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Robert Malone

Dr. Robert Malone is an American physician, biochemist, and major contributor to the early development of the technology underlying the mRNA vaccines.[1][2] Dr. Robert Malone has close to 100 peer-reviewed publications which have been cited over 12,000 times.

Since the CCP pandemic outbreak in January 2020, Dr. Malone has led a large team focused on clinical research design, drug development, computer modeling and mechanisms of action of repurposed drugs for the treatment of COVID-19.

Dr. Malone is the Medical Director of The Unity Project, a group of 300 organizations across the United States standing against mandated Covid vaccines for children.[3] Dr. Malone is also the President of the Global Covid Summit, an organization of over 16,000 doctors and scientists committed to speaking truth to power about Covid pandemic research and treatment.[4]

In December 2021, Dr. Malone was banned for life by totalitarian leftist Big Tech giant Twitter.


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