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In Canada, the country's state-run single payer healthcare system has buckled under the strain of the CCP virus.[1] With the onset of the CCP flu pandemic after Communist China unleashed it on the world, Canada subsequently came under lockdown diktats ordered by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his unelected public health officer, alleged "doctor"[2] and presumed CCP plant Theresa Tam[3], ordering the closures of schools and public events, fining of gatherings by police and the shuttering of businesses considered "non-essential", while as with the United States, widespread shortages of health-related supplies, including face masks, personal protective equipment, testing reagents and capacity for vaccine manufacturing, also became an issue.

On April 7, 2020 the City of Toronto recalled more than 60,000 surgical masks made in China. The masks, valued at more than $200,000, were provided to staff at long-term care facilities. Toronto health authorities were investigating whether caregivers were exposed to COVID-19 while wearing the equipment. The masks represented around 50% of Toronto's inventory of surgical masks, according to Matthew Pegg, Toronto's fire chief and general manager of emergency management.

In May 2020, Justin Trudeau drew criticism for using Canadian tax dollars to import CCP flu "vaccines", manufactured using aborted fetal tissue, from China to test on Canadians.[4] In a March 2021 interview with Rebel News, Dr. Mark Trozzi expressed his doubts about the "vaccines", rhetorically asking why he would "...take a potentially dangerous experimental injection for a non-fatal illness".[5]

According to The Washington Post, China took two Canadian citizens hostage, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, to pressure Canada not to extradite to the United States Meng Wanzhou, the chief financial officer of Huawei and daughter of Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei.[6] After Justin Trudeau publicly thanked Taiwan for Covid relief assistance, the CCP demanded return of two pandas from the Calgary Zoo. A petition circulated demanding the release of Canadian hostages in exchange for the pandas. The diplomatic uproar exemplified the value left-wing Chinese Communists place on human life (i.e. none).[7]

In November 2020, physician Dr. Roger Hodkinson criticized the politicization of the CCP flu pandemic and the sensationalization of same by the media at a meeting in Edmonton, pointing out that face masks are "...utterly useless. There is no evidence base for their effectiveness whatsoever. Paper masks and fabric masks are simply virtue-signaling", and that the CCP flu " not Ebola. It's not SARS. It’s politics playing medicine and that’s a very dangerous game."[8] Hodkinson also recommended for people who feel sick to stay home, eat chicken noodle soup, and make sure those who are vulnerable take Vitamin D.

Independent journalists who have attempted to report the truth about the pandemic and about CCP flu "vaccines", comment about the legality of lockdowns and unconstitutional attacks on rights and freedoms and report about protests against lockdowns and other pandemic-related issues that attempt to hold the Trudeau regime and its provincial counterparts accountable have been targeted for illegal harassment and fines by the RCMP[9] and by regional police forces,[10] which the Trudeau regime, the provinces and local jurisdictions are now using as their "COVID-19 enforcers" to try to intimidate journalists and censor and silence the truth in violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.[11]

On March 24, 2021, the CBC, Canada's state broadcaster and the propaganda wing of the Liberal Party of Canada, aired an announcement by Theresa Tam[3] claiming that there would be a "third wave" of the CCP flu, driven by alleged "variants", hitting the provinces during the spring.[12] Predictably, the CBC's YouTube posting of that story was heavily ratioed and criticized in its comment section, with the video receiving nearly ten times as many dislikes as it did likes.

On March 31, 2021, at the recommendation of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization, Health Canada suspended use of the AstraZeneca CCP flu "vaccine" for people under age 55 over concerns about its link to the development of blood clots,[13] a concern later confirmed by the European Union as Germany, Italy, France, Spain and other countries likewise suspended use of the AstraZeneca "vaccine" following reports of 44 cases of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, a rare brain clotting condition, out of 9.2 million Europeans who received the "vaccine".[14]

On April 1, 2021, Fox News host Tucker Carlson took aim at Canadian "COVID-19 hotels" created and funded by Justin Trudeau, which Carlson compared with internment camps and which he pointed out illegally violate human rights by forcing Canadian travelers returning from overseas vacations to either be detained for quarantine at the facilities or risk heavy fines and imprisonment.[15] Carlson also reported on the substandard conditions of the detainment facilities, including food and water shortages, missing locks on doors and female detainees being sexually assaulted, and he also criticized state broadcaster the CBC for spreading disinformation about the facilities. In a similar earlier criticism of those facilities and the Trudeau regime's actions, Rebel News reporter Keean Bexte, who had similarly been illegally targeted and coerced after returning from an assignment in Florida, compared them to gulags, pointed out that what the Trudeau regime is doing flagrantly violates sections of the Charter and announced that Rebel News would be suing the regime to force the abolition of the pandemic facilities program.[16] On April 26, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the "COVID-19 hotels" violated Charter protections (specifically, against Section 7, covering the right to life, liberty and security of person, and Section 9, covering the right to not be arbitrarily detained), though it did not issue an injunction against the program; a full hearing on the constitutionality of said facilities is scheduled for June 1-3, 2021.[17]

On April 26, 2021, the Toronto Sun newspaper published the results of a study by Douglas W. Allen, an economics professor at Simon Fraser University in the Vancouver suburb of Burnaby, British Columbia, indicating that the CCP flu lockdowns are ineffective and that the long-term societal harms of the lockdowns, including job losses and mental health challenges, are 282 times greater than any presumed benefits.[18] On the basis of that report, independent (formerly Conservative) Member of Parliament Derek Sloan pointed out that the lockdowns are destroying Canadian communities and that few politicians in Canada were willing to oppose the lockdown diktats due to cowardice and lack of courage;[19] Sloan also spoke out against "vaccine passports" and the mass injection of children with the experimental CCP flu "vaccines", calling them " absolute negligent crime against Canadians."[20]

Prior to an anti-lockdown rally in Toronto on May 15, 2021, People's Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier stated in an interview with Rebel News reporter Alexa Lavoie that all CCP flu lockdowns in Canada should be ended immediately, citing how the lockdowns have negatively affected many small businesses across the country; he also voiced opposition to "vaccine passports", saying that such documents would cause the creation of a "show me your papers" society (akin to Nazi Germany and the USSR and other Communist-ruled countries) and the creation of new societal classes based on vaccination status (i.e. medical apartheid[21]).[22]

As in the United States,[23] worship services,[24] other public gatherings[25] and many businesses in Canada[26] have been negatively affected by the illegal and unconstitutional diktats, police harassment/persecution and unjust punishments imposed by Justin Trudeau, Theresa Tam and their liberal provincial and municipal counterparts (including British Columbia premier John Horgan,[27] Ontario premier Doug Ford,[28] Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi[29] and Toronto mayor John Tory[30]) during the pandemic while hypocritically allowing leftists to hold "protest" events.[31] Rebel News has also questioned why Theresa Tam and Canada's unelected provincial public health officers have turned into tyrants drunk on their own power, shutting down churches, fitness gyms, restaurants and various small businesses based solely on flaunting the power bestowed upon them by Justin Trudeau and the provincial premiers.[32]



