First Nations woman, a Mohawk elder[96][97][98] later identified as Candice Sero,[99] was standing with her mobility walker as the mounted police charged over her. She was originally reported to have been trampled to death,[100] but was later reported to be alive and in hospital with a dislocated shoulder.[101] Her words she spoke before she was trampled were recorded on video just before the assault by forces loyal to the liberal fascist regime: "Peace, love, and happiness. Peace. We are peaceful."[102] Social media exploded with calls for the UN to investigate Trudeau's human rights abuses.[103] Rebel News reporter Alexa Lavoie was viciously assaulted and injured by OPS jackboots, one of whom lunged at her and struck her in the head three times without provocation, followed by a second jackboot shooting a tear gas canister at her leg at point-blank range, all of which was caught live on camera as she was covering the OPS' continuing Trudeau-ordered Gestapo tactics against Freedom Convoy protesters.[104] Several of the protesters rescued Lavoie from being further attacked by the uniformed thugs. Rebel News host Ezra Levant, who speculated that Trudeau has officially ordered his jackboots to attack journalists who film their criminal activity and pointed out that some of them intentionally attacked Lavoie after they saw her filming them assaulting protesters, announced that the news outlet will sue the OPS for its criminal assault against Lavoie. Police received so many complaints about police misconduct that they sent out a tweet asking the public to stop calling emergency numbers.[105]

Social media reaction condemning the tactics of Trudeau's jackboots has been swift, with some referring to them as cowards for assaulting women and the elderly, while a tiny minority of small-minded liberals actually cheered on the jackboots' violence and claimed, without proof, that those assaulted (including Lavoie) either "deserved" it or were "faking" it.[106] Republicans introduced legislation in the U.S. Congress to grant political asylum to victims of oppression of the fascist totalitarian Liberal party of Canada.[107]

Message of hope

Shortly after Trudeau's invocation of the Emergencies Act, Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò recorded a message in support of the Freedom Convoy, urging the protesters in the convoy and their supporters, both in Canada and elsewhere, to stand strong in opposition against the Trudeau regime and against other corrupt political leaders and elitists who seek to impose the Great Reset against an unwilling public. Archbishop Viganò's video message contained aerial images of scenes of the area around the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa and show the large number of protesters at the scene, exposing Trudeau's claim of the protest being a "small fringe minority", and the liberal media's complicit downplaying of the trucker convoy numbers, for the lies that they are.[108]

Human rights abuses

New Mexico Republican congresswomman Yvette Herrell announced that she will introduce legislation to grant temporary asylum to the Canadian truck drivers being illegally persecuted by the Trudeau regime;[109] Herrell announced the legislation on her Twitter account after comparing the Trudeau regime to Marxist-ruled Venezuela. Franklin Graham, the son of evangelist Billy Graham, thanked the Freedom Convoy protesters for taking a stand against the Trudeau regime and its oppressive rule.[110] Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul condemned Trudeau for invoking the Emergencies Act and for his regime's heavy-handed persecution of the protesters.[111]

Arizona Republican Senator Tom Cotton also condemned Trudeau and his regime, saying of them "...(t)he hypocrisy of these liberals knows no bounds" during a Fox News Channel interview;[112] in relation to that statement, he also said that "...these are the very same liberals, of course, who marched in the streets and celebrated the BLM rioters in 2020 that caused billions of dollars of damage with rioting and arson and looting that resulted in many deaths..." A survey on Trudeau's invocation of the Emergencies Act revealed that a majority of Americans, as well as a majority of Republicans and independent voters, disapprove of Trudeau's actions, while a majority of Democrats voiced support for his invocation of the Act.[113]

As a result of the controversy generated by the illegal actions of the Trudeau regime and its Ottawa Police Service jackboots against the Freedom Convoy protesters and their supporters, a Public Order Emergency Commission was organized to investigate the legality of Trudeau's invocation of the Emergencies Act and the incidents in question and to interview Trudeau, various ministers in his regime (including Chrystia Freeland), former Ottawa mayor/Trudeau puppet Jim Watson and Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich, among others, as part of the commission's investigation.[114] The Commission began its inquiry on October 13, 2022 and is expected to conclude on November 25.

Ruling on Trudeau regime's actions

On January 23, 2024, the Canadian Federal Court ruled that the Trudeau regime's decision to invoke the Emergencies Act as its justification for its illegal actions against the Freedom Convoy was unreasonable, unjustified and in violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.[115] Writing on the Court's ruling, Justice Richard Mosley said:

I have concluded that the decision to issue the Proclamation does not bear the hallmarks of reasonableness – justification, transparency and intelligibility – and was not justified in relation to the relevant factual and legal constraints that were required to be taken into consideration.

Mosley also added that in the ruling that the requirements for invoking the Emergencies Act had not been met by the peaceful protests;[116] lawyer Keith Wilson, who had worked with the Convoy leadership, particularly noted the regime's violation of Section 8 of the Charter, covering the right against illegal search and seizure, in its illegal freezing and seizure of hundreds of bank accounts and cancellation of credit cards belonging to Convoy participants, while Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre tweeted that Trudeau had broken the law by his illegal invocation of the Act, then called for Trudeau's removal from office in light of the recent judicial ruling.[117] Liberal Party cabinet ministers, including Chrystia Freeland (who continued to flimsily justify the use of the Act despite the ruling), announced that the Trudeau regime would appeal the ruling.

United States

In the United States, a Rasmussen poll conducted on February 13-14, 2022 found 59% of likely U.S. voters supported the Canadian trucker protests.[118] It wasn't long before Freedom convoys were organized in the United States. The Great American Patriot Project organized convoys and asking volunteers starting from Cleveland, Columbus, Ohio as well as Fresno, California. Organizers made clear from the beginning in an email blast that the truckers represent “peaceful, non-violent Americans who are dissatisfied with the unscientific, unconstitutional government overreach in regards to mandates" and scheduled to meet a congressional welcome committee on March 6, 2022 to discuss policy changes.[119]

U.S. socialist premier Joe Biden extended the COVID National Emergency declaration, which was scheduled to expire on March 1, 2022, for another year.[120] Barricades and razor wire were erected in D.C. weeks before the truckers arrived.[121] The U.S. Freedom Convoy along with freedom convoys in other nations have been accused of being a false flag operation, intended to provide the government an excuse for repressive measures.[122]


In Australia it was reported on February 12, 2022 that 1.4 million cars converged on the Australian capitol of Canberra to protest tyrannical leftist covid mandates.[123]


India slammed Trudeau for his reaction to the Freedom Convoy, while he simultaneously supported farmers' protests in the Indian capital of New Delhi in 2021 which blocked streets and shut down the city.[124]


Iran, ironically one of the worst human rights abusers in the world and a state sponsor of Islamic terrorism, condemned the Trudeau regime for its attacks on the Freedom Convoy.[125]


Irish senator Sharon Keogan condemned Trudeau for his use of excessive force to violently suppress the protesters and for invoking the Emergencies Act to unjustly punish Canadians for exercising their right to peacefully protest against the Trudeau regime's overreach.[126]

New Zealand

Similar to what happened with the main Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa, Canada, police jackboots under orders from New Zealand socialist dictator Jacinda Ardern viciously attacked anti-CCP flu mandate protesters in Wellington, the national capital, following the lead of their Canadian comrades in using violent Gestapo-style tactics against the protesters, who have been camped near the country's Parliament building for their protest.[127]

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