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Richard L. “Rachel” Levine
Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services for Health
From: 2021 – present
Successor Incumbent (no successor)
Spouse(s) Martha Peaslee (div.)

Dr. Rachel Leland Levine (born October 28, 1957), is the emotionally disturbed assistant secretary of health in the Biden regime. Levine began receiving therapy for the psychological impairment in 2001.[1] Levine formerly worked in the Pennsylvania Department of Health under totalitarian Democrat Tom Wolf. Levine was appointed to the federal post by socialist leader Joe Biden in 2021. Levine is an ardent proponent of genital mutilation of children.[2]

The Daily Citizen, a publication of Focus on the Family, tweeted that Levine "is a transgender woman, that is, a man who believes he is a woman." Twitter locked the magazine out of its account, informing the publication that the tweet violated user rules forbidding "hateful conduct."[3]

In October 2021, Levine became the first alleged female 4-star Admiral of the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps,[4] a 6,000-member force that responds to health crises on the federal government’s behalf, including administering coronavirus vaccines.[5]

Levine was a classmate of woke activist and chairperson of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley at the elite private Belmont Hill School for boys in Boston in the 1970s.[6] The school has a reputation as an "all-boys Massachusetts prep school well known for its almost entirely homosexual student body".[7]

Pennsylvania nursing home deaths

See also: Death panel

As the secretary of the Pennsylvania Health Department during the CCP pandemic, Levine ordered nursing homes that house healthy seniors to take in COVID-19 positive patients, which resulted in thousands of needless deaths.[8] By mid-May 2020, two-thirds of all coronavirus-related deaths in the state occurred in nursing homes.[9] A liberal hypocrite, Levine removed his own mother from a personal care home as the deaths rose dramatically.[9][10]

Biden junta

After demonstrating his expertise in killing thousands of Pennsylvania seniors in what was apparently deemed a qualification by the Biden junta, Levine was nominated by the junta leader himself for the position of Assistant Health Secretary.[11] Professor David Upham at the University of Dallas has commented upon Levine as follows: "There, Dr. Levine, in concert with the whole Biden administration, will try to use the powers of the federal government to FORCE others, by their words and their deeds, including their medical expertise and know-how to participate in these falsehoods, these hormonal and surgical harms–these wrongs." Dr. Christina Crenshaw at Baylor University has asked of Levine: "What if I don’t want biological boys in the bathroom with my biological daughter? Do the 99% of us who do not struggle with gender dysphoria have a voice? No? Cool." Levine advocated for government intervention into forcing business owners to allow biological boys to use bathrooms and showers with biological girls.[12]


Levine is the recipient of the prestigious Babylon Bee Man of the Year Award for 2022.[13]

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