  • In Edmonton, former Alberta NDP premier Rachel Notley exhibited signs of the CCP flu while holding a press conference at the Alberta Legislature, yet refused to quarantine herself as she attended legislature sessions while hypocritically demanding business closures across the province and unconstitutional restrictions on personal freedoms despite no longer being in power; when asked by Rebel News about CCP flu testing within the Alberta NDP's ranks, Notley and MLA Kathleen Ganley refused to answer and ran off.[33]
  • In Calgary, a bar and restaurant called Outlaws Taphouse and Bar was driven out of business by heavy-handed pandemic-related government bureaucracy by Alberta Health Services, the City of Calgary, the provincial Occupational Health and Safety department and the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission, which insisted on the enforcement of face mask diktats, refused to allow for mask exemptions, imposed unreasonable orders on them and stripped the bar of their food handling permit, their business license and their liquor license, followed by the Calgary Police Service being sent to serve a closure notice on the bar.[34] Attorney Chad Williamson, who represented the bar in its legal battle against the local and provincial bureaucracies over the pandemic diktats, announced that he will be looking at ways to hold the involved agencies accountable for their imposition of pandemic-related anti-business tyranny.
  • In Calgary, a tattoo shop called Dimensions Tattoos was unjustly hit with a $1,000 "lockdown ticket" by Alberta Health Services, despite the shop following a local mask bylaw, for its refusal to allow health inspectors invade the stop in search of alleged "COVID-19 violations".[35] Shop owners Sarah Ken and Peel Smith, both of whom are mask-exempt for medical reasons and have also allowed mask-exempted clients to book tattoo appointments, were ratted out to local agencies by some non-customers who objected to Ken, Smith and some of their customers not wearing masks due to exemption, which led to the shop's current legal and bureaucratic hassles. Rebel News, which covered the story, has offered legal help to Dimensions Tattoos to help them fight the lockdown ticket.
  • In Calgary, Artur Pawlowski, the pastor of the Cave of Adullam Church, fought back against the discriminatory diktats against church services by ordering Calgary police officers and an AHS inspector who disrupted a Holy Week worship service in the church by coming in without a warrant in search of alleged "COVID-19 violations" to leave the church, calling the intruding officers Nazis and Gestapo.[36] Pawlowski, who had seen similar such tactics used by the then-ruling Communist Polish United Workers' Party while living in his native Poland, was correct in his action, as Section 176 of the Criminal Code of Canada makes it a crime to disrupt a worship service,[37] thereby making the officers' warrantless intrusion, which was done with the intention of intimidation of religious worshipers, illegal. Pastor Pawlowski later pointed out that religious clergy and business owners need to find the courage to stand up to the totalitarian actions of politicians and unelected public officials who impose illegal decrees and engage in actions intended to infringe on human rights, discriminate and intimidate, stating that such actions are unacceptable.[38]
  • When the Calgary Police Service later sent a SWAT team to accompany the same health bureaucrat to make another attempt to illegally disrupt a worship service in a show of intimidation, Pawlowski stood his ground and ran the officers and the bureaucrat off after refusing to let them into his church and again calling them out for Nazi-like behavior.[39]
  • Rebel News subsequently reported that the CPS had obtained a secret warrant from sympathetic liberal judge M. David Gates[40] to use any force necessary - including the illegal use of force to haul Pawlowski before a kangaroo court and unjustly jail him on a false "contempt" charge for refusing to allow the CPS and the AHS bureaucrats to violate the Criminal Code by their illegal disruptions of his church services.[41] Pawlowski was able to avoid being illegally arrested by the CPS during a worship service when hundreds of people showed up in support of him for the service, though he has since been served with a "health order" from the City of Calgary demanding that standards be met to prevent the city taking action (i.e. illegal seizure) against his church building, similar to what happened to GraceLife Church in Edmonton (noted below).[42] Pawlowski responded to the unjustified threats against him and his church by planning to hold worship services outdoors.[43]
  • Soon after the conclusion of a recent weekend worship service at Pawlowski's church (in which congregants ejected the CPS from the church after CPS officers tried to illegally disrupt that service[44]), a heavily-armed CPS SWAT team stormed in Gestapo style and illegally arrested Pawlowski on a false charge of "incitement" for opening the church in defiance of unconstitutional lockdown diktats,[45] after which he was taken to be held in a local jail where he was treated as a political prisoner for exercising his faith, was illegally abused by corrupt CPS officers and was refused contact with his attorneys, while the liberal media, in acts of journalistic unprofessionalism, gleefully cheered the pastor's arrest;[46] after that egregious treatment was exposed on the Rebel News site following an interview with him, Pawlowski was allowed a brief phone call with his attorneys (one of which, Sarah Miller, later reported in an interview that Pawlowski's legal team were working to get him released and noted the poor treatment he received while in jail[47]). Soon after the interview, Pawlowski was released on bail, but still faces a hearing in court on his refusal to bow to the illegal persecution being perpetrated against him for choosing God over the State;[48] controversially, the director of the Calgary Remand Centre, where Pawlowski was being held (along with his brother Dawid, who was arrested at the same time), decided, for purely political reasons and in defiance of the presiding judge's release order, to illegally refuse to release them for several hours before finally deciding to do so once the director's actions began drawing public scrutiny.[49] Even after being released, the Pawlowskis were followed home by CPS vehicles and a helicopter in an illegal act of harassment and intimidation. Pastor Pawlowski also reported that at his bail hearing, he showed up while kept in leg irons[50] and was told that the AHS had sought to keep him in solitary confinement - which is considered a form of torture - for 24 days under the specious claim of "COVID-19 protection measures";[51] because of the illegal actions taken by the remand centre employees (including denying him the right to speak to his attorneys), the hearing for Pawlowski has been delayed.[52]
  • It was also reported that some anonymous pro-lockdown cranks had also caused trouble for Pawlowski's church with several malicious acts of vandalism as well as by spreading nails and dog feces around the church parking lot, which the CPS chose to ignore when those incidents - which could be defined as hate crimes due to their nature - came to their attention.[53] Pawlowski's home was also recently targeted by pro-lockdown arsonists who attempted to burn the house down.[54]
  • To make sure his legal battle would not be compromised, Pawlowski has chosen since then to maintain a low profile as he awaits his upcoming court hearing at home in prayer with his family, with substitute pastor Peter Reicher taking over in leading worship services with the Cave of Adullam's congregation.[55] While there were no police present to harass the congregants at a recent outdoor worship service, a handful of pro-lockdown leftists living next door to the church tried to loudly, angrily and profanely harass some of the worshipers, with one of the loudmouthed leftists in particular acting in an immature and childish manner while mocking those who criticized her for her behavior.
  • Reicher was later served with an injunction, the same one under which Pawlowski and fellow pastor Tim Stephens (see below) were illegally arrested, implying that he would also be illegally threatened with arrest if he proceeded with a Saturday worship service.[56] At the service itself, several CPS officers showed up with an intent to do damage control thanks to the recent hits the CPS has taken to its reputation by acting under orders from Alberta health minister Tyler Shandro to illegally persecute religious worshipers under the ruse of "public health" enforcement during the CCP flu pandemic; the officers claimed that they had no intention of disrupting the service, but their mere presence was distracting enough to the congregation to cause disruption of the service anyhow as several of the congregants went to confront them, though the confrontation ended without incident.
  • Not long after his release from jail, Pawlowski and his daughter were out grocery shopping when they were confronted by a man presumed to be mentally ill, who verbally berated Pawlowski in the store and then viciously attacked the pastor outside the store; although Pawlowski is trained in martial arts and could have easily stopped his attacker, he chose not to do so but instead photographed the man and his vehicle before the man fled, after which Pawlowski reported him to the CPS.[57] Rebel News speculated in its report on the incident that the man may have been influenced in his attack on Pawlowski by incitement of malice and anger against Pawlowski by corrupt pro-lockdown Alberta politicians and the liberal media.
  • Reicher was recently served by the CPS with a summons to appear in provincial court under the same anti-free speech injunction imposed by liberal judge John Rooke[58] against Chris Scott (see below) and all other Albertans to illegally prevent them from protesting against Jason Kenney's lockdown diktats.[59] Axa Reichel, Pastor Reichel's wife, correctly called the CPS' actions (including aiding in illegal persecution of Christians by the Jason Kenney regime) criminal and called for the officers serving the summons to repent, while Reichel, after finishing signing documents, quipped that Canada had become a Communist country because of the CCP flu pandemic.
  • Anti-Christian pro-lockdown troublemakers recently committed a vile act of vandalism against the Cave of Adullam Church when they left a large amount of horse manure spread throughout the church's parking lot (which has been used as an outdoor worship space), along with deposits of syringe needles and garbage.[60]
  • In Edmonton, corrupt members of the city's police service, acting under the orders of Rachel Notley (even though she is no longer the Alberta premier), displayed Gestapo-like tactics as they illegally attacked and assaulted peaceful anti-CCP flu lockdown protesters and Rebel News reporter Keean Bexte during that protest, then unjustly arrested anti-lockdown protester David Pawlowski with no verifiable cause.[25]
  • In Edmonton, government bureaucrats, with assistance from the RCMP, staged an illegal armed raid and occupation of the GraceLife Church, then fenced off the church building, as part of discriminatory persecution of religious worshippers battling the province's unconstitutional CCP flu lockdown orders against places of worship.[61] The church's pastor, James Coates, has been unjustly targeted by bureaucrats, starting by hitting him with a $1,200 fine and illegally holding him in jail for 35 days[62] for what Edmonton police claimed was a "violation" of CCP flu diktats by holding a church service,[63] followed by police and Alberta Health Services inspectors spying on weekly services at the church,[64] then by the RCMP, in Gestapo-style fashion, adding more fencing and road blockades to restrict access to the church building and property,[65] all in attempts to illegally attack religious freedom and to make an example of Pastor Coates and GraceLife Church for their undertaking of their constitutional right to worship. In response to the targeting and persecution of GraceLife Church and Pastor Coates as well as other churches in the province, religious leaders spoke out against the government's actions and called for the reopening of all churches in Alberta to worship without restrictions on capacity or other restrictions.[66]
  • The GraceLife congregation responded by tearing down the fencing surrounding the church to regain access to it, resulting in 200 RCMP officers, heavily armed and dressed in riot gear, being deployed to use Gestapo tactics to illegally harass and persecute the congregation.[67]
  • During a recent protest against government overreach during the pandemic on the church property by members of the GraceLife congregation, outside infiltrators, seeking to start trouble for GraceLife with the police, tried to pull the fence down, but the legitimate protesters put the fence back up to avoid trouble from the police; during the protests against CCP flu lockdowns and religious persecution, the GraceLife congregation has held services off-site at secret locations to avoid bureaucratic and RCMP scrutiny.[68]
  • Dr. Roger Hodkinson, who previously spoke out about the politicization of the pandemic, criticized AHS and the RCMP for their heavy-handed actions against GraceLife, pointing out that there is no balance being struck between public health, civil liberties and the economy.[69]
  • Members of the GraceLife congregation, along with other protesters, later gathered outside the Alberta Legislature to protest the heavy-handed unconstitutional crackdowns and illegal persecution of religious worshipers at the behest of Alberta "conservative" premier Jason Kenney,[70] while Coates is currently being placed on "trial" in a kangaroo court for standing up against the lockdown edicts by refusing to limit the number of attendees at his church during worship services.[71]
  • GraceLife Church announced that it would be taking AHS to court to force the agency to return GraceLife's church building, which AHS still illegally possesses following its seizure, to the congregation.[72]
  • In the hamlet of Mirror, the Whistle Stop Café, a local restaurant which defied the lockdown diktats of Jason Kenney by refusing to close,[73] held an anti-lockdown event attended by hundreds of customers, most of which ate outside but some of which chose to eat inside the restaurant.[74] Among those taking part in the event was guest chef and Toronto restaurant owner Adam Skelly, whose own restaurant, Adamson Barbecue, was heavy-handedly targeted by Ontario government bureaucrats for defying lockdown diktats there and who was himself illegally harrassed by authorities for taking a stand.[75] Alberta Health Services bureaucrats, accompanied by the RCMP, showed up to impose a closure order on the restaurant and removed the indoor diners, but did not attempt to stop the outdoor event itself due to the large number of people present. Other Alberta restaurants, acting in solidarity with the Whistle Stop and its owner Chris Scott, also reopened their own facilities for indoor dining in defiance of the lockdowns, forcing the Alberta government to initially back down and allow indoor dining at restaurants to resume back in February,[76] but Kenney later arbitrarily reversed course and forced the closure of indoor dining at restaurants again, which led Scott to resume his battle with the provincial health bureaucrats.[77]
  • The Whistle Stop was recently raided and illegally seized by AHS bureaucrats and the RCMP in response to Scott's stand against the bureaucrats;[78] in response to the illegal actions of AHS and the RCMP (which also closed down the Whistle Stop's connected gas station, convenience store and campsite, the only source for gas and general supplies in the hamlet), Scott set up what he calls the "Whistle Stop Freedom Park", where he continues to cook and serve the restaurant's customers, and has announced plans for a huge protest against the Kenney regime's heavy-handed actions.[79] The Kenney regime and AHS responded to the announced protest by obtaining a secret injunction to block the constitutionally-protected protest, illegally threatening to jail Scott and anyone else who takes part in the protest.[80] The RCMP subsequently followed through on Kenney's threat and arrested Scott when he held the protest, which drew over 1,500 people despite adverse weather conditions.[81]
  • At a later court hearing in Calgary, Scott was illegally denied legal representation when his lawyer Chad Williamson was barred from the hearing; Williamson later stated in a Rebel News interview that the actions of the Kenney regime in trampling the rights of Albertans were illegal.[82] It was later announced that Scott was to be released from custody pending a court hearing.[83] When a judge in Calgary refused to overturn the unconstitutional anti-free speech secret injunction by AHS, Scott's attorneys responded by announcing plans to summon Alberta's public health officer Deena Hinshaw and the AHS inspector who made constant visits to the Whistle Stop for examination at the hearing, which the judge agreed to.[84]
  • Scott and Williamson are now taking AHS to the Alberta Court of Appeal over AHS' illegal actions in intentionally denying Scott access to an attorney by failing to inform Williamson about the proceedings against Scott, as well as neglecting to inform the court that Scott had legal representation at all.[85]
