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Alex Berenson is a freelance investigative journalist and bestselling fiction and non-fiction author who accurately predicted that the COVID vaccines would not overcome the coronavirus pandemic. In 2021 Berenson was permanently banned from Twitter for reporting on his former employer, The New York Times, and the Biden regime's anti-science approach to coronavirus vaccinations, by which time his phenomenally successful subscription column on SubStack had already made him a multi-millionaire.

Yale graduate Berenson reported widely and credibly on financial fraud and Big Pharma for the New York Times before leaving to write Tell Your Children: The Truth about Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence, earning him a cautiously positive early review from Malcolm Gladwell but, less happily, the seemingly implacable ire of his former co-workers at the NYT whose animosity only worsened when Berenson began publishing his 'Unreported Truths' about the 2020/1 COVID pandemic; his (late) 2021 book, 'Pandemia', summarizing his lonely endeavors to publish salient facts about the pandemic in their proper scientific context, had became (somewhat ironically) a New York Times bestseller by the end of that year. Berenson is married and lives in New Jersey.