  • Scott again returned to court for a hearing where AHS demanded jail time and heavy financial penalties for him for standing up for his rights and those of other Albertans by keeping his business open in defiance of the lockdown diktats and of AHS and its illegal harassment.[86] Williamson countered during the presentation of Scott's case by pointing out the various instances of illegal actions and hypocrisy by AHS, as well as the ill treatment of Scott while in jail for standing up for his rights, while Scott himself noted that the Kenney regime and AHS has failed the people of Alberta by mismanaging the pandemic.
  • In Edmonton, over 2,000 protesters (including representatives from various business, faith, medical, civil liberties and amateur sports groups) showed up at the Alberta Legislature to protest against, and call for the end of, the CCP flu lockdowns; many of the participants stated that they were sick and tired of being separated from their families, constant fearmongering by politicians and their liberal media propagandists, the damage being done to small businesses by the lockdowns, the effects of lockdown isolation on children and being name-called by elitist politicians for standing up for their rights and principles.[87] Jason Kenney responded (and in doing so, proved the protesters' collective points) by falsely claiming that the protesters were "conspiracy theorists" and "unhinged".
  • Justin Jensen, a registered massage therapist and competitive bodybuilder, spoke out against the CCP flu lockdowns in Alberta, joining those who have pointed out that the lockdowns (which have affected fitness gyms, among other businesses) are ineffective and that lack of activity and the sedentary lifestyles developing due to the lockdowns, which lead to health deterioration, only make things worse.[88]
  • In Calgary, Dustin Sutley, the owner of local fitness gym Sweat Science Boxing and a vocal opponent of the CCP flu lockdown measures being taken by Alberta Health Services, took action against the related draconian targeting of fitness gyms in the city by organizing a campaign with other gyms to remain open in defiance of the lockdown, only for most of the other gyms to back down when Naheed Nenshi, in an attempt to make an example of Sutley for leading the anti-lockdown effort, threatened to pull their business licenses.[89] Sutley has refused to close his gym or to back down from either Nenshi or AHS on principle, stating the importance of exercise for physical and emotional well-being and that the negative health impacts of gym closures are far worse than the insignificant alleged risks of the CCP flu.
  • Jason Kenney announced the imposition of more draconian lockdown measures, including a provincewide curfew to take effect at 8:00 p.m. each evening, as part of his latest lockdown edict, which (as have similar such diktats in other Canadian provinces and in the United States) has come under criticism for being based on politics, power and control, not on science, as well as for allowing unelected public health officials to dictate what people can and cannot do under the lockdowns and doing so strictly for the celebrity notoriety and the attention.[90]
  • An anti-lockdown rodeo was held at a farm south of the town of Bowden (near Red Deer), drawing rodeo cowboys from across Canada and from as far away as Australia and attended by up to 3,000 on each day of the event.[91] It was originally planned to hold the rodeo at the Bowden Rodeo Grounds, but after interference by Alberta Health Services, it was relocated to the farm owned by local farmer Ty Northcott. Pro-lockdown "news" reporters from Calgary's CTV station CFCN-DT complained about the rodeo, as one of them, Kathy Le, hysterically fretted about there being no social distancing or face masks,[92] while two other reporters bragged on Twitter about demonstrating willingness to rat out the rodeo attendees to the police, which drew criticism against the reporters.[93]
  • Jason Kenney came under heavy criticism for enacting even harsher CCP flu lockdown edicts on the province while hypocritically exempting big businesses like Walmart and the NHL, despite evidence revealing that the actual number of deaths attributed to the CCP flu in Alberta are currently down 80%.[94] Rebel News pointed out that Kenney's latest lockdown diktats are not about health, but all about power and control (similar to what Justin Trudeau and Kenney's other provincial counterparts, including John Horgan in British Columbia, Brian Pallister in Manitoba, Doug Ford in Ontario and François Legault in Quebec are doing).[95]
  • In Calgary, another house of worship came under attack by the Calgary Police Service at the behest of Alberta Health Services when Fairview Baptist Church began being surveilled by the CPS, as well as CPS-escorted AHS bureaucrats twice[96] trying to illegally disrupt worship services and the church's pastor, Tim Stephens, being illegally ticketed multiple times for defying the unconstitutional lockdown edicts of Jason Kenney by holding indoor worship services at full capacity.[97]
  • Stephens was later illegally[98] arrested by the CPS at the behest of AHS following a worship service without justifiable charge; the CPS refused to tell Rebel News why they were arresting him.[99] Ezra Levant criticized the CPS for the illegal arrest, accusing them of cowardice in going after a Christian minister while giving free passes to pro-"Palestine" protesters stirring up trouble in Calgary.[100] Stephens was later released from jail at a bail hearing,[101] with attorney and Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms president John Carpay making note of the illegality of the actions of the CPS and AHS against Stephens. The case against Stephens by AHS, which had made a dubious claim of "contempt of court", was eventually dropped because it was discovered that AHS had never served Stephens with the court order it claimed he had "violated".[102]
  • Even after Stephens' victory, however, the CPS vindictively attempted to serve him with the same court order the following evening, under the flimsy claim that they had served the order to someone else named Tim Stephens; the following morning at a Sunday morning worship service at Fairview Baptist Church, an AHS representative accompanied by two CPS officers attempted to barge into the church and illegally disrupt the service but were stopped by two congregants who cited Section 176(2) of the Criminal Code, after which the intruders returned to their vehicles and left, making no further attempts to disrupt the service.[103]
  • Following an underground worship service (necessitated by AHS' recent illegal seizure of the Fairview Baptist Church building two weeks prior) that was being spied on by the CPS at the behest of AHS, Stephens was illegally arrested for a second time by the CPS at his home in front of his family[104] on what were later revealed to be specious charges of "violating public health orders" regarding his church services, for which Stephens is currently being unjustly held in the Calgary Remand Centre (and where he continues to be held after refusing bail conditions that demanded he hold "socially distant" services in compliance with the AHS diktats against places of religious worship).[105] In response, Rebel News reporter Sheila Gunn Reed expressed explicit disgust toward the Jason Kenney regime's heavy-handed and hypocritical handling of dissenters against Kenney's unconstitutional lockdown edicts in light of he and his cabinet ministers' own ignorance of his own diktats,[106] while reporter Adam Soos, in criticizing the illegal second arrest of Stephens, pointed out that political leaders and public officials who act as Kenney has are basically behaving as hypocritical and thin-skinned despots.[107]
  • Todd Loewen, the caucus chair of Alberta's governing United Conservative Party, announced that he was stepping down from his position and called on Jason Kenney to resign as premier, citing Kenney's recent bad leadership (including his imposition of harsh lockdown measures and his refusal to listen to his caucus) during the CCP flu pandemic, which has led to much of the public losing confidence in Kenney himself (though not in the UCP).[108]
  • The United Conservatives lifted a ban on protesting and on free speech in the province in time for anti-lockdown Worldwide Freedom Rally events in Calgary and Edmonton, one of dozens of such rallies taking place across Canada and around the world in opposition to unconstitutional and illegal CCP flu lockdown edicts.[109] The overturn of the ban comes in the wake of controversy that arose when Alberta NDP MLA Irfan Sabir took part in an anti-Semitic pro-"Palestinian" march in Calgary while hypocritically demanding that Jason Kenney continue cracking down on lockdown opponents who take part in anti-lockdown protests.[110]
  • In Calgary, Mission7 Ministries head Derek Reimer, who was twice unjustly ticketed by the Calgary Police Service for feeding the homeless under the officers' claim that Reimer was not social distancing, successfully had the tickets thrown out in court after a Crown prosecutor refused to pursue the case.[111]
  • In Edmonton, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, Mark Friesen and Chris Sky were the headline speakers at an anti-lockdown rally that drew over 3,500 protesters to the Alberta Legislature; the speakers pointed out that putting an end to the unconstitutional lockdowns and the illegal restrictions on freedoms and rights begins with the protesters and their peaceful resistance to the arbitrary and politically-motivated health regulations being imposed.[112] Although the Edmonton police were on hand at the event, no tickets were handed out.
  • Jason Kenney and some of his cabinet were caught violating Kenney's own CCP flu lockdown edicts when they were found to have attended a dinner at the Sky Palace (a penthouse on top of the Federal Building in Edmonton) without social distancing or masking and being in excess of attendance limits imposed by Kenney on the rest of Alberta,[113] but when the Kenney regime was called out on their double standards and hypocrisy in doing as they please and ignoring their own rules while illegally persecuting religious leaders and business owners for refusing to abide by the unconstitutional lockdowns and diktats,[114] Kenney offered a "apology" that rang as hollow to detractors who have called for an end to the regime's actions against the Alberta public.[115]
  • In Edmonton, a protest calling for an end to unconstitutional restrictions on religious worship under the cover of the lockdowns was held near the Sky Palace; among the attendees were People's Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier and Whistle Stop Café owner Chris Scott.[116]
  • In the town of Innisfail, Natalie Klein, the owner of the Bladez 2 Fadez barber shop and the niece of former Alberta premier Ralph Klein, filed lawsuits against Alberta Health Services and the RCMP after they, in defiance of her Charter rights, vindictively and illegally refiled unjust lockdown tickets against her as revenge for Klein's success in getting the tickets, which had originally been served against her for keeping her shop open in defiance of Jason Kenney's CCP flu lockdown edicts and despite repeated harassment by both AHS and the RCMP, dismissed in court and because she had led a rebellion of salons and personal care businesses against the lockdown.[117] It was later revealed that Klein had suffered from adverse health reactions, including blood clots that led to a stroke, after being injected with the Moderna CCP flu "vaccine"; because of the injuries caused by the injection, she has to take medication to prevent further complications, and the illegal imposition of "vaccine passports" would prevent Klein, like many other Canadians, from traveling out of province or doing everyday things like eating out or going out to a movie.[118]
  • In Calgary, supporters of healthcare workers protested against the forced imposition of mandatory CCP flu "vaccines" and "vaccine passports" against doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals; this was one of many such protests across Canada, which criticized Justin Trudeau for publicly claiming that he would not impose the "vaccines" on all employees while, in two-faced fashion, threatening Canadians with the losses of employment, the ability to travel and the right to medical privacy for not getting the "vaccines".[119]
  • In Edmonton, Annette Lewis, who suffers from a potentially fatal lung disease called idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, was threatened by the University of Alberta Hospital with removal from a donor list for a lung transplant unless she gives in to their coercion to get a CCP flu "vaccine", despite her refusal to get injected because of her concerns about the "vaccines" in addition to citing the Nuremberg Code,[120] which makes it a crime to force, blackmail, bribe or coerce people to get untested experimental medical procedures (which also covers the CCP flu "vaccines").[121] Lewis, with help from the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, is suing the hospital for its actions. JCCF staff lawyer Allison Pejovic noted that "...(t)he hospital’s conduct in making an ultimatum of this nature to a terminally ill patient is coercive and unethical. Threatening a patient’s access to life-saving medical treatment for not participating in an experimental treatment for a condition she does not have and may never get is a profound violation of Ms. Lewis’ human dignity, personal autonomy, and her constitutionally protected right to life, liberty and security of the person. If Ms. Lewis is removed from the transplant list, she will die. This is a gross violation of her freedom of choice. Having to choose between taking an experimental vaccine that she does not want, or certain death, is not a choice."
  • Jason Kenney came under criticism for reimposing face mask mandates in Alberta and for bribing Albertans with cash payments to get injected with CCP flu "vaccines".[122]
  • In Calgary, protesters (comprised of parents, opposed teachers and advocates for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms) spoke out against the imposition of face mask mandates on students in city schools by the Calgary Board of Education, noting the negative impacts on the health and mental well-being of children the mask mandates have had and pointing out the lack of scientific evidence for the justification of masking.[123] The protest was also confronted by pro-mask and pro-"vaccine" COVID Karens who screamed and swore at the protesters present (which included children).
  • Alberta health minister Tyler Shandro came under criticism for announcing the imposition of more CCP flu restrictions, including mandating that restaurants and other licensed establishments end alcoholic beverage service at 10 p.m. each night.[124]
  • In Calgary, firefighters and other frontline workers took to the streets to protest against being forced to get CCP flu "vaccines" as conditions of employment and to speak out for their Charter rights as the firefighters stood in formation in silence for one hour as part of the protest.[125] Rebel News was the only media outlet to cover the protest while, unsurprisingly, local liberal media outlets refused to attend in order to protect its pro-"vaccine" narrative.
  • Also in Calgary one day later, a rally was held in support of local businesses that refuse to abide by Alberta's newly-imposed "vaccine passport" diktat by refusing to fire unvaccinated employees or to ask their customers about their vaccination status.[126]
  • In Calgary, a peaceful protest at the Foothills Medical Centre against CCP flu "vaccine" mandates for health care workers was crashed by pro-"vaccine" Antifa punks who proceeded to get aggressively violent against the protesters and disrupt the protest by blaring loud music to keep the protesters from being heard and to keep the arrival of emergency vehicles from being heard; at least two of the punks were arrested by Calgary police, who otherwise did little to stop the punks from their anti-free speech actions and criminal behavior.[127]
  • In Calgary, a massive anti-"vaccine passport" rally attended by thousands of protesters was held at Central Memorial Park; among the speakers at the rally were People's Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier and independent MP Derek Sloan.[128]
  • Jason Kenney came under criticism for flip-flopping on "vaccine passports" when he decided to allow them in Alberta after he originally said they would never come to the province.[129] In response to Kenney's flip-flop, protesters in Edmonton called for freedom of choice at an anti-passport rally in the city.[130]
  • Tyler Shandro, the controversial Alberta health minister and the politician in charge of Alberta Health Services whose time at that post during the pandemic was marked by such events as the illegal persecution of religious leaders such as Pastors Artur Pawlowski and Tim Stephens (see above), the illegal threat of arrest against Rebel News reporters who tried to deliver an anti-"vaccine passport" petition signed by 130,000 people to his office[131] and other heavy-handed lockdown enforcement actions, was fired from his office by Jason Kenney and replaced by Calgary-Varsity riding UCP MLA Jason Copping.[132]
  • Calgary's city council, led by Naheed Nenshi, voted almost unanimously to illegally violate the Charter rights of Calgary's citizens by forcing "vaccine passports" on them by making them "mandatory" for all eligible businesses in the city, with no possibility for businesses to opt out; the lone opposition came from city councillor and mayoral candidate Jeromy Farkas.[133] In response to Nenshi's diktat, the Calgary Police Service began protesting against forced "vaccinations" outside of City Hall.[134]
  • A whistleblower working as an ICU manager in Alberta, identified only as "Debbie", spoke out against the mandating of "vaccine passports" by Jason Kenney, as well as Alberta Health Services' mismanagement of the pandemic, in an interview with Rebel News.[135]

British Columbia

  • Physician Dr. Stephen Malthouse criticized Bonnie Henry, BC's unelected public health officer, for the diktats she imposed on the province during the CCP flu pandemic, pointing out that her edicts have been based more on politics and imposition of power and control by the regime of BC NDP premier John Horgan than on scientific fact and stating that there is no scientific or material evidence to justify lockdowns, face mask diktats, social distancing, closures of schools and businesses and closures and/or restrictions on places of worship, then (while pointing out that evidence pointed toward the pandemic being over and that a predicted "second wave" of the CCP flu would not materialize) called on Henry to end her pandemic decrees;[136] despite this and seemingly out of spite, Henry, acting on her claims about the "second wave", took the opposite approach when she imposed a face mask diktat on all businesses, schools and other public places in the province beginning on November 19, 2020,[137] which she originally said would end on February 5, 2021, but then (following in the footsteps of similar actions by Democrat governors in the United States) decided to arbitrarily extend several times since the original deadline, extending it to February 28, then into March, then to April 30, to May 31 and then most recently to June 30 while also arbitrarily imposing lockdown measures until April 19.[138] Some opponents of the lockdowns responded with a somewhat bizarre anti-lockdown protest themed on the 1988 John Carpenter sci-fi movie They Live.[139]
  • The John Horgan regime, along with co-defendant Bonnie Henry, was sued by the Canadian Society for the Advancement of Science in Public Policy for its illegal and unconstitutional actions in locking down much of the province; the Society noted in its class action lawsuit, "In its response to the COVID-19 virus, the government has invoked extraordinary executive powers predicated on unsubstantiated scientific and legal grounds with catastrophic consequences for British Columbians. In doing so, the defendants have overreached their authority under the ​Emergency Program Act, ​the ​Public Health Act, and have ​infringed on ​Charter r​ights in a manner that does not accord with the principles of fundamental justice."[140] In its response to the suit, the defendants denied the majority of the facts brought forth in the notice filed by the Society (among which was the defendants' refusal to take responsibility for the misinformation they spread to the public regarding the pandemic) and claimed, without providing any proof, that the Society's suit "...lacks sufficient material facts or any legal basis to support the claimed injunctive relief."[141]
  • Religious freedom came under attack in the province during the pandemic thanks to Bonnie Henry ordering the closure of places of worship and illegally targeting religious worshippers for discrimination by seeking to give police departments in BC unconstitutional power to arrest churchgoers,[142] a move which was denied by BC Supreme Court Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson, who also ruled on the legality of peaceful protests during the pandemic, on February 18.[143] In response, Henry decided to "compromise" by allowing only a few places of worship to conduct outdoor services, along with Orthodox Jewish synagogues being allowed to hold indoor services, but with pandemic restrictions being placed on the services (including limits on attendance numbers), while many other churches are controversially forced to remain closed under the same decision rendered by Hinkson.[144]
  • In Vancouver, the Corduroy Restaurant, a local restaurant and pub, has defied the lockdown diktats of Bonnie Henry by opening the restaurant for in-person dining; Rebecca Matthews, the restaurant's owner, indicated the hypocrisy of Henry in keeping a winery which she owns in the town of Keremeos[145] open during the lockdown as her reason for staying open and defying the lockdown.[146] Despite being issued a closure order by Vancouver Coastal Health, Matthews intends on fighting to keep her restaurant open in defiance of the small business-targeting lockdown. In a scene that supposedly led to the closedown order, customers of the Corduroy, who were not masked in defiance of Henry's face mask diktat, joined in solidarity with Matthews by kicking out health inspectors sent by government bureaucrats out of the restaurant when the inspectors insisted on trespassing.[147]
  • In the wake of the recent imposition of "vaccine passports" by Henry, the Corduroy found a loophole in Henry's diktat to enable the restaurant to serve its customers without intruding on their medical privacy and to allow them to remain free of discrimination imposed by the passport diktat.[148]
  • In Vancouver, comedian Alexander Lasarev, who opposes the use of face masks in the CCP flu pandemic, was viciously attacked by a pro-mask thug, who used his bicycle as a weapon to smash a side window of Lasarev's car, while Lasarev was speaking at an anti-lockdown rally.[149] Vancouver police have recommended assault charges against the thug, while the liberal media unsurprisingly protected the thug's identity by concealing his face in their reports and engaged in victim-blaming on Lasarev.
  • In Vancouver, restaurant owner Feredrico Fuoco defied the unconstitutional CCP flu lockdown diktats of Bonnie Henry by opening his restaurant, Gusto, to indoor dining (which has been forbidden under the diktats by Henry while, as noted above, she hypocritically keeps her winery in Keremeos open - which Fuoco noted in his decision to reopen his restaurant for indoor dining).[150] Because of this, the Horgan regime, acting under Henry's orders, have hypocritically targeted Fuoco's business by suspending his business license.
  • In Vancouver, approximately 2,000 protesters, many of them business owners, gathered to protest the lockdown edicts of Bonnie Henry, which have negatively impacted small and medium-sized businesses in the province since they were imposed.[151]
  • Religious worshippers in the province continue to defy the arbitrary lockdown diktats of Bonnie Henry targeting them, including her recent capricious decision to rescind the exceptions she made for outdoor worship services, by finding legal ways to gather and worship, including holding worship-style anti-lockdown protests in public spaces.[152]
  • In the village of Lytton, local doctor Charles Hoffe voiced concern after a number of people who received Moderna CCP flu "vaccines" began experiencing various negative effects from the shots (including allergic reactions and neurological side effects), with First Nations people who received the shots displaying the most concerning reactions.[153] At least one person, who developed COPD following his shot but had no previous history of cardiovascular disease, was reported to have died and at least three others suffered possible permanent disabilities after receiving the "vaccines", while other reported negative reactions included anaphylaxis, dizziness, neuromuscular weakness and chronic pain.
  • After John Horgan and his public safety minister Mike Farnworth announced plans to restrict non-essential travel in British Columbia as part of the ruling BC New Democratic Party's pandemic diktats, the National Police Federation (the union representing the RCMP), as well as several advocacy groups, expressed concern over how the restrictions would be enforced (if at all), noting the potential for logistics problems as well as abuse of enforcement policy, which NPF spokesman Robert Farrer noted could damage already-fragile public trust.[154]
  • In Vancouver, hundreds of people attended an anti-lockdown rally headlined by Toronto anti-lockdown and anti-face mask activist Chris Sky, who encouraged Canadians to stand up for their Charter rights against illegal and unconstitutional pandemic diktats.[155]
  • In Kelowna, Ryan Scarpino, the owner of the Dynamic Studios tattoo shop, declared that he would not require his customers to show proof of medical exemption from wearing face masks if they chose not to wear masks into his shop.[156] Local online media outlet Castanet, engaging in story manipulation to suit its narrative, claimed that Scarpino had said "masks are not required at their studio", which led to bylaw officers visiting the shop and to pro-mask cranks leaving negative online reviews of the shop; Scarpino responded by stating that his shop is not anti-mask, but pro-choice regarding face masks.
  • In Vancouver, attendees at a Worldwide Freedom Rally event denounced leftist politicians such as federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi for their divisive and false labeling of CCP flu lockdown opponents as "extremists", "white supremacists" and "racists" and criticized them for making the protests about race, even though they have nothing to do with race.[157]
  • In Vancouver, parents and dissenting teachers called for the Vancouver School Board to ban the administration of CCP flu "vaccines" to school children without parental consent, with some angry parents stating point-blank that their children are not "lab rats" to be experimented on and that the School Board has no right to allow teachers to coerce or bribe children into getting the "vaccines" without parental consent or knowledge; some parents also declared that they will serve notice of liabilities to any school faculty members found to be involved in vaccinating children without parental consent.[158]
  • Vancouver native Shawn Hibbs and his partner Lorie Mclachlan were unjustly fined and threatened with illegal imprisonment for refusing to submit to invasive testing for the CCP flu and for refusing to be quarantined at a Trudeau "COVID-19 hotel" at their own expense after they and other family members returned from exile in Mexico, where they originally fled after learning about the Trudeau regime's increasing infringement of the rights of Canadian citizens under the ruse of "public health"; Hibbs (who correctly called the Trudeau-imposed CCP flu rules unethical, immoral and illegal) and Mclachlan were prepared to fight the violations against them in court when they learned that the fines and other threatened sanctions had been dropped beforehand on a technicality.[159]
  • In the town of Creston, Michelle Deshaies, a mother of four who is medically exempt from wearing face masks, successfully had unjust charges and illegal fines against her for shopping without a mask dropped in court after it was ruled that Deshaies' rights had been violated under the British Columbia Human Rights Code because the Home Hardware store where she had shopped ignored her mask exemption, as did the RCMP officers who subsequently arrested and illegally jailed her after they were called by the store.[160] Both the RCMP and the Home Hardware store refused to comment on the incident.
  • Bonnie Henry announced the illegal imposition of "vaccine passports" against British Columbia citizens, with no medical or religious exemptions and in violation of both the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the province's Human Rights Code as well as being a violation of privacy law, at a recent press conference.[161] John Horgan later announced that he would have police forces in the province enforce Henry's "vaccine passport" diktat, which will negatively affect such businesses as restaurants, bars, nightclubs, casinos, sports events, fitness gyms and movie theatres;[162] in response, many businesses in the province have declared that they will not comply with the passport diktat, saying that they will not ask their patrons to prove their vaccination status, while the National Police Federation announced that enforcing Henry's diktat would put additional strain on police resources already stretched thin, as well as pointing out that Horgan is unrealistic to expect the RCMP and other police departments to do so, which would affect responses to other police calls.[163]
  • In Kamloops, health care workers spoke out against the CCP flu "vaccines" and being coerced into taking them under threat of losing their jobs if they refuse.[164] In fact, the requirement of vaccination as a condition of employment is considered discrimination and a violation of human rights laws (which the neighboring state of Montana took into account when its Republican governor, Greg Gianforte, issued an executive order outlawing "vaccine passports"[165] and making vaccination status a protected category via the signing into law of Montana House Bill 702;[166] other states that have banned "vaccine passports" for similar reasons include Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah [partially] and Wyoming[167]).
  • In Vancouver, three people became the victims of mask mandate-influenced police brutality when journalist Alyosha Zeifman and his friends Darren Urtesky and Lisa Di Fonzo were overzealously manhandled and arrested by Vancouver police for not wearing face masks while inside a coffee house.[168]
  • Bonnie Henry and the John Horgan regime are being sued by lawyers hired by Rebel News for Henry's recent imposition of "vaccine passports" on British Columbians.[169]
  • In Vancouver, thousands of protesters, organized by the group Canadian Frontline Nurses, gathered to speak out against mandated CCP flu "vaccines", "vaccine passports", the loss of bodily autonomy and the politicization of the pandemic.[170] Vancouver's leftist mayor and former NDP MP Kennedy Stewart lashed out at the protesters in immature fashion in response in a Twitter video, calling them "idiots" and "a bunch of jerks"; protesters at a subsequent Canadian Frontline Nurses-organized health freedom protest at Vancouver City Hall roasted Stewart when informed about his insulting comments, calling him a hater and saying that his statements were based on ignorance, as well as pointing out that Stewart and other politicians and public officials like him need to listen to the public who put them in office and that they would not tolerate medical apartheid/tyranny or the targeting of their children by said officials (one protest sign even pointed out that under the Nuremberg Code, making vaccination mandatory is illegal and is considered a war crime).[171]
  • On a related note, Rebel News reporter Drea Humphrey pointed out that plans by the Horgan regime to have British Columbia's "vaccine passport" digitized, via the use of a downloadable QR code, by September 27, 2021 brings with it a potential security risk via hackers and other ill-intentioned individuals and entities (including China's Communist regime[172]), as happened when hackers hacked into Quebec's passport system recently.[163]
  • Health care worker Tenley Csolle, who fell ill almost immediately after getting a Moderna CCP flu "vaccine" and whose legs became paralyzed in another adverse reaction to the shot two weeks later and has forced her to relearn how to walk, spoke out against Bonnie Henry's "vaccine passport" diktat, which Csolle said would end up heavily restricting her daily living routine as well as impact her ability to plan her upcoming wedding.[173]
  • Students at Trinity Western University, a Christian university in Langley Township (a Vancouver suburb neighboring Surrey), expressed concerns over the university revoking school scholarships, dormitory housing, cafeteria access and athletic programs for their refusal or inability to get the CCP flu "vaccines", as well as disallowing medical or religious exemptions.[174]
  • Leigh Eliason, a mother from the Vancouver suburb of Maple Ridge who suffers from a rare autoimmune disease and has refused to put her health at risk by taking a CCP flu "vaccine", spoke out against the discriminatory "vaccine passports" being imposed by Bonnie Henry and the John Horgan regime.[175]
  • In Vancouver, the British Columbia Nurses Union protested in front of the office of provincial health minister Adrian Dix against the mandating of taking CCP flu "vaccines" as a condition of their employment (which is to take effect on October 24, 2021), with those refusing to take the "vaccines" to be fired.[176]
  • In Surrey, a member of a Fitness World gym (who identified herself only as "Fe") who was unable to use the gym due to the pandemic and who has refused to take the CCP flu "vaccine" for religious and personal reasons, fell victim to medical discrimination by the gym when it demanded that she pay half of her membership fee despite her inability to use the facility.[177] The gym attempted to justify its discriminatory stance by referring to its original contract with Fe, but when contacted by Rebel News about its actions, the gym's management refused to comment.
  • Bonnie Henry began spreading disinformation to cover for her incompetent handling of the CCP flu pandemic by parroting the false claims, without evidence other than their own say-so, by liberal media sources[178] that legitimate concerns, backed with sources, over pregnant women receiving the CCP flu "vaccines" (which Henry was encouraging them to get) and the resulting potential health consequences for them (including miscarriages and stillbirths[179]) were "conspiracy theories" and claimed, also without proof, that those concerns were "disinformation" that was "intentionally misleading" and that they had been "refuted".


  • In a display of government hypocrisy during the CCP flu pandemic, Winnipeg city employees were allowed to use an exclusive fitness gym, open only to them, while all other public gyms in the city have been forced to remain closed under bureaucratic pandemic regulations.[180]
  • In Dauphin, Alex Lytwyn, who has cerebral palsy and is mask-exempt because of it, was accosted by store security and treated with indignity due to his condition at the local Walmart for not wearing a mask when he entered the store to do some Christmas shopping, then was forced to leave the store along with his accompanying support worker (although he was able to shop at other stores near the Walmart without incident).[181] When confronted by Rebel News about the store's refusal to respect Lytwyn's mask exemption, Walmart management refused to respond.
  • Manitoba "conservative" premier Brian Pallister came under heavy criticism for ludicrously declaring that Christmas was "non-essential" during pandemic restrictions in the province;[182] as part of those restrictions, a Walmart in Winnipeg was forced to ban sales of Christmas-themed items, including cards, toys, trees and decorations, as those items - although available in-store - were kept under lock and key.
  • In Winnipeg, Kelly and Melissa Hildebrand were targeted in heavy-handed fashion by city police and hit with illegal fines for attending an anti-CCP flu lockdown protest outside Bell MTS Place, the home arena of the National Hockey League's Winnipeg Jets team.[183] Melissa Hildebrand stated that she and her husband attended the protest, as is their right under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, to point out the hypocrisy of professional sports teams being allowed to work and make a living during the pandemic while regular Manitobans are not. The couple intend on fighting the fines in court.
  • In Steinbach, church pastor Tobias Tissen was unjustly and vindictively targeted with charges and fines for organizing a protest[184] and holding drive-in church services[185] (which liberal media reporters refused to cover) in defiance of draconian pandemic restrictions imposed by Brian Pallister; as part of Pallister's mandated discrimination campaign against religious worshippers, Tissen was also illegally threatened (in violation of the Charter) with one year in prison for continuing to hold worship services.
  • As a result of the Pallister regime's illegal persecution of him, Tissen was later forced to go on the run after a warrant was put out for his arrest, stating that abiding by Pallister's lockdown diktats (including forcing worshipers to mask and social distance) would mean that he would be unable to hold church services, which he, speaking as a man of God, refused to abide by; he also added that the Pallister regime is trying to illegally arrest him while no one is watching, then stated that the only place he will allow himself to be arrested in is at his church in front of witnesses, which the bureaucrats who issued the warrant want to avoid doing to avoid bad press.[186] Tissen's church has also been targeted in other ways as part of the organized persecution, as it has come under illegal threat of a million dollar fine by provincial health bureaucrats for defying Pallister's diktats, while the church building was targeted for vandalism by pro-lockdown cranks.[187]
  • A recent decision by the Brian Pallister regime to push CCP flu "vaccines" on children and teens between ages 12-15 without parental consent was criticized by Rebel News, which noted that children in that age range are not legally old enough to make informed choices about invasive medical procedures (which the "vaccine" injections are).[188]
  • People's Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier was illegally arrested by Manitoba RCMP officers for refusing to quarantine for two weeks as he arrived in the province to host anti-lockdown protests in multiple cities and towns.[189]
  • Patrick Allard, a vocal opponent of the Pallister-imposed CCP flu lockdowns, was repeatedly targeted and vindictively harassed by the Pallister regime[190] to make an example of him for his anti-lockdown and anti-"vaccine passport" stance.[191]
  • Brian Pallister illegally targeted anti-lockdown protesters in Manitoba when he ordered the arrest of lockdown opponent Dr. Gerry Bohemier and four other dissidents to make examples of them for taking part in an anti-lockdown protest.[192] While held in custody, Boheimer was mistreated by jail guards who refused to even allow him to use the jail's washroom. Pallister also targeted independent media for illegal harassment when his regime attempted to make an example of independent journalist Todd McDougall, who is also a freedom event organizer and vocal critic of Pallister's lockdown diktats, by having him arrested on trumped-up charges based on a specious warrant, then tried to impede him from continuing to speak out via a set of restrictive conditions placed on him upon his release.[193]
  • Ryan Johnston was fired from his job at HyLife Foods for taking part in an anti-lockdown rally in Winnipeg; in an interview with Rebel News, Johnston noted that his firing by HyLife was an act of hypocrisy, as other employees at that company - including the supervisor who fired him - had been flouting the company's rules without sanctions against them during the CCP flu lockdowns in Manitoba.[194] HyLife refused to comment when contacted by Rebel News about its firing of Johnston.
  • Following the resignation of Brian Pallister as Manitoba premier and his replacement by former deputy premier Kelvin Goertzen, the opposition Manitoba New Democratic Party, despite not being in power, demanded that Goertzen, who opposes forced vaccinations, require that all of his Progressive Conservative MPs receive CCP flu "vaccine" shots.[195]
  • In Winnipeg, a restaurant called Monstrosity Burger was being illegally harassed with punitive fines and a closure order for dine-in services by local law enforcement at the behest of the then-Brian Pallister regime for the restaurant's refusal to illegally discriminate against its customers based on whether or not they got CCP flu "vaccines".[196] Rebel News has offered to help the restaurant get legal help to fight their fines and the closure order in court.

New Brunswick

  • In Bathurst, Nick DeAngelis and Britney Green, a couple who are mask-exempt for health reasons, were targeted for illegal harassment by businesses who did not respect their exemptions, as well as by the local RCMP detachment, when they were roughed up and arrested, falsely charged with "disturbing the peace", "mischief" and "obstruction of an officer" despite their doctor-authorized mask exemptions, and forced to wear N95 masks while being held for 12 hours in a jail cell on the false charges.[197] Several weeks later, DeAngelis, Green and several others were illegally arrested for their opposition to state-imposed medical tyranny by attending a peaceful anti-CCP flu lockdown protest, with DeAngelis and Green being unjustly held for four days (part of which was spent in solitary confinement) and being treated as "criminals" for standing up for their rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Rebel News, which reported the story, announced that they have hired a lawyer for DeAngelis and Green to help them fight the illegal actions of the RCMP and pro-medical tyranny public officials.
  • In Woodstock, Wendy Kirkland, who is medically exempt from wearing face masks, was unjustly arrested, roughed up Gestapo-style and injured by RCMP officers when employees at a local Hart Stores department store refused her admission and reported her to them because the employees refused to respect or honor her mask exemption and also refused to respect that she is not legally obligated to tell them that she is medically exempt.[198] As a result of the incident, Kirkland is taking Hart Stores and the RCMP to court.
  • New Brunswick's "conservative" education minister Dominic Cardy let out his inner intolerant liberal during a press conference when he publicly declared that there would be a "decline in tolerance" by the "vaccinated" toward who he claimed were those who "...endanger the lives of the people around them" by refusing to get the experimental CCP flu "vaccines".[199] At the same press conference, unelected provincial public health officer Jennifer Russell announced that she would be reimposing face mask mandates on public schools and daycare centres.

Newfoundland and Labrador

  • The CCP flu pandemic was used as an excuse by bureaucrats for delaying Newfoundland's provincial election, despite there being no hospitalizations in the province and very few deaths attributed to "COVID-19".[200]
  • Newfoundland Liberal premier Andrew Furey announced the imposition of a "vaccine passport" on the province for "non-essential" businesses and recreational activities.[201]

Nova Scotia

  • In the community of Weston, RCMP officers unjustly charged a total of $2,422 against 26 congregants who attended a worship service of the Weston Christian Fellowship Church, as well as illegally fining the church itself $11,622.50, for going against a CCP flu lockdown diktat issued by the Nova Scotia Liberal regime of Premier Iain Rankin disallowing worship services.[202]
  • A Halifax resident on his way to Cape Breton Highlands National Park for a hike along its Cabot Trail was unjustly fined over $2,400 by the RCMP under a claim of "non-essential travel" outside his hometown under an Iain Rankin-ordered CCP flu lockdown.[203]
  • In Yarmouth, the RCMP unjustly fined the owner of a food truck $11,622.50 for the truck's employees not wearing face masks, as the owner correctly noted that the unconstitutional public health restrictions being imposed by Iain Rankin are not "law".[204]
  • During a joint press conference with Iain Rankin, Robert Strang, Nova Scotia's public health officer, reported that the CCP flu "vaccines" are not 100% effective and that, even after receiving two injections, some injection recipients "may die".[205]


  • In Toronto, a series of anti-CCP flu lockdown protests, all of which were peaceful, drew large crowds to protest businesses and personal freedoms being targeted by unconstitutional diktats, based more on politics than on science, issued by liberal public officials who have hypocritically exempted themselves from their own edicts.[206] Toronto mayor John Tory, a supporter of the lockdowns, has targeted the protests through illegal harassment[207] and arrests[208] of the protesters by the Toronto Police Service[209] to make examples of the protesters for standing up for their rights while hypocritically allowing BLM "protesters" and representatives of the Tamil Tigers terrorist group[210] to have their way; yet in later protests, because of the larger numbers of protesters, the TPS used discretion and took a hands-off approach, allowing the protesters to march.
  • In Angus (a community within the township of Essa, near Barrie), Melissa Cippone, the mother of two children attending local private school Our Lady of Grace Catholic School, spoke out when her mask-exempt children were shamed by school staff and denied their exemptions, despite providing two notes from the family's physician explaining the exemption, which both school principal Saundra Reynolds and Simcoe-Muskoka Catholic District School Board superintendent Lonnie Bolton, based on personal interpretation and not on informed medical opinion, claimed were "not sufficient", with Bolton also attempting to make convoluted excuses for his decision using the Board's "Guide to Reopening Schools" pandemic policy as his basis.[211] When pressed by Rebel News about what gave him the "right" to overrule a doctor on the issue, Bolton refused to respond further.
  • In Oshawa, Chris Hopps, who is medically exempt from wearing face masks, was threatened with false "trespassing" charges by Michelle Carter, the principal of Hopps' sons' school Glen Street Public School, if he showed up on school property without a mask to drop off and pick up his sons; Carter, who has refused to honor or respect Hopps' mask exemption, threatened to sicc the Durham Regional Police on Hopps as part of her threat against him.[212] Hopps explained that Carter's decision was based more on fear than on facts, while school staff, including Carter, refused to speak to Rebel News when they were asked to justify their actions.
  • In response to skepticism about the CCP flu pandemic, Dr. Samantha Hill, the president of the Ontario Medical Association, held a press conference where she publicly invited the public to tour "COVID wards" of local hospitals in the province to learn the "truth" about the pandemic; when Rebel News reporter David Menzies took up Hill's offer and attempted to book a tour of such a ward at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto, Menzies did not hear back from hospital administration, presumably because his tour would have exposed the lie being crafted and spread by unethical doctors and public health officials regarding "COVID wards" allegedly being filled to capacity by the pandemic (and which, by extension, would have cast doubt on its actual threat level).[213] In addition, in response to Menzies taking Hill up on her offer, OMA spokesman Aleks Dhefto tried giving a convoluted explanation to him to make an excuse for not letting him do the tour, with Menzies later reporting that Hill was presumably expecting that no one would actually take her up on the offer.
  • In Stoney Creek (a community within the borders of Hamilton), a family birthday party celebrating a teen daughter's 16th birthday was raided by Hamilton police and the six adults present were each unjustly fined $815, based on the family's neighbors ratting them out to police and lying about the number of people present at the party under CCP flu edicts issued by Ontario "conservative" premier Doug Ford (the informant claimed there were "25 people" present, when in reality, only ten people were present at the party).[214] The targeted adults intend on fighting the fines in court.
  • In Toronto, mixed martial artist Corrine LaFrambroise, who had returned to Canada from training and competing in MMA fights in Dubai due to the CCP flu lockdowns affecting her ability to make a living in her sport in Canada, was hit, along with her trainer, with nearly $8,000 in unjust fines for refusing to quarantine at one of Justin Trudeau's controversial "COVID-19 hotels" instead of at home.[215] LaFramboise and her trainer intend to fight the illegal fines in court.
  • In Ottawa, anti-lockdown protesters held a Family Fun Day event, also attended by children of the protesters, on Parliament Hill.[216]
  • In Mississauga (a Toronto suburb), the HUF Boxing Gym announced that it would be reopening its facilities in defiance of Doug Ford's CCP flu lockdown edicts, which have been publicly criticized for being inconsistent by allowing big box stores, occupied by hundreds of customers at any given time, to be open for business while forcing the shutdowns of fitness gyms, where no cases of the CCP flu have occurred.[217] Gym owner Teresa Heron pointed out that Ford's policy to shut down fitness gyms to keep people "healthy" as part of his lockdown diktats makes no sense, as preventing gym customers from accessing the facilities and improving their health through exercise only ends up making the customers unhealthy. In response to the decision by HUF to reopen and to stay open, local liberal media outlets engaged in a bout of pearl-clutching over the gym while Mississauga mayor Bonnie Crombie threatened to get heavy-handed with the gym by levying heavy fines against it for defying the lockdown diktats, and Peel Regional Police officer Sgt. Paul Brown, who sided with the gym owners and refused to impose any penalties on them, was unjustly suspended, with an internal investigation commencing against him;[218] the officer was later reinstated.[219]
  • In Toronto, a group called Canadian Frontline Nurses and several hundred supporters staged a protest outside the College of Nurses of Ontario's downtown office to criticize the censoring of nurses (as well as threats by the CNO of both unemployment and to strip them of their nursing credentials) who speak out against the harmful and draconian CCP flu protocols being imposed;[220] one of the guest speakers at the rally, Kristen Nagle, had recently been unjustly fired from her nursing job in London, Ontario for speaking out on issues such as CCP flu "vaccines", with her then-employer, the London Health Sciences Centre, using a false accusation made against her of being an "insurrectionist" because she had spoken at a meeting of Global Frontline Nurses in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021 - the same day that the Antifa-instigated riot and siege at the US Capitol occurred nearby - as its excuse to fire her.[221] Nagle also announced that CFN has filed a class action lawsuit against the CNO for its attitude toward the nurses who hold differing opinions regarding the CCP flu; meanwhile, CNO representatives refused to speak to Rebel News when contacted about the controversy involving it.
  • In Gravenhurst, the Ontario Provincial Police came under criticism for an incident at a skate park (one of many in the province recently ordered closed by Doug Ford as part of his lockdown diktats) in that city where an OPP officer, acting under the extended police lockdown powers granted them by Ford, was caught on-camera roughly shoving a 12-year-old boy off his scooter.[222] The OPP announced that it would be investigating the incident.
  • In Toronto, another anti-lockdown protest went off without incident as Toronto Police Service officers, defying the newest dictatorial lockdown orders recently imposed by Doug Ford[223] in defiance of the fact that lockdowns do not work,[224] allowed the protest to go ahead and not only refused to ticket or arrest any of its participants, but even escorted the protest along its route.[225] With his lockdown diktats no longer having the support of most police departments in Ontario, Ford was forced to walk back his orders, including his forced closures of children's playgrounds and skate parks and banning of all outdoor gatherings outside of small family events.
  • On a side note, of the 45 provincially-mandated police forces and nine self-administered First Nations police services in Ontario, only the OPP, the provincial police force in Ontario, came out in favor of the Ford lockdown diktats that also unconstitutionally gave them power to conduct random and unwarranted stops, with all 44 regional and municipal police forces and most First Nations police in the province voicing opposition; even the OPP has become divided on the issue, with some OPP jurisdictions stating that they will not enforce Ford's lockdown orders.[226]
  • In the town of Aylmer, mother of two Sheri Lynn Visscher was unjustly hit with a summons to appear in court despite following CCP flu guidelines (including remaining in her car) while attending a drive-in church service, one month after the fact.[227]
  • In the township of Havelock-Belmont-Methuen (near Peterborough), the Ontario Provincial Police, continuing to act as Doug Ford's CCP flu lockdown enforcers, threatened to send the provincial Children's Aid Society after parents and their children and fine the parents while harassing them for gathering at a local park, based on an anonymous complaint.[228]
  • In Toronto, a customer at a Home Hardware store, who was exempt from wearing face masks for medical reasons, was denied service and forced out of the store when its staff refused to honor his exemption, followed by another staff member covering up part of an outdoor sign making note of Toronto's mask bylaw making exceptions for those medically exempt from wearing masks because of the staffer's personal dislike of the exemption; when confronted by Rebel News reporter David Menzies about the store's actions in defiance of the bylaw exemption, a staff member (who was identified as possibly being the store owner) refused to speak to Menzies and threatened to file trespassing charges against him.[229]
  • In Peterborough, People's Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier and Ontario independent MPP Randy Hillier were unjustly hit with tickets by the Peterborough Police Service for speaking at an anti-lockdown protest; the PPS acted at the behest of Peterborough's leftist SJW mayor, Diane Therrien, who opposed the presence of the conservative politicians in the city and made her feelings clear in several juvenile Twitter posts, including one particularly vulgar tweet.[230] Therrien was heavily criticized on Twitter for her classless posts, while the approximately 1,200 protesters present at the event reacted negatively to the actions of the PPS in its illegal harassment of a constitutionally-protected protest. At the same event, Rebel News reporter David Menzies was illegally hit with spurious charges[231] by the PPS for the "crime" of covering the protest.[232]
  • In Peterborough, barber Alex Masters, the owner of Who's Next Barbershop, was targeted and harassed by Diane Therrien, Peterborough Public Health and the PPS when he chose to open his shop in defiance of unconstitutional lockdown diktats handed down by Therrien; he was hit with unjust fines totaling $1,750 for his shop being open during the local lockdown because of Peterborough Public Health's misguided belief that a barber shop is an alleged "super spreader environment", despite the fact that barber shops are highly scrupulous regarding hygiene and sanitation and only allow a few customers in at any given time, while the PPS, acting on the orders of the health bureaucrats, came by during overnight hours to change the locks on the barber shop and board it up without just cause or notice to Masters.[233] Masters intends to fight the illegal actions against him in court.
  • Nineteen active and retired Ontario police officers announced plans to take the province to court over the unconstitutional restriction of freedoms being imposed due to the CCP flu; Toronto attorney Rocco Galati, representing the officers, noted that the lockdown edicts imposed by Doug Ford are too vague and broad and that they cause many police officers to breach their oaths to uphold the Canadian Constitution, particularly by stopping citizens without cause and demanding identification.[234]
  • In Aylmer, the Church of God, which had been holding drive-in worship services since shortly after the onset of the original lockdown imposed by Doug Ford in 2020, got the go-ahead to host indoor services after a judge denied the Ontario attorney general's move to illegally disrupt worship services at the church building by posting armed police officers to block congregants from entering (in violation of Section 176 of the Criminal Code).[235] However, under orders from liberal court judge Bruce Thomas (who also unjustly fined the church $35,000 and its pastor, Henry Hildebrant, $10,000 for hosting worship services in defiance of Doug Ford's unconstitutional lockdown diktats and his abuse of power), Aylmer police recently illegally seized the Church of God building, violated the Criminal Code by disrupting a worship service in progress and evicted the congregants and put locks on the doors.[236] Independent MPs Derek Sloan and Randy Hillier went on Twitter to criticize the Aylmer police for its participation in religious persecution, while church leaders chastized the Ford regime for its illegal actions in violation of the Charter.
  • Undeterred by the illegal actions of the police, the Church of God congregation held worship services outdoors, which a gender-confused male activist claiming to be a "woman", along with a female companion, tried to disrupt with an attention-seeking protest.[237] When David Menzies of Rebel News attempted to interview the leftist disruptors and made statements they did not like (including questions the disruptors considered inconvenient, such as why they thought Black Lives Matter agitators could gather by the hundreds to "protest" without social distancing but religious worshipers could not gather to worship), the man became upset when he was correctly called "sir" while the woman (who likewise got upset and claimed she was "not a lady" when referred to as such) kept trying to disrupt Menzies by filming him with her cell phone, frequently honking the horn of the couple's SUV and profanely shouting at him and falsely calling Rebel News "fake news", then they were joined by another leftist woman who gave convoluted justifications and non-factual arguments for the continuing CCP flu lockdowns and refused to listen to factual arguments made by Menzies regarding outdoor gatherings; soon after, the couple called on and sicced the Aylmer police on Menzies, who the officers - acting in a Gestapo-like fashion - harassed and illegally threatened to arrest for doing his job as a journalist while they refused to answer his questions.
  • In Toronto, another anti-lockdown and pro-Charter rights protest went off mostly uneventfully, except for calls by protesters for the arrest of Doug Ford and an incident where a protester was intercepted, ticketed and removed by Toronto police officers under the alleged charge of "breaking" Ford's stay-at-home orders, but was in reality because the protester had been creating and handing out anti-lockdown and anti-"vaccine" signs.[238]
  • In Hamilton, an anti-lockdown protest organized by Randy Hillier and attended by hundreds of protesters went off without trouble, with no harassment from Hamilton police despite its presence at the event.[239]
  • In the town of St. Jacobs, the Waterloo Regional Police, acting at the behest of the provincial attorney-general's office, became the latest entity to engage in unjust persecution of religious worshipers during the Doug Ford-ordered CCP flu lockdowns by illegally raiding the town's Trinity Bible Chapel and changing its locks to prevent the church's congregation from using the building.[240] In his findings on the controversy, liberal judge John Krawchenko, who had granted the attorney-general's request, claimed that by allowing the church to be open, "...(t)he risk of irreparable harm would be too great to ignore...", even though he provided no proof that places of worship are the hotspots for transmission of the CCP flu that government officials falsely claim them to be. Trinity Bible Chapel has been targeted by the Ford regime via millions of dollars in unjust fines, as well as illegal harassment of congregants by the WRP by recording their license plates, then tracking them down and fining them, even though no actual crimes were committed; Rebel News also noted the hypocrisy in the Ford-ordered lockdowns on places of worship while allowing Walmarts, Costcos and government liquor stores to remain open with far more capacity.
  • In Hamilton, police officers stormed out from Hamilton City Hall to illegally detain and fine the majority of protesters involved in an anti-lockdown protest.[241] In its report on the incident, Rebel News noted that the presence of their cameras at such incidents is the only reason corrupt police officers, acting under orders from equally corrupt public officials, do not resort to Gestapo-style thug tactics in most cases.
  • The Canadian Armed Forces reported that dozens of deaths at two nursing homes in Ontario were the result of dehydration, malnutrition and neglect under deplorable conditions and sub-standard care, not from the CCP flu as falsely claimed by the facilities.[242] Nicola Major, a spokeswoman for the management company which runs Downsview Long Term Care Centre, one of the nursing homes under investigation, claimed ignorance about the issues raised by the Armed Forces and also claimed that management had been present at Downsview at all times, contradictory to the CAF's report.
  • In Toronto, an anti-lockdown protest at Queen's Park saw some of its participants illegally targeted by corrupt Toronto police officers for exercising their constitutional right to protest; one man who took part in the protest, who was cleaning up garbage from the park grounds, was arrested for refusing to identify himself under the ironically-named "Reopening Ontario Act" and led away in handcuffs as protesters on the scene criticized the officers and called them "Gestapo" for their actions, but not before he criticized the arresting officers (along with other officers who surrounded him) for thinking it more important to target someone for simply cleaning up a park than to go after actual criminals.[243] Another protester, who was handing out literature calling for the police to uphold the Charter (as they must swear to do as part of their duties) instead of following the arbitrary and unconstitutional diktats of Doug Ford, was also targeted and slapped with a dubious charge of "violating" Ford's stay-at-home orders.
  • Toronto residents were interviewed by Rebel News regarding the imposition of CCP flu "vaccines" and "vaccine passports"; of the respondents, the majority said they preferred personal freedom and opposed government discrimination against people based on vaccination status, and half said they refuse to be injected with the "vaccines" out of safety concerns (such as negative side effects), while fewer than 10% said that they favored "vaccine passports".[244]
  • Doug Ford recently announced yet another arbitrary extension of his unconstitutional CCP flu lockdowns against the province, which ended up drawing heavy criticism from the public.[245]
  • Rebel News reporter Efron Monsanto was unjustly fined for reporting on an anti-lockdown rally in Hamilton, as well as for recording the illegal actions (including assault without justification against innocent bystanders[246]) of corrupt Hamilton Police Service officers against peaceful protesters during the rally; when he attempted to question municipal officers Matthew Huber and Lee Rynar about why they thought illegal harassment and violence by corrupt officers against peaceful protesters was acceptable to them, Huber and Rynar refused to answer and hounded Monsanto out of Hamilton City Hall.[247]
  • In Toronto, Dana Cheetham, an employee and horse trainer at the Woodbine Racetrack, was unjustly fired from the track at the behest of its security guards because the guards refused to respect or honor her medical exemption from wearing face masks and had continually hounded her to put a mask on.[248] In addition to harassing Cheetham, the guards had also illegally threatened to fine her supervisor, Woodbine's assistant trainer, for allowing her to go maskless in respect of her exemption, and Woodbine is now apparently demanding that its employees get CCP flu "vaccines"; Cheetham has filed a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal against Woodbine for not complying with her mask exemption and for unfair termination of employment.
  • Rebel News criticized the decision by the Regional Municipality of Peel, west of Toronto, to push CCP flu "vaccines" on children and teens between ages 12-17 without parental consent.[249]
  • In Hamilton, another anti-lockdown protest was disrupted by corrupt officers from the Hamilton Police Service, who illegally intimidated and fined the protesters despite their attempt to social distance, which illustrated that the police's actions are not about public health at all, but about intimidation of anyone attempting to justly stand up for their rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.[250] Efron Monsanto, who covered the event for Rebel News, was again targeted and harassed by the corrupt cops when he filmed their illegal actions; he also noted the hypocrisy of the police in engaging in selective enforcement (always in favor of the Left) by allowing violent and anti-Semitic pro-"Palestine" marches (whose participants do not even social distance) to take place in Hamilton while disallowing peaceful anti-lockdown protests to take place.
  • At an anti-lockdown protest in Cobourg, a female participant who had fled from her native Poland when it was under Communist rule spoke out against the Doug Ford-imposed lockdowns and offered insight based on her experiences as she compared what is now happening in Canada with the lockdowns with the actions of the then-ruling Communists in Poland; she added that the lockdowns are not about public health, but about power and control and the targeted destruction of the middle and working classes while using "public health" as a ruse, then said that Canadians must unite to oppose and defeat the lockdowns and those who impose and support them.[251]
  • Patrick Phillips, a hospital emergency department physician practicing in St. Engelhart (a town north of Sudbury), has been voicing his opposition to the Doug Ford-imposed CCP flu lockdowns because of the harms such lockdowns have done to the residents of the town, which he has witnessed firsthand, and is now seeing the results of negative reactions (including delirium, numbness to one side of the body, heart conditions and vertigo) to CCP flu "vaccines" that had been administered to some residents; Phillips had filed reports on what he had witnessed, but all of his reports were rejected by Dr. Glenn Cornell, the acting medical health officer for the Timiskaming Health Unit in nearby New Liskeard, under claims that the reports " not meet criteria for (adverse events following immunization)", despite reactions to the "vaccines" being documented and reported first-hand by Phillips, who noted that the MHO's response to the reports (which Rebel News noted appears to be politically motivated) constitutes a major risk to public safety.[252] It is because of such reactions by the medical establishment, done for the purpose of maintaining the political narrative regarding the CCP flu pandemic, that Phillips and other similarly concerned doctors started the Declaration of Canadian Physicians for Science and Truth,[253] the mandate of which is to continue putting their patients first, not the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario or any other authority (despite threats of sanctioning made by such authorities against physicians who oppose the official CCP flu narrative), and to uphold the Hippocratic Oath.
  • In North Bay, Stewart's Decorating, a home decor store owned by Alexandra Stewart, became a target of the Doug Ford regime when it defied the lockdown edicts forcing the closure of all its services except for curbside pickup, as well as not forcing Ford's mask mandate in the store as Stewart and an employee in the store are both hearing-impaired,[254] because Stewart pointed out that the imposed restrictions are causing more harm than good. Stewart was unjustly hit with a $750 lockdown ticket and criminal charges[255] for defying Ford's lockdown diktats, but with help from Rebel News, fought the ticket in court and has kept her store open.[256]
  • In the town of Innisfil (south of Barrie), Samanthat Persaud, the owner of local dance studio High Vibrations, ran afoul of both the South Simcoe Police Service and local bylaw officers (acting on the word of "COVID Karens" who ratted her studio out to them), who charged Persaud under the so-called "Reopening Ontario Act" and issued a Section 22 violation against her for allegedly "violating" the lockdown edicts of the Doug Ford regime, which has claimed that facilities such as High Vibrations - which caters to the well-being of its clients and is very scrupulous in maintaining hygiene and sanitation standards - is "non-essential" while hypocritically allowing big box stores to remain open at full capacity.[257]
  • In the town of Bayfield, the Ontario Provincial Police engaged in CCP flu-triggered hysteria and overreaction when it sent six police SUVs to confront anti-lockdown protester Christina McMichael and her teenage daughter Meghan and hit then with two unjust $750 lockdown tickets in an act of intimidation against them in response to the mother and daughter protesting forced school closures due to the Doug Ford-imposed lockdowns in front of a closed school.[258] The incident was filmed and posted on social media site TikTok, where it received over a million views; while most who responded to the video were supportive of the McMichaels' stance against the lockdowns, a few pro-lockdown respondents instead spewed hate against them and some even cowardly resorted to death threats against them. The OPP's actions were criticized as a waste of police resources and for its justification of targeting minors, while the McMichaels plan to fight the fines against them in court.[259]
  • Dr. Byram Bridle, an associate professor of viral immunology at the University of Guelph, reported coming under harassment in his workplace for voicing legitimate concerns about the CCP flu "vaccines" during a recent press conference in Ottawa.[260] Part of the harassment campaign against Dr. Bridle included targeting his parents via the illegal publication of their confidential medical records.
  • In Peterborough, city police put its hypocrisy, double standards and partisan bias on display, in light of its targeting and harassment of anti-lockdown protesters with illegal fines for gathering to protest the CCP flu lockdowns they had imposed on them by Doug Ford, when they refused to do the same against the cast and crew of the CBC Television series Murdoch Mysteries as it was filming an episode in Peterborough despite the crew not observing lockdown protocols.[261] Several of the show's crew members obscenely mocked Rebel News reporter David Menzies and his cameraman when they were recognized by the crew on the shoot set; both the PPS and the CBC crew were later criticized for their double standards.[262]
  • Roy Anku, a basketball player with Ontario Tech University in Oshawa, was hit with an unjust $3,755 fine by Health Canada when he could not afford to stay in one of Justin Trudeau's "quarantine hotels" as a result of arbitrary rule changes made by Health Canada regarding age exemptions from hotel quarantining after he returned to Canada from a basketball trip to Alabama.[263]
  • In Sudbury, Shawn and Daphne Donaldson, the owners of local marijuana accessories store Mr. Greens Novelties, were successful in getting unjust fines, tickets and closure notices against them for defying the CCP flu lockdowns to keep their store open thrown out in court.[264] In the wake of their store being targeted, the Donaldsons became avid supporters of anti-lockdown protests and encouraged other local businesses to take a stand against the unconstitutional and illegal lockdowns.
  • In the town of Mount Forest, a Mennonite community was illegally targeted with anti-Christian bigotry by Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph health officer Nicola Mercer when she ordered the closure of Old Order Mennonite churches and schools in the town using the lockdown edicts of Doug Ford as her justification.[265] When Rebel News tried to obtain information regarding the targeting of the Mennonites, they were stonewalled by the Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph health authority, who demanded $3,402 to release the information.[266]
  • In the town of West Lincoln (near Hamilton), local mayor Dave Bylsma was unjustly targeted and ticketed by police at the behest of a few COVID Karens for attending an anti-lockdown protest and speaking out in support of local businesses against the CCP flu lockdowns.[267] Bylsma will fight the ticket against him in court.
  • Thorold city councillor David Jim Handley was illegally targeted with two lockdown tickets for attending an anti-lockdown protest in St. Catherines.[268]
  • Retired Ontario Provincial Police officer Joe Jakubowski received a summons from the OPP detachment in Simcoe after attending and speaking at an anti-lockdown protest in the town, putting him at risk of illegal fines for speaking in favor of the rights and freedoms of the public against the CCP flu lockdowns.[269]
  • Doug Ford demanded that all Ontario Progressive Conservative MPPs get injected with CCP flu "vaccines" by August 19 or else be ejected from the party, following in the wake of Ontario Liberal Party leader Steven Del Duca likewise demanding that all of his MPPs get the "vaccines".[270] One MPP, Rick Nicholls, was subsequently expelled from the Ontario PC caucus for his refusal to take the "vaccine".[271] Nicholls, now sitting as an independent MPP, subsequently spoke out against Ford's "vaccine passport" diktat, calling it a "...discrimination tool against millions of Canadians."[272]
  • In the town of Port Dover, mayor Kristal Chopp tried to get a motorcycle rally in the town canceled by using the CCP flu pandemic as her justification, but was unsuccessful as thousands of bikers defied her edict and arrived to hold the rally anyway.[273]
  • In Bowmanville, local spa Boho Beauty Microblading and Spa became a victim of Doug Ford's lockdown edicts when it was forced to lay off staff and shut down for six months and lost business as a result; in addition, spa owner Jessica Downey was unjustly deplatformed from all of her social media accounts after getting reported by COVID Karens for speaking out against the lockdowns (which forced her and her husband to sell the family home to keep the spa afloat and reopen it),[274] then she began getting harassed with illegal and unjust fines of $100,000 per day by health bureaucrats for reopening her spa[275] and online harassment and hate from those same COVID Karens seeking to destroy Downey's livelihood (resulting in most of her staff leaving due to the harassment and bullying) after she hosted an anti-lockdown rally, as well as harassment from police-accompanied health bureaucrats visiting her shop.[276] Jenna Little, a paralegal assisting Downey, pointed out that there is no legal basis for the fines against Downey or her business.
  • For the second summer in a row, the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto was cancelled at the behest of John Tory over unsubstansiated fears of the CCP flu, while Tory hypocritically ignored the operations of the Canada's Wonderland amusement park in nearby Vaughan and the resumption of play by the Toronto Blue Jays at Rogers Centre under a "national interest exemption".[277]
  • Students at the University of Toronto, along with students from other universities in Ontario, announced an open letter campaign against the UofT, as well as legal action against each of the province's universities, in protest against the imposition of CCP flu "vaccine" mandates on post-secondary educational institutions in Ontario.[278]
  • In Toronto, thousands of protesters gathered in front of Toronto General Hospital to speak out against Doug Ford's about-face on his imposition of "vaccine passports" on Ontarians despite his earlier claim that he would not do so.[279]
  • In Toronto, some police officers and their supporters gathered outside the headquarters of the Toronto Police Service to protest against Doug Ford's impositions of "vaccine passports" and mandatory CCP flu "vaccine" injections.[280] The Toronto Police Association, the union which represents Toronto's police officers, also announced that it will step up for those officers who refuse to get the "vaccines".
  • In Hamilton, a Canadian Football League game between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the Toronto Argonauts drew criticism for security staff at Tim Hortons Field, the Tiger-Cats' home stadium, demanding that spectators arriving for the game show proof of vaccination or a recent negative CCP flu test as a condition for admission to the game (with those who did not have proof being turned away), as well as still being forced to wear face masks in the stadium and to social distance (which was only selectively enforced) regardless of vaccination status.[281]
  • Dr. Matt Strauss, the acting chief public health officer in the Haldimand-Norfolk federal/provincial electoral district (comprised of Haldimand and Norfolk Counties) and an opponent of the Doug Ford-imposed CCP flu lockdowns, was threatened by Ford's unelected chief public health officer Kieran Moore with removal from his office for his anti-lockdown stance.[282]
  • In Toronto, a Canadian Frontline Nurses-organized protest by health care workers and their supporters at the Toronto General Hospital against forced CCP flu "vaccine" mandates[283] drew hysterical condemnations and the usual fact-twisting and false narratives by local liberal media outlets.[284] A tiny group of pro-"vaccine" counter-protesters, including several Antifa punks, also showed up at the protest and were eagerly greeted and interviewed by the liberal media reporters on hand, but displayed their inability to articulate their thoughts due to lack of intelligence, while in the wake of the peaceful protest, Justin Trudeau conveniently exploited the situation by declaring that he would make it a "crime" to block access to health care facilities or to intimidate health care workers or medical patients, even though the protesters had not done so.
  • Julie Ponesse, an ethics professor at the University of Western Ontario's affiliate Huron University College in London, spoke about the threat of termination of her employment against her by the school for her refusal to disclose her CCP flu vaccination status.[285]
  • Cole Squire, a People's Party of Canada candidate for the Brantford-Brant electoral district in the 2021 Canadian federal election who is a member of the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy, criticized pro-"vaccine" liberal media personalities and COVID Karens for their manufactured outrage in their uninformed attacks on Vancouver-Quadra (British Columbia) PPC candidate Renate Siekmann for her comparison of "vaccine passports" to First Nations residential schools (in which she noted that both were/are based on discrimination and both are wrong).[286]
  • In the Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill electoral district within Greater Toronto, concern was expressed about the use of the CCP flu pandemic and face mask mandates as an excuse for the disregard of Canadian election rules and the related potential for commission of vote fraud during the 2021 Canadian federal election.[287]
  • In Toronto, first responders from around the Greater Toronto area gathered to speak out against the mandating of CCP flu "vaccine" injections against first responders as a condition of keeping their jobs.[288]
  • In Toronto, more than 20,000 people showed up at a rally at the Ontario Legislature to protest against CCP flu "vaccine passports" and the resulting medical apartheid and government overreach.[289] Several Ontarians who were targeted by the illegal and unconstitutional lockdown/passport edicts and their supporters (including Jody Ledgerwood,[290] Joe Anidjar[291] and Dr. Byram Biddle[292]) spoke at the rally.

Prince Edward Island

  • Health bureacrats in Prince Edward Island were publicly embarrassed when, despite their predictions that 900 people would die and 14,000 would be hospitalized in the province due to the CCP flu pandemic in a worst-case scenario, no one died and there were actually very few hospitalizations.[293] In spite of the predictions not coming true, PEI's Liberal regime insisted on continuing lockdown mandates on the province.


  • In Montreal, anti-CCP flu lockdown protesters who peacefully protested the imposed lockdowns, as well as Rebel News reporters and staff, were subjected to illegal harassment and Gestapo-style tactics by the city's SPVM police force, who made arrests against the protesters and the reporters on false charges[294] and made anti-Semitic slurs against the Rebel News staff and threatened them with illegal fines[295] for not wearing masks, even though media reporters are legally exempt from mask diktats.[296] The SPVM was also criticized for targeting children who took part in the anti-lockdown protests.[297] Mocha Bezirgan, a Rebel News videographer, pointed out that the illegal arrests and fines imposed by the SPVM, along with their police brutality incidents, are not about the masks (as some of the SPVM officers were not wearing masks themselves), but about intimidation of those attempting to stand up for their rights and against unconstitutional diktats and illegal behavior by the diktats' enforcers.[298] In addition, the SPVM also came under fire for anti-Semitic targeting of Montreal's Hasidic Jewish community while using the pandemic as its justification for same.[299]
  • In Quebec City, the Quebec City Police Service, like their RCMP, provincial and local counterparts elsewhere, went Gestapo on anti-face mask protesters who were targeted with illegal harassment and arrests for refusing to comply with face mask diktats and CCP flu lockdown orders.[300]
  • In Montreal, heavily-armed SPVM officers staged a warrantless raid on an Airbnb location and illegally arrested and falsely charged several Rebel News reporters, including David Menzies and Keean Bexte, who were in town to cover the anti-lockdown protests in the city; in addition to disregarding being told that their raid was illegal, the officers also falsely claimed that the hotel where the reporters were staying was a "crime scene", even though no crime had been committed.[301] Rebel News head Ezra Levant, who had refused to let the SPVM go inside the hotel unwarranted (which led to the police force declaring it a "crime scene"), reported that the police raid on the hotel was vindictive revenge by the SPVM in response to Rebel News reporting on and publicizing the police force's misconduct (including incidents of assault and anti-Semitism by officers that were caught on-camera) and announced that there are plans to sue the SPVM for its illegal harassment of the Rebel News staff. Attempts by the SPVM to get warrants to search the hotel the Rebel News staff was staying at prior to the raid had been denied by numerous judges on the grounds that the hotel was not the location of an "illegal gathering", confirming the illegality of the SPVM's actions.[302]
  • In Montreal, what had been a peaceful protest against CCP flu curfews soon devolved into a riot thanks to Antifa punks who infiltrated the group of legitimate protesters; the punks also engaged in vandalism against several small businesses and also attempted arson before the SPVM arrived to disperse the legitimate protesters.[303]
  • In Montreal, musician Arnaud Mwasangule was unjustly hit with a $450 fine for playing music outdoors in a local park in defiance of CCP flu lockdown edicts.[304] Mwasangule will fight the fine against him in court.
  • In Montreal, a small anti-lockdown protest began at a local park and traveled along city streets; this time, the SPVM, realizing that their recent behavior had come under public scrutiny and criticism and that they were being monitored by Rebel News, kept its officers in check as the protest was allowed to go without incident.[305]
  • In Quebec City, the owner of city restaurant La Cantina 10, identifying himself only as Niko, criticized the hypocrisy of Quebec's "conservative" Coalition Avenir Québec government in allowing indoor dining at the restaurants in the Montreal-Trudeau International Airport while other restaurant owners are forced to keep their businesses closed because of continued arbitrary extensions of the CCP flu lockdowns.[306]
  • In Montreal, Firas Zahabi, a mixed martial arts trainer and the operator of Tristar Gym, reported that the SPVM had raided his gym 16 times despite his efforts to comply with CCP flu regulations, and that their confrontations with and harassment of Zahabi had become increasingly aggressive over time.[307]
  • In Montreal, an estimated 100,000 protesters gathered at Olympic Stadium for a protest against the provincial CCP flu lockdown against citizens and small businesses, face mask diktats, the local 8:00 p.m. curfew, the threat of "vaccine passports" and the public's freedoms and livelihoods being illegally curbed by politicians, unelected health bureaucrats and the police, with even calls for Quebec's "conservative" premier François Legault to resign from his office being made; among the notable participants were Maxime Bernier and Chris Sky.[308] Most of the protesters did not social distance or wear face masks at the event; the few who did did so to protect their identities against potential loss of employment due to retaliation by the "cancel culture" crowd. The local liberal media tried to disparage the protest by engaging in fake news smearing of the anti-lockdown protesters (including false accusations of violent confrontations with the SPVM after the protest event ended) while they ignored actual May Day violence, rioting and vandalism by Marxist anarchists occurring in the Jarry Park area of the city.
  • After arbitrary extensions by the CAQ that extended what was originally supposed to be a "four week" post-sunset CCP flu curfew into five months, the unpopular curfew (which was enforced with heavy-handed policing, noted above) was finally ended; Rebel News reporter Yaakov Pollak noted that the curfew served no purpose at all, establishing only that corrupt politicians were using the curfew, under the cover of "public health", to illegally impose control over the public.[309]
  • In Sherbrooke, anti-lockdown protesters gathered in front of the local CBC/Radio-Canada studios to call for a public debate on the CCP flu and requirements for the CCP flu "vaccines".[310]
  • François Legault's CCP flu lockdown edicts and "state of emergency" in the province were called into question in the wake of pandemic cases not increasing despite Stanley Cup playoff games between the Montreal Canadiens and the Vegas Golden Knights taking place at Montreal's Bell Centre at full capacity without face masks or social distancing.[311]
  • Legault later drew criticism from many Montrealers for his announcement of the imposition of a "vaccine passport" in Quebec, with the dissenters pointing out that his action is an illegal interference with the rights and freedoms of the public, likely to cause division within society, with some even calling for Legault's resignation.[312]
  • In Montreal, over 2,000 people attended a rally to speak out against François Legault's proposed CCP flu "vaccine passport", calling it discrimination against those who have chosen not to get the CCP flu "vaccines".[313] When CBC reporters tried to cover the protest, they were surrounded and overwhelmed by the protesters, who pointed out that the liberal media (including the CBC) are corrupt.
  • In the town of Saint-Benoît-Labre (near Quebec City), an anti-lockdown event called the Festival des Gaulois was held; when local liberal media outlets engaged in their usual pearl-clutching over the event being held (claiming it would be a "superspreader event") and public health officials tried to crack down on the event in response, protesters responded with their own measure of revenge against the liberal media by spraying curbs near the event site with liquid manure and placing a dead skunk near where liberal media crews were camped out to keep reporters away.[314]
  • In Quebec City, two protests were held against the proposed "vaccine passport", with protesters also speaking out against Justin Trudeau's illegal proposal to prevent those not injected with the CCP flu "vaccines" from boarding trains and planes to travel and to make the "vaccines" mandatory, as well as about the 2021 federal election and how it would affect pandemic-related issues.[315]
  • In Montreal, a huge protest saw tens of thousands turn out to speak out against the imposition of "vaccine passports".[316] Unsurprisingly, the protest was ignored by local liberal media outlets, which continue to push the false narrative that Quebecers - and Canadians in general - are unanimously in favor of the passports despite documented evidence showing otherwise.
  • Geofryde Wandji, a Christian Heritage Party candidate in the Montreal-area federal electoral riding of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce-Westmount, became a victim of medical apartheid when she was forcibly ejected from a local candidates' debate for not being injected with a CCP flu "vaccine"; her ejection was protested by People's Party of Canada candidate David Freiheit.[317]
  • Yves-François Blanchet, the leader of the pro-separatist Bloc Quebecois party, refused to answer questions regarding CCP flu "vaccine passports" during an opportunistic and self-serving press conference held at the Wendake First Nations reserves within Quebec City.[318]


  • In Saskatoon, a protest and march was held in opposition to CCP flu pandemic restrictions.[319] Among the event's speakers was church pastor Tobias Tissen (mentioned above in Manitoba section).
  • In Saskatoon, the Fellowship Baptist Church came under lockdown-motivated religious persecution when it was hit with an unjust $14,000 fine and several masking "tickets" for choosing God over government as it defied the province's CCP flu edicts regarding church building capacity by allowing anyone who chooses to worship with the congregation to come in, although the church voluntarily offers hand sanitizer and masks to those who choose to use them.[320] The church's elders were also hit with illegal charges of "criminal obstruction" for refusing to allow police-escorted health bureaucrats to enter the church to disrupt worship services in violation of Criminal Code Section 176, while Fellowship Baptist Pastor Steve Flippin, who was quarantined along with his family in mid-March 2021 after his wife and a foster child came down with the CCP flu but whose quarantine was set to expire before Easter weekend, had his quarantine - and only his quarantine - capriciously extended past Easter by health bureaucrats for the sole purpose of keeping him away from the pulpit on that weekend, but Flippin defied the politically-motivated quarantine order to hold an outdoor worship service on Holy Saturday, at risk of again being targeted for persecution by the bureaucrats.
  • In Prince Albert, the Full Gospel Outreach Centre, a church and mission which had been helping the homeless and impoverished in that city, had a $14,000 lockdown-related fine that had been unjustly imposed on it by the Saskatchewan Health Authority (at the behest of the city's leftist mayor Greg Dionne, who wants to seize the church building and have it demolished to redevelop its site, and Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation chief Peter Beatty) thrown out by the local Crown prosecutor in court.[321] The SHA imposed the fine after blaming the church for an outbreak of the CCP flu and falsely called it a "superspreader event", but it was later discovered that the outbreak had actually spread to the church from a local casino owned by the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority; the SHA nevertheless ordered the church closed while hypocritically allowing the casino to remain open in acts of religious persecution and race pandering, resulting in many of the marginalized of Prince Albert losing access to their only lifeline.
  • In Saskatoon, former police officer Nathan Lynchuk chose to resign from the Saskatoon Police Service rather than submit to invasive polymerase chain reaction testing after his own colleagues illegally charged him for bringing his children to an event sponsored by an anti-lockdown group.[322]
  • In the village of Milden, the Milden Hotel and its owner, Christine Brown, came under illegal harassment by health bureaucrats as Brown was hit by fines in excess of $15,000 and the hotel was served with a closure notice for her refusal to abide by unconstitutional CCP flu lockdown edicts affecting most Saskatchewan businesses; in addition, the liberal media added insult to injury by mocking Brown after the bureaucrats did their damage against Brown's livelihood.[323] Rebel News has offered to help Brown to fight the fines and closure notice against her and her hotel in court.
  • Provincial health bureaucrats have begun pushing for the reinstatement, based on unproven claims of a "fourth wave" of the CCP flu by Theresa Tam, of CCP flu restrictions (including mask mandates, proof of vaccination to enter businesses claimed by the bureaucrats to be "non-essential" and mandatory injections of the CCP flu "vaccines" for public service workers) that had recently been lifted by Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe.[324] In a letter to provincial authorities, the bureaucrats had claimed, without proof, that "...outbreaks are being fuelled by large gatherings where unimmunized people are allowed to attend."


  • Brendan Hanley, Yukon's chief public health officer, announced that minors who have not yet been given CCP flu "vaccines" may give their own consent for getting the shots (providing, under Yukon law, that said minors are capable of understanding and expressing their wishes), stating that "consent is based on capacity and not age";[325] Hanley's announcement drew near-universal condemnation on Twitter,[326] with many respondents indicating among the many responses that Hanley does not understand the definition of consent and that, based on lack of life experience, children - regardless of their capacity to understand (as claimed by those bureaucrats) or what the law says - cannot give informed consent for experimental and invasive medical procedures (which the "vaccine" injections, which have been established as dangerous based on multiple documented cases, are), called the procedures child abuse and medical malpractice, and were also critical of the unconstitutional overreach of health officials regarding both parental and children's rights; one respondent pointed out that governments can be held accountable for protecting the ability to decide what is best for the health of individuals and for the wellbeing of their children, while another equated giving minors the "right" to "consent" to experimental medical procedures with allowing them to go into bars to drink, and several more implied a slippery slope in indicating that if "consent" for said procedures can be given, it would open the way for allowing minors to "consent" to participate in potentially more sordid activities.
  • Jonas Smith, a Conservative candidate for the Yukon seat in the Parliament of Canada in the 2021 Canadian federal election, was kicked out of the Conservative caucus for voicing his opposition to "vaccine passports" and mandatory vaccination in the workplace; he had voiced support for the rights of those who choose not to get injected with the CCP flu "vaccines" for religious, medical or personal reasons and opposed discrimination based on vaccination status.[327] As a result, he announced that he will run as an independent against Liberal opponent Brendan Hanley to fill the Parliamentary seat being vacated by retiring Liberal MP Larry Bagnell.[328]